Thursday, October 19, 2017

Who is the fairest of them all: I Am

I have to post this quickly, as I will be too busy today. But this one is very important. The overall answer has been staring in my face all the time.

I have been searching for answers and have given and shown you many here. A big turning-point for me when I started to identify and see that within my eyes my soul is present. And I have been observing it since. It is beautiful without a doubt. Up till now I still was searching on who I really am. I did find: I am Ra, I am Alnitak, I am Caph, I am and/ or am from Venus, I am a star, I am from the Pleiades, I am the One, I am special, I am Jesus Christ, I am Sphinx or I am the Sphinx. And Jesus said: "I am that I am". As you can see I have many answers, but still to many. But some of the answers were stepping-stones and some are end-answers and in my opinion the answers are correct. But is it the end answer? Yesterday I did the last ritual for asking help on finding my name. This morning just after 2 am (I think) I woke up and had the "Mirror Mirror, who is the fairest of them all" question in my head. Probably a divine spirit, my elf/ genie or my higher self did answer or whisper in my dream. After waking up I walked to the mirror and answered "I Am" pointing at myself (doing the same as man and God are touching fingers in the painting of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel). But of course this isn't about my own reflection but the inner reflection of my soul seeing it mirrored within my eyes, as I have been seeing and describing it here already. As my soul is me, then the answer on the question Who is the fairest of them all, obviously is "my soul is" aka "I Am". So the general answer of my questions and quest is this: "I Am".

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Call forth my real pre-birth name ritual, I am the Sphinx

In addition to the ritual that I did yesterday in honour of the New Moon in Libra with the Sun and Venus, I think I also have to know my real name as Jesus Christ might still be to obvious. The point in this is going to be how will I get answered. I have no idea. But I think I need to try this as well.

  1. I cleanse the energy so I may be balanced, I cleanse the energy so I may be calm, I cleanse the energy so I may feel whole again;
  2. I call forth the divine support of universal helpers, my elf or genie or spirit that is with me all the time, my higher self, God, my guardian angles and ancestors to help me find my name and who and what I am;
  3. I call forth the divine and the spirits of earth, fire and water before me and the spirit of the air around me that I breath to show me the truth on who I really am/ were before entering this realm through birth. I ask for your help to find my name and to show it to me, during this New Moon in Libra phase;
  4. So as I have written and spoken it now so it must be done. This ritual aka declaration carries my energy signature as my binding stamp.

Breath 10 times in pray for name

Thank you and Satu/ Amen

Edit after 1,5 hours:

I am the Sphinx

After performing this ritual, I got to work/ study again and somehow came across a very interesting book called "The Sphinx and the Eye of Ra". There are two reasons why I think this result is very interesting. First of all I started this big quest after realising that the names of me, my brother and mother are written within the Orion-belt aka the El-An-Ra relationship. Next to that there is a clear reference to my birthplace with the star Aldebaran. What is the impossible chance of this occurring, unless it has purpose or meaning for me. As my name G(erar)d with the o of God spelling erar, you can make Er (outside letters) Ra (inside letters) from that making Er Ra or El Ra. It is all about Israel= it Is Ra-El aka Ra. Secondly there is a very interesting part in this book stating: "He (Aman Ra) decided to take a man that was already in existence, recreate him, endow him with special powers, and have this man do that which he could no longer do. So as the prophecy was told unto the followers of Aman Ra, "A man having a pure heart would come from afar. He would undergo the sacred ritual of Ra and be transformed into the guardian, the savior of all humanity. And his name shall be called the Sphinx"" (1). In this case the savior of all humanity can and maybe must be seen as Jesus Christ. The man would come from afar and I actually have made it here from a very long thought-process going through deep holes and high mountains (the sacred ritual of Ra?). I have been saying that I am special, that I am Jesus Christ but in addition to that as the Sphinx (aka the Lion King) might actually be the original Egyptian name, then I also must state that I am Sphinx or I am the Sphinx.

PS: I think this must be my real last answer as today is the New Moon in Libra and the New Moon is on it's biggest in this location at 2:12 early tomorrow morning.

(1) The Sphinx and the Eye of Ra Door A. E. Harrison:

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

My New Moon ritual, for shining even more bright

In order to let the white spots increase their activity, I feel I need to do a short New Moon ritual. That is lightning three candles for the New Moon, Sun and Venus that are in Libra (for judgement) and ask for just that. This ritual needs to be done before it is a complete New Moon with it in Libra. So here goes and hopefully it will work:

  1. I cleanse the energy so I may be balanced, I cleanse the energy so I may be calm, I cleanse the energy so I feel whole again;
  2. With lightning these three candles I help to awaken me even more for finding my true path and true calling so that I can shine even more and more brightly;
  3. I ask on the New Moon, Sun and Venus to let me shine strong and bright for everyone to see;
  4. Please guide me to awaken even more so that I may find my true path and true calling in order to shine greatly from this New Moon in Libra and on for ever so that I can give the people of this earth love, freedom and fearlessness by their faith in me;
  5. So as I have written and spoken it now, so it must be done. This ritual aka declaration carries my energy signature as my binding stamp.
Breath 10 times

Thank you very much for listening and Satu/ Amen

I'd like to add this remark (several hours later) when looking at the photo of the three candles, it maybe has worked already, meaning sending out the message. Above the flames is clearly visible the purple or violet colour which you never can see. I haven't seen it also when lightning and burning the candle's. I have also looked at some other photo's of candlelights burning (for instance 5 days ago for the 1 year anniversary of the Kings death) or when I was making tea the old fashion way, which don't show this coloration. And the coloration go three different ways as well. I think this might be an important and well placed step in growing into what was intended for me within this realm. PS: normally seeing this purple colour is for the good (let me describe it as positive magic) but when the colour is green then it is for the bad.

PS: I would expect things to happen on the day of the New Moon, but as Mercuri left Libra on the 14th and counting the sevens again then it would be on the 21st October. That day actually is a big Buddhist monk day, with many people going into the temple.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Soul gives white spots shining through skin forehead (video)

Today is the 17th October, which means that the window of liberty is at hand. This window lasts from 17 to 23nd as Venus with the Sun are in Libra and thus judgement is upon us/ me. Several days now the soul spot activity was at a low, but today with this window it seems that it has intensified. So maybe my theory on this window is correct and thus there will be judgement of some kind. Anyhow, normally I make a video and take snapshots of it, but don't want to show you my complete face understandably. But I found a way to crop a video (didn't know that was possible) so I will show you a video of my forehead and eyes. Today the eyes are less interesting, but the forehead has interesting activity. You should be looking for white spots like shown here in the two snapshots. These spots I have seen before, but the intensity and duration is heavier and longer. Sometime such a spot is visible for about a second or more. So when you play the video below then you should focus on the forehead and see it appear and disappear.

Soul shines through the holographic skin

You probably think it is very strange seeing these white spots appearing and disappearing at random. And thus a normal question for sure is, what is it that we are seeing here. For some time now I have shown you that there is a true relation between your eyes and the soul that lies behind it aka trapped inside our head. Normally everyone is to busy with work, family, problems, fears, angers and so on, thus distracted that we don't take time to see it. But as I have disconnected myself from believing whatever they say and looking for answers, I have been able to see the truth that lies inside myself. Which is that I am special and that I have a beautiful soul behind my holographic eyes. You have seen the soul-eye-tests that I did, showing you the soul giving white spots within the eyes (not normal reflection). So it is active and aware. But now the activity has grown in such a way, that clearly the soul is starting to poke through the holographic skin. This results in white spots clearly visible when taking a video of it. (I don't see it when I stand in front of a mirror). When you play the video it might be useful to pause from time to time to investigate the white spots in the skin yourself.



Non-humans destroying mankind or a game, what have I learned

As I have shown you already with enough evidence that I think that my eyes are a moving changing projection indicating it is not solid. The only thing that would fit with this is that my eyes and most-likely my complete body is a holographic projection. But as many things on tv/ internet do seem to be holographic as well, then we can assume that a big part or all of the world is holographic or a mental projection. So it this is the case then why are we here. I have the following theories.

A game or real non-humans destroying mankind

These days everything seems to come to an end as crises are maximising everywhere. You can ask me why is that? I have two different answers for that. The one is based on predictive programming in which the Bible and prophesies have a big part in. The other one is based on it all is fake aka fiction aka a game. So lets go into this for a moment.

Non-humans will destroy us
As you have seen I have found evidence that some people in important places such as the news, politics, financial persons and other people in high places look very strange. Some of them don't look human aka have a non-human form based on the suit they wear. Next to that part of them and sometimes completely sometimes partly look holographic. So if this is the case then they are hiding here, ruling us in some awkward way you and I don't like to know as they use us like sheep, or are they on a friendly basis here? It seems like the world under their reign is going into chaos with all crises maximising as we speak. I already stipulated that they might actually be trapped here also and everybody is working together until the firmament is finally blown to pieces. Both versions can be put within the Bible version or prophesies and for many that makes it more reliable, but is it? The version about the firmament I actually would prefer above the ruling over us version. It might also make sense about this world as we are left in the dark as they are trying to break open this prison. So within these two versions they will destroy us, but one version with a good outcome (as the soul gets released from here) and the other has a less good outcome as it might mean re-incarnation and living this world over and over again within this loop.

A game
Next to that non-humans will destroy us, there is the real option of "I am playing a game". You don't remember where you come from, you come here with no knowledge and instead get to learn only lies at school. What is the point of that, if not to stimulate us to find the truth. I would actually say that, to find the truth and to learn of this so that you can improve yourself. I have shown you that part of me is holographic for sure and thus my complete body might be holographic. So we might be playing a game. If that is the case then the mentioned holograms, shape-shifters, alien-like creatures, things that bother us in our dreams, reptilian, snakes, fallen angles and on and on might be also holographic projections within this game. In an earlies post I already concluded that this world has been designed in order to bring fear and hate to our hearts so that our energy-level will go down. So why not also these creatures in this holographic earth to destroy the love in our hearts. And that is what the game seems to be about. Humanity can only succeed if people have love and fearlessness in their hearts. And everyone can do that, if only we can understand and feel that everything isn't real. The shown image on tv and internet is crap and has nothing to do with who we really are. But as many many people think that it is true, then it will manifest itself as being the truth. It is fake and it is just a holographic projection (or a mental one) in order to give us a message or some teachings.

A learning process

An interesting thought on this holographic plane is that all what seems to be so real, has been designed this way in order to teach us or me a lesson. How do you learn the best, is by making mistakes and learning from them. And be sure, I have made mistakes. Next to that the system that we live in seems to be worsening by the day as it obviously is in the end-days of the game. This means game-over aka we wake up in the real reality that we came from and we go on with a lot of knowledge from this fake earth. So what have I learned all these years living here?

  • Well let me be quite clear on one thing. We didn't learn anything at school, as it only has taught us big un-truths aka lies. But as we don't know the truth from the start and that we believe what the scientists/ teachers tell us, then it must be true. In this lies a big learning point: "don't trust anybody (even the most close ones or the seemingly most clever ones) and be guided by your own observations, judgements and own reasoning". Good examples in this are that the earth isn't a globe, Einstein is part of the hoax and gravity actually means acceleration speed of objects due to its density relative to its surrounding-density and thus has nothing to do with the pulling-force of the earth as it is non-existing in this realm;
  • Something that my father used to say that seems to be correct always: "free money doesn't exist unless you win the lottery";
  • Only believe that what you can see, touch, investigate, observe and from that can reason with it. If you haven't seen it, experienced it, felt it then that makes it true? The image can be true but also can be false or misinforming you;
  • Be alert with strange people whom seem to want something from you;
  • Be critical;
  • You/ I am special, I am the one;
  • Always be positive, optimistic, friendly, don't get angry (count to ten) and start to reason, try to understand people but give it a real good thought with also making your own judgement or conclusions; 
  • Don't go with the flow as you get stuck in group-mentality through which you make unjustified mistakes;
  • Be yourself and be true to yourself, without wanting to look like or be like someone else;
  • Don't judge before you know all sides of a story;
  • Don't be deceived by appearances;
  • Don't get involved with people who drain your energy, such as narcissistic people. If you do then solve the problem in a way that it seems you to get all the +++ and that person gets all the ---. It is a way to let them go not bothering you again and gives you a positive feeling;
  • No-one is perfect. Even if I was right about the fact that I am Jesus or that I am special, with entering this game/ realm with wiped memory, growing up in a specific situation and doing things that I like, makes it obvious that I am not perfect. No-one is. That is the basic fact of humanity. But I have tried to do the best, especially after moving into a Buddhist country which has opened my eyes in various ways;
  • Even if you don't have a lot, there are other people who have less or live in even worse conditions. Be friendly to them, give or help! It is the best way for getting appreciation in life.
This is just a short list of the things that I personally think are important lessons. If I/ we eventually wake up in the real reality then these are important lessons to practise on and thus should be remembered fully.


Without a doubt we are very close to an end and in my opinion maybe weeks or up-till two or three months. And I mean with that the end of this world/ realm. There are discussions that the elite will destroy us for them having the earth, or the aliens or non-humans or what ever. These are also the stories that they want us to believe in order to divide and conquer. Personally I think it is all about making us fear and bring anger, but what we should do is having love and fearlessness in our hearts. But we should focus on what they don't say or teach, which is the truth. We are special, we have a beautiful soul in our heads and we should love, respect and help everyone. With such a teaching we can break out of this binding world for sure, as our soul will get released. On this part I am convinced.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Should I be staring at light or Sunlight?

This is a remark for myself, but maybe a very important one.
Today I did a video of me and part of it it constantly was staring at the light trying not to move my eyes. It looked like the brightness got stronger also in the skin. I have been Sun-staring a bit from time to time, but maybe I should do it more and more. There seems to be a relation between the bright dots/ spots and the amount of light/ sunlight staring.
I have decided to do an experiment on this tomorrow morning with Sun-set.

Edit 17-10-2017:

Using Sunlight or a normal light

Although I think that looking at the Sun might help, but it doesn't seem to work like I think it would. Last two days I did look into the Sun briefly, seeing also the same dots. But when doing the soul-eye-test test it actually looks like less activity. This morning I did look straight into a normal light inside my home, and the activity seems to be more. So the Sun-light actually might be to bright in order to activate the soul. With this in mind I think looking at a normal light (or light from outside) instead of looking directly into the Sun-light is preferable/ wise.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Flat earth map showing Antarctica and another landmass as additional continents

I came across the following picture, apparently taken within an government or military airplane. The map that is on the back is very interesting. It somewhat is similar to the flat-earth map that is out there, but shows additional things. First of all you can see Antarctica as a continent on the flat-earth map and thus a circumference of Antarctica on a flat-earth model is possible, suggesting not an ice rim. Secondly you see a landmass on the left side which would lay to the south-east of Australia, suggesting an additional continent.

PS: I might be mistaken, but the third person might actually be J.F. Kennedy.