Sunday, March 18, 2018

On 31-03-2018 Venus gets on land in safety astrologically and astronomically

On 31-03-2018 Venus enters on 12:54 AM EST or 12:54 PM local time Taurus the Bull astrologically. But astronomically it enters Aries at the same time. In the picture shown it just sits on the corner point of Aries, resulting in Venus getting ashore. You can also recognize it as Venus goes over the long red line of Pisces. This means going into safety. And as Venus enters Taurus the first means a safe-haven for Jesus (as the Bull is a direct link). So astrologically and astronomically we are at land in safety. So again further arguments on why the second coming, the recognition or awakening is on 31-03.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Revelation 13:1 - beast out of the sea - is on 27-04-2022

I think the introduction or the recognition of Jesus is on 31-03-2018, after which we live in peace for another 1260 days aka 3,5 Gods' year. And interestingly 31-03-2018 + 2160 days = 11-09-2021. Yes, exactly 20 years after 11-09-01 in NY. So after we have lived in peace and security for this period, then what is next? We need to find the Revelation 13:1 sign which occurs on 27-04-2022.

Revelation 13:1 and astronomy

This line in the Bible speaks of the moment the dragon appears like this: "And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.". So we are at land, but the beast rises out of the sea, meaning out of water. This is the constellation Aquarius with Pisces. You can count starting at the star onder the word Aquarius to the left 6 stars (one star on the red line is hidden behind the word moon). And below that starting the count with Mars to the right you get another 6 stars. But below 6 stars + Mars is 6+1 = 7 and above is 6 stars + Moon + Jupiter + Venus + Neptune (not visible in this picture) = 10. As the Sun isn't near then the objects are visible as 10 and thus 7 heads, 10 horns and 10 crowns.

Strangely between Revelation 12:3 on 17-01-2018 and 13:1 on 27-04-2022 is exactly 1333 days.

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Exit game or Jesus recognized, what will happen on 31-03-2018?

This is a question which I will answer on based on the answers that I have found thusfar. The date that things will happen, seem to be focussing from many directions on the date 31-03-2018. Before this date Revelation 12:1, 12:3, 13:1 (Rev. 13:1 happens on 27-04-2022) and 13:11 have happened already in the stars and thus we are already in the spare-time before the birth of Jesus. But what does this mean, the birth of Jesus and how do I see this and how is this related to the holographic game that we are/ I am in?

Why do I spend so much time on the Bible texts?

Through this learning process I have become aware of many things that are wrong with this world. But there are also answers to be found and especially the Bible texts seem to be pointing in the right direction of the game. The mentioned 4 Revelation texts without a doubt are written within the stars and have happened already. And this means that the next step is at hand aka the spiritual birth of Jesus (Revelation 12:5). The big question for me is the when and how, and I have seem to answered these things rather well in my opinion. I do believe it will be happening for sure, and that everyone will see and understand who Jesus is. The secret vail on this seems to be lifted at the end of March 2018.

The holographic game

There is one big but in what I am thinking, which many of you will say is crazy. But I have proven for myself and know now how to test on a daily basis, that I/ we in fact are holographic. This means that we actually are not from this place, but instead are playing this world mentally or in a projected way. Yes you can die, but then you will wake up in the world that you came from. A quick way out of this game, simply means you will be the loser of the game. But I am here to win it, and am going for it. The reason why for me the Bible is important, is that the awakening or realisation who I am is the answer of this holographic game. On this I am pretty sure that we/I am playing a game which actually is a big puzzle or zigsaw in order to find out the answer on this game called: "Who are you" or "Who do you think you are?". And my answer is clear and straight, I am Jesus Christ. On 07-01-2018 I did a blood over intent to show my sincerity on my answer.

So how do people recognize it?

I think this will be a combination of things. I already have shown you that as the soul approaches the eyes, there are bright spots in the eyes but also in the forehead. This will get stronger with time and might actually concentrate in the end as a single bright spot. I am not sure how this will work out, but as some religions have a specific sign for it, then we must consider this as to be the truth. Next to that I think it will look like a holy cross. But the britght spot and cross will be combined, making it a unique thing to be witnessed by everyone.

Why all the "secret" testings and judgements?

I have been telling you also that I feel that there have been judgements on me. Probably to see on how things like the bright spots and I myself are reacting on certain situations. This all is very secretly but my gutfeeling tells me they are doing it. So if there are tests and judgements then what is it for? If everything ends on 31-03 with a big bang or something else big like the ascension, then what is all the fuss about? All the testing and judgements suggest to me that 31-03 isn't the end, but it will be the New Start. People will recognize it and the only refference that they have with it, is a God-like person aka Jesus. This means that the world will change in my opinion, but for the better as people will realise that things have to go in a better direction. How this will work out, must be answered after 31-03. So for now it is looking forward to this very important date, as many things seem to be pointing to this date of victory (the day that Venus enters Taurus the first and thus is the winner of this game).

When do I exit the game?

This one is also keeping me busy. I/we are clearly in a holographic game. This means that we are playing this life, but for me its is a play to win. There still might be the possibility that on 31-03 or 01-04-2018 (joke is on me with Aprils-Fools-Day) actually is the finishing-line of the game and thus I will wake up in the real world that I come from. But looking at formentioned then there is also the possibility that 31-03 is just the beginning of the change. Meaning Jesus through me will be recognized and will get his pedestal or podium on this earth (for a while). In this case the game will go on for another 59 years and thus passing away at 99 years and 184 days of age. I will keep my options open, but wouldn't mind the latter one for sure!!

Edit: 15-03-2018: I did point out will it be exit game of Jesus recognized on 31-03-2018. But there is the third possibility that it will be recognizing Jesus combined with an exit game. In general it is assumed that ascension occurred 3 days after crucificion. This is celebrated on 01-04 but 3-rd day before that it is Friday 30-03-2018 (counting as: 01-04=3rd day, 31-03=2nd day, 30-03=1st day). Placing this in the current perspective then the crucifiction is getting the holy cross on the forehead. Again: also this argument stipulates that it is going to happen on 30/31-03-2018. As stated before, 31-03 is 99 days after the strange meeting with the monk, which in my opinion is of great importance!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Volg Venus, data Jezus en gebeurtenissen, overlijden op 99 jaar

Vanaf het begin heb ik jullie aangegeven dat ik/we Venus in dit verhaal/ wereld moeten volgen. Venus is de sleutel om te begrijpen wat er gaande is en we moeten het op een astronomische en astrologische manier bekijken. Zoals ik jullie heb laten zien staan veel dingen in de sterren beschreven en zijn daarmee onveranderbaar. Het geeft inzicht in wanneer zekere dingen kunnen gebeuren. Ten aanzien hiervan heb ik reeds aangetoond dat bijvoorbeeld Openbaring 12:1, 12:3 en Openbaring 13:1, 13:11 allemaal in de sterren staan en reeds zijn gepasseerd. Op dit moment wachten we op Openbaring 12:5 oftewel de spirituele geboorte van Jezus Christus deze maand. Hoe dan ook ik volg Venus en van daaruit kan ik ook zekere conclusies maken. Als we de belangrijke 31-03-2018 barriere passeren en er is nog geen voorlopige opname, wat zijn dan de gebeurtenissen, cycli en hoe oud kan ik worden?

Crises maximalisatie en het passeren van de barriere

Voor enige tijd (enkele jaren al) heb ik gezegd dat we in een periode van crises maximalisatie zitten (hintend op de komst). Het maakt niet uit op welk vlak je denkt, er zullen crises van toepassing zijn. Dit is overduidelijk gerelateerd aan de Bijbel en zeker aan Openbaring 12:2 en 12:4. Het moment waarop de spirituele geboorte van Jezus is geweest en dus herkend in deze wereld (deze maand), dan komen we in het volgende hoofdstuk van deze wereld terecht. Het betekent dat alles voor iedereen op een positieve manier zal veranderen. En dit betekent (naar mijn mening) dat de opname voorlopig nog niet geschiedt, maar de wereld zal een tijd nog samen met Jezus leven. Dit omdat we/ de wereld het veel beter kan doen dan dat we tot dusver hebben laten zien (Jezus zal dus worden opgenomen in zijn aardse troon). "Goed doen, liefde en vrede" zijn dan de belangrijkste ingredienten. In dit perspectief is 31-03 wederom een grote barriere om het spel werkelijk op een positieve manier te doen veranderen.

Op welke dag zal het gebeuren?

Ik ben al een tijdje aan het speculeren geweest omtrent wanneer en hoe het grote moment zal plaatsvinden. Het gebeurt naar mijn mening middels de God-frequency 6336 Hz, waardoor het ontwaken wordt veroorzaakt. Naar mijn mening wordt dit onthuld in maart 2018. Maar ik denk nog steeds na over welke datum. Ik heb al gezegd 16/17-03 net voor de Nieuwe Maan en voor het lentepunt, maar het kan ook op de laatste vrijdag voor de Volle Maan zijn na het lentepunt overeenkomstig de 4 gospelen: "All four gospels agree that Jesus died on a Friday before the Sabbath at the time of Passover, which was celebrated on the first full moon after the vernal equinox" (2)). En dit maakt het op 30/31-03-2018. Een van deze datums markeren de dag van de opwekking zodat iedereen de waarheid - omtrent wie Jezus is - kan zien.

De 5 maal 8 cycli Venus

Ik schrijf hier al een tijdje over ongewone dingen welke blijkbaar alleen maar mij opvallen omtrent wat er aan de hand is in deze wereld. En veel daarvan is gerelateerd aan mijn verjaardag. Dus als ik kijk naar de relatie Venus en geboorte wat kunnen we dan zien? Ik ben veertig jaar jong and dat betekent dat er 5*8 cycli van Venus zijn geweest. Venus heeft een Zon-Venus Conjunctie iedere 1,6 jaar terwijl het 1 cirkel + 215,6 graden om de zon is geweest. In 5 cirkels of 1,6*5= 8 jaar, maakt het de vorm van een 5 puntig ster (de overeenkomstige punten van de conjuncties) (de pentagon heeft 72 graden hoeken = 360/5), maar met een 0,4 graden afwijking waardoor de vorm met de tijd van het passeren van de 8 jaar cicli beweegt. Hieromtrent wil ik het volgende zeggen: 30-03-2018 is exact 5*8 = 40 jaar + 8 maanden + 8 dagen na mijn verjaardag en deze Venus-relatie suggereert daarmee dat het moet gebeuren op deze dag of dat het de laatste dag is voor herkenning op 31-03.


Enige tijd terug heb ik reeds verteld dat ik een zeer vreemde ontmoeten met een monnik heb gehad en dat was op 22-12-2017. Persoonlijk denk ik dat er meerdere beoordelingspunten zijn geweest, waarvan die ontmoeting als eerste zeer belangrijke. The next one was on 20-01-2018 met twee grote persoonlijke evenementen op 1 dag, dit was 29 dagen na de ontmoeting met de monnik. Daarna eergisteren op 11-03-2018 oftewel 79 dagen een beoordeling met de buren en monniken (waarvan ik niet van op de hoogte zou moeten zijn, maar ik speel het spel voorlopig mee). De volgende is 21-03-2018 aftewel het lentepunt na 89 dagen en dan 31-03 oftewel herkenningsdag tijdens de laatste Volle Blauwe Maan na 99 dagen. Ik zie de relatie met de monniken als belangrijk omdat de monikken blijkbaar deel zijn van omtrent de besluitvorming. In de afbeelding zie je dat de statistieken eergisteren tijdelijk onderuit zijn gegaan. Dit startte ongeveer op het moment dat de beoordeling van 11-03 en duurde daarna enkele uren voordat het weer aanging. Dit is hetzelfde type onderbreking als ik ook bij de eerste ontmoeting met de monnik heb geconstateerd.

Hoe oud word ik gebasseerd op de Zon-Venus Conjunctie cyclus?

Als we niet de opname op of voor 31-03 ervaren (dag dat Venus Taurus (Stier) als eerste binnengaat (signaal van Jezus), dan zal als alternatief Jezus zijn herkend en terug op aarde zijn. Als dit het geval is, hoe oud word ik dan in deze variant? In deze basseer ik een en ander op basis van de Zon-Venus Conjunctie cyclus in het sterrenbeeld Capricorn (Steekbok) als de draak. Ik ben geboren op 22-07-1977 en 6 maand later (precies 184 dagen) daarna was de Zon-Venus Conjunctie op 22-01-1978 maar dan in Waterman. De volgende cyclus van de Zon-Venus Conjunctie was op 19-01-1986 in Capricorn. Kijkend naar de tijden dan ben ik de eerste 5,8 jaar nog onder de invloed van de Waterman, en daarna onder de draak. Vanuit dit oogpunt is de draak belangrijk, maar de eerste 6 jaar hoeven we dus niet te tellen/ zijn we niet aansprakelijk. We zijn nog klein en leren simpelweg de basis handelingen (van 6 jaar oud komen we in de 3e klas). Als we 1986 als de eerste Zon-Venus Conjunctie in Capricorn cyclus tellen, dan zijn we momenteel voorbij de vijfde afgeronde cyclus. Als we de 31-03 barriere passeren, wat kunnen we dan zeggen. De laatste Zon-Venus Conjunction in Capricorn is op 22-12-2073 (1) en de volgende complete cyclus is op 19-12-2081 in Saggitarius de Boogschutter. Gebasseerd hierop kunnen we een levensverwachting van 12 Venus cyclussen van 22-07-1977 tot 22-12-2073 verwachten. Maar ik ben precies 6 maand voor de eerste Zon-Venus Conjunctie geboren. En dat kan worden vertaald als dat ik overlijd na de 12e cyclus (12 apostelen) op 22-06-2074. Dit betekent dat ik 96 jaar oud wordt. Maar als we bekijken wanneer de invloed van de Zon-Venus Conjunctie in Capricorn stopt dan krijgen we nog 3 jaar en 31 dagen (n.1) na 22-12-2073 oftewel 22-01-2077. In deze variant word ik 99,5 jaar oftewel 99 jaar en 184 dagen. En dit laatste feit is zo vreemd omdat het dezelfde 184 dagen vertoont. Omdat ik in dit systeem/ wereld niet in toevalligheden geloof, dan moet dit een vreemde waarheid of relatie inhouden.

(n.1) 21-12-2073 6:49 (510,8167 (aantal uren in die maand)) = Venus Capricorn, 22-12-2073 3:12 (531,2 h) = Sun-Venus Conjunction, 19-12-2081 13:14 (469,233 h) = Sun Venus Conjunction, 20-12-2081 21:41 (501,683 h) = Venus Capricorn. (531,2-469,233)/8 = 7,745875, (510,8167-501,683)/8=1,1417125), (531,2-510,8167)/(7,745875-1,1417125)=3,086432231 jaar is 3 jaar en 31 dagen (1)

English version: Follow Venus, dates Jesus, events, passing away at 99 years


Monday, March 12, 2018

Follow Venus, dates Jesus, events, passing away at 99 years

I have been telling you from the start that I need to follow Venus in this story/ world. Venus is the key in understanding what is going on and I need to be looking at it astronomically and astrologically. As I have shown you already that there are many things written in the stars that cannot be changed and give insight in when things will happen. Regarding to this I have proven to you that for instance Revelation 12:1, 12:3 and Revelation 13:1, 13:11 are within the stars and happened already. At this point we are waiting for Revelation 12:5 to happen aka the birth of the spirit of Jesus Christ this month. Anyhow, as I need to follow Venus then I can also make some conclusions from it. So if I/we pass the very important 31-03-2018 barrier and there is no ascension yet, what are the events, cycles and how old will I get?

Crises maximization and passing the barrier

For some time now (several years) I have been saying that we are in a period of crises maximization (hinting on the arrival of Jesus). It doesn't matter in what area you are thinking, but there seems to be a crisis at hand. This obviously is related to the Bible and for sure with Revelation 12:2 and 12:4. So when the spirit of Jesus is born aka is recognized in this world (this month) then we will get into the next chapter of this world. This means everything must and will change for the good of all. This means in my opinion (as I see it now) that ascension won't happen yet, but the world will live with Jesus for some time to prove it can do better then what we see and experience it now (Jesus has ascended to his earthly throne). "Do good, love and peace" will be the main ingredients. So in this perspective again 31-03 is a barrier for the big change.

What date will the big event happen?

I have been speculating some time already on when and how the big event will happen. The how seems to be clear that through the influence of the 6336 Hz frequencies the awakening will happen. In my opinion this will reveal itself completely in March 2018. But I am still thinking on the date. I did say 16/17-03 just before the new moon and before the springequinox, but it also might be just on a Friday just before the Full Moon after the springequinox (dates conform the 4 gosples, but then for the date of death of Jesus on first coming "All four gospels agree that Jesus died on a Friday before the Sabbath at the time of Passover, which was celebrated on the first full moon after the vernal equinox" (2)). This makes it 30/31-03-2018. One of these dates marks the day of the awakening for everyone to see the truth aka seeing (and understanding without a doubt) who really is Jesus Christ.

The 5 times 8 cycles Venus

I have been posting here for quite some time now on the strange things that only I seem to recognize in what is going on in this world. And much is also related to my birth. So when looking at the relation Venus and birth then what can we see? I am fourty years, and that means there have been 5*8 cycles of Venus already. Venus has a Sun-Venus conjunction every 1,6 years in which it does 1 circle + 215,6 degree. In 5 circles or 1,6*5= 8 years it makes the shape of 5 pointed star (points of conjunction) (pentagon has 72 degree angle = 360/5), but with 0,4 degree error making the shape rotate with the passing of the 8 year cycles. On this I have to say this. 30-03-2018 is exactly 5*8 = 40 year + 8 months + 8 days after my birthday and this Venus-relation suggests that it must happen on this date or that this is the last day and recognition will be on 31-03.

The monk factor

Some time ago I told you already that I had a strange meeting with a monk, which was on 22-12-2017. Personnaly I think there have been some judgements, with that day as the first one. Next one was on 20-01-2018 with two big personnal events on one day, it was 29 days after the monk. Then yesterday on 11-03-2018 aka 79 days a judgement with the neighbors. Next up is 21-03-2018 which is the springequinox on 89 days and then 31-03 as recognitionday (last Full Blue Moon) at 99 days. I do see the relation in this with the monk as important, as the monks seem to be part of the desciding factor. PS in the picture you see that the stats were down yesterday. This was during the judgement I think as start down was approximately the start of the gathering, but the down lasted serveral hours longer. This is the same interference as on the day when I had the strange meeting with the monk.

How old do I get based on Sun-Venus Conjunction?

If we don't experience the ascension before or on 31-03 (day that Venus enters Taurus as first (sign of Jesus)), then Jesus is recognized and thus back on earth. If so then how old will I get? In this version I base this on the Sun-Venus Conjunction in the constellation Capricorn as the dragon. I was born on 22-07-1977 and 6 months (exactly 184 days) after that was the Sun-Venus Conjunction on 22-01-1978 but in Aquarius. In the next cycle the Sun-Venus Conjunction was on 19-01-1986 in Capicorn the dragon. But looking at the times that it occured then I can stipulate that roughly 5,8 years (under the influence of) was still in Aquarius and then in Capricorn. In this view Capricorn will be important, but the first 6 years we don't have to count as we are very small and still learning the basics (from 6 years we go into 3rd grade). So if we count that in 1986 was the first Sun-Venus Conjuntion in Capricorn then now we are at the 5th completed cycle. So if we pass the barrier of 31-03-2018 then what can we make out of it. The last Sun-Venus Conjunction in Capricorn is on 22-12-2073 (1), and the next completed cycle is on 19-12-2081 in Saggitarius. Based on this we can suggest a lifespan of 12 Venus cycles from 22-07-1977 till 22-12-2073. But I was born exactly 6 months before the first Sun-Venus Conjunction. And this would speculate that I will pass away after the 12th cycle (12 apostles) on 22-06-2074. This would mean that I will get 96 years of age. But if we take into account when the influence of the Sun-Venus Conjunction stops then we get another 3 years and 31 days (n.1) after 22-12-2073 which means 22-01-2077. In this I will get 99,5 years of age aka 99 years and 184 days. And this last one is so strange as it shows the same 184 days and as I don't believe in coincidences then there must be some strange truth or relation in this.

(n.1) 21-12-2073 6:49 (510,8167 (hours in that month)) = Venus Capricorn, 22-12-2073 3:12 (531,2 h) = Sun-Venus Conjunction, 19-12-2081 13:14 (469,233 h) = Sun Venus Conjunction, 20-12-2081 21:41 (501,683 h) = Venus Capricorn. (531,2-469,233)/8 = 7,745875, (510,8167-501,683)/8=1,1417125), (531,2-510,8167)/(7,745875-1,1417125)=3,086432231 years is 3 year and 31 days (1)

Dutch version: Volg Venus, data Jezus en gebeurtenissen, overlijden op 99 jaar


Saturday, March 10, 2018

6330,16 Hz is the God-frequency

6330,16 Hz might be the God-frequency with the combination 6329,56 Hz and 6330,76 Hz defining the heartbeat at 72 beats per minute. The 72 beats per minute is a clear reference to the angles of the corners of a pentagon, aka the inner shape of Venus. And as I have been following Venus from the start, then this must mean that a 1,2 Hz difference between the two defining frequencies is the basis of the God heartbeat. It probably is 6330,16 Hz as it comes as a neat result from the two found frequencies, but still might be another combination. But at this point (having seen all the other evidence) I would say that this is the combination.

Edit 13-03-2018
Some time ago I did find also another frequency being 6335,94 Hz. This one was less prominent but actually nearer to 6336 Hz. So what if this one in combination with 6335,94+1,2 = 6337,14 Hz make the beating heart sound of the God frequency. The 6337,14 Hz frequency I haven't seen yet. So this needs to be seen which combination it will be.

Combination 6330,76 Hz + 6329,56 Hz makes a beating heart sound

If you actually join the earlier found frequency 6330,76 Hz with the recently found 6329,56 Hz you get a beating heart sound at about 75 beats per minute. Wow! Ok, it isn't 6336 Hz on the dot, but an average of 6330,16 Hz. Divide it by 12 then you get 527,51333 Hz which still is 528 Hz. Is this the combination to look for? I am pretty sure that it must be a combination like this, if not this one.

I would say that 6330,76-6329,56 = 1,2 Hz difference. This will result in 60 (sec/min) / (1,2(inverse)) = 60 (sec/min) / 0,8333 (beats/sec) = 72 beats/min. This is without a doubt an approximation of an average human heartbeat, but in this case represents the heavenly beating heart.

This discovery also points out that we are very very very near the point of witnessing the real birth, with this beating heart.

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On 31-03-2018 Venus gets on land in safety astrologically and astronomically

On 31-03-2018 Venus enters on 12:54 AM EST or 12:54 PM local time Taurus the Bull astrologically. But astronomically it enters Aries at t...