Thursday, January 11, 2018

Revelation 12:3 is on 17-01-2018, red Dragon appearing and second coming

These days there is a lot to do with the Bible, prophecies that are being played out in this world and many people speculate on when it must happen. The biggest sign till now was that of 23-09 aka Revelation 12. But it is only Revelation 12:1 and with Revelation 12:2 on going on earth. There is another big sign which is Revelation 12:3 describing the arrival of the Big red Dragon. Why is Revelation 12:3 on 17-01-2018, how is it related to Capricorn and why do we need to translate astronomically into astrologically in finding it to be real?

Difference between Astrologically and Astronomically

Due to the polar-shift what we see in the sky doesn't add up with for instance 6000 years ago. That is why you can look at the sky Astronomically which means that what is really seable above our heads. But astrologically means what should be above our heads when thinking all those years ago. It was supposed not to have the polar-shift aka they didn't take it into account. Thus for looking at the signs you need to translate it by doing a translating-transporting of the objects.

Revelation 12:3

Revelation 12:3 describes it as follows: "And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads". This is the second very clear sign of the second coming of Jesus Christ. But Revelation 12:1 was in clear sight and we all could see the signs in the sky. But this time it is less clear as it is hidden in plain sight. If you take into account the difference between astronomically and astrologically then you can find Revelation 12:3 on 17-01-2018. So in what constellation will it happen?

Astronomical view 17-01-2018

Capricorn and the stars

I was drawn to Capricorn as from 14 till 16/17 January 2018 it consists of 6 objects, which are Venus, Sun, Super New Moon, Pluto (not visible and not in picture) with Mercury and Saturn. If you look at Capricorn it has 11 (or 12 depends on which picture you use) stars which fall within the red line. But as you can see that the objects are outside Capricorn. But this is looking astronomically, but if you look at is astrologically then you must shift the position to the left. Capricorn has 6 stars on the head (with one pointy big horn) and 5 stars below that.

Astronomical view translated to approximation Astrological view 17-01-2018

Translating positions of the objects

The stars are far away but the planets aka objects are closeby. So the position of the planets need to be adjusted. For this I have done an approximation but the translation line is according to the purple line. So moving the objects to the left then you get Venus, Sun, Moon, Pluto above the red line making the second big horn. But you see also that Mercury and Saturn are below the red line. So what do we have. The 6 stars on the head of Capricorn are added with 4 objects making it 10 objects aka this is the 10 horns from Revelation 12:3. Below the red line we have 5 stars of Capricorn which are added with 2 objects making it 7, aka the 7 heads of the dragon. The 7 crowns I think would mean the 6 stars of Capricorn + 1 very bright point on the left of the head making the big horn on the left which consists of the 4 objects aka Venus, Sun, Moon and Pluto. From it's position looking down on us, it would be on the right side. In my opinion this proves that Revelation 12:3 is happening on 17 January 2018, proving also that the second coming aka Jesus Christ is in this period aka from 14-21 January.

PS: looking at God's calendar aka the calendar of Saturn then from 21-12-2017 we are living in the year 6001, which means the first year of the 1000 years of God. And as the Super New Moon is the first one in this period, then logic dictates also that it will start on this date aka the morning of 17-01-2018. No doubt in my mind, this is it!

PS: the emergency number in America is 911, the attack on World Trade Center was on 9-11. But 911 upside-down is 116 aka 1-16 stands for 16-01. In the timezone for America it starts on 16-01 at 9:17 PM but here local time it is on 17-01 at 9:17 AM.

PS: the moon being the quickest moving object, enters Capricorn (astrologically) on 15-01 (position near Saturn and Mercury), so the change might start from that moment and intensifying on 16-01, with the big thing in the morning off 17-01.


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

On 16-01-2018 will the Dragon within Capricorn shoot it's burning fireball?

Will the twelve headed dragon shoot the fireball between 14-16 January 2018 and most likely on 16-01 during the Super New Moon? I think this is a very interesting question. Till now we have had the very interesting double conjunction of the Sun-Venus and Sun-Pluto combined with the Venus-Pluto conjunction. I would say it stands for charging the magic wand, but apparently it hasn't been fired yet. And so it is still waiting for a certain moment. The following most important thing happening in between the two Super Full Moons of 02-01 and 31-01 (this is called a blue moon) there is also the dragon appearing. From 14-16 Capricorn is visited by 6 big objects which are the Sun, Super New Moon, Venus, Saturn, Pluto and Mercury. In Dutch Capricorn is translated into a Goat, but in the local language here it says Mangkorn meaning Dragon. So it actually is a Dragon in Goat's clothing. But it is only a dragon between 14-16 January due to the tail of the adding objects. And as Capricorn consists of 12-13 stars (within the shown line) (aka G12 but with 13 countries) with the tail it becomes the twelve headed dragon. But as with the 09-01 triple conjunction the magic wand is charged and ready to shoot. And as we have a dragon in the sky in this period then logic dictates that it will shoot the burning fireball during this period. But as the Super New Moon is at 16-01 then we must stipulate it will be on that moment. Edit 11-01-2018: the New Moon is at 9:17 EST time thus that is here local time the next day on 17-01 at 9:17 AM (4).

But looking at numbers and not the stars then from 11-09 till 23-09 it takes 12 days. From 11-09 till 09-01 it takes 120 days but also from 23-09 till 21-01 it takes 120 days. So it might start on 16-01 and it might end on 21-01. But for me this is guessing. Anyhow it seems to me that this month must bring the awakening, which might coincide with the burning fireball and might coincide with a flood. All the signs are there.

PS: as there is a magic charged wand in the sky and also the dragon, then we must also say that it will be a fight between the sorcerer (or a God) and the dragon. From the moment the dragon appears which is on 14-01 the fight will start. And this will take 7 days? and thus ending on 21-01 (this day is precise a neat 30 days after my strange meeting with the monk). I do think there is some concrete logic within this reasoning, and thus I think we must consider it to be happening within this period.

PS: Revelation states on this: "A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth.Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads. Its tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth.The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment he was born. She gave birth to a son, a male child, who “will rule all the nations with an iron scepter.”And her child was snatched up to God and to his throne." (3). 

Revelation 12:1-2 was on 23-09 and the period after that. Revelation 12:3 is from 14-16 January meaning that the birth is imminent. This also means that there probably will be a lot of rain, falling stars maybe the big flood during birth. And after that Jesus Christ will ascent to his throne. Revelation 12:2 Cried in pain stands for a lot of rain, flooding, earth quakes, Revelation 3 Capricorn (has 12 stars) added with 5-6 objects = 17 bright points = 7 heads (crowns) + 10 horns.

PS: Venus enters Aquarius on 17-01, does it coincide with the day of the big flood?

Edit 12-01-2018: as said in another post we live now in the year 6001 (according to the Saturn-calendar aka the God-calendar) and thus the change will be at the first New Moon aka the Super New Moon on 17-01 9:17 AM local time, which rest in between the 2 Super Full Moons in the same month which coincides with the appearance of Revelation 12:3.


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

09-01 15:32

09-01-2018 15:32 local time. Charged and ready... Time is up already... So now what??? 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

I am Jesus Christ and blood over intent

Last three days I cut my fingers unintentionally in total three times, which is very odd. Yesterday (07-01 local time) I did think that it has meaning and that I must do something. As I have done blood over intent before, I decided to do it with my final answer: "I am Jesus Christ". This actually must be important as it coincides with the day the Jupiter-Mars conjunction of 07-01, of which both planets are red. Somehow I do believe there is a connection between Mars and blood. So that I have done it seems to be the right thing. I also have cut myself three times which might be a reference to Epiphany aka the Three Kings which is celebrated on 06-01. It is also called the Twelfth Day (12 apostles) after Christmas. Next to that I did it on 07-01 which is a celebration date in some countries of finding or the birth of Jesus Christ. So in my opinion everything seems to be ready for the second coming or the awakening on 09-01

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Jesus was born on 11-09-2017 second coming and awakening on 09-01-2018

There are several reasons that Jesus was born on 11-09-2017:

  1. it is exactly 2020 (john 20:20) years after the first birth on 11-09 3BC;
  2. it is 2 days after the centre of Jupiter is over the line of Virgo aka start labor;
  3. it is 12 days aka 12 apostles before 23-09-2017;
  4. it is 120 days before 09-01-2018 aka 3 months in hiding in plain sight (Exodus 2:2);
  5. Revelation 12 was on 23-09 but the 12 of Revelation stands for the number of days. So 23-09 - 12 days = 11-09-2017 aka birthday of Jesus Christ.

There are several reasons that the awakening will be on 09-01-2018:
  1. it is 120 days after 11-09-2017 aka 3 months in hiding (already mentioned);
  2. it is 19 days (holy number) after the first day of new Saturn cycle, aka year 6001;
  3. on 09-01-2018 there is a very important very rare double planet-Sun conjunction with the Sun in conjunction with Venus and Pluto. It figurally speaking stands for the spear of love that goes through the heart of Jesus and thus Jesus will awaken with opening the real eyes;
  4. this day marks the last day of all the planets having been in conjunction with the Sun;
  5. this day marks also the last day of the 5 planets mentioned in the week on the right side of the Sun (not the neat order like 21-12 till 25-12). On 09-01 it is the Sun-Venus conjunction after which Venus goes to the left side (and Pluto to the right side) of the Sun;
  6. on 02-01-2018 the last planet being Uranus going direct, meaning all the planets are going in the right direction from our point of view, which again is seven days before 09-01-2018.
So Jesus was born on 11-09-2017 and Jesus will return on 09-01-2018.

Edit: I should rephrase this as the start of the awakening actually must be before the start of birth. The return starts on 09-01 and takes time.
Edit 11-01-2018: From 14 till 16 January the Dragon aka Revelation 12:3 will appear in the sky as 6 objects (5 if not counting Pluto (non visible)) it makes with 12 stars in Capricorn the 7 headed Dragon with 10 horns. (7+10 = 17 = 12 + 5). When the dragon appears then birth of Jesus Christ aka the awakening is imminent.

Does Jesus return on 09-01-2018 with the double Sun (Venus-Pluto) conjunction?

As I have been saying some time now that things are and will be happening regarding the second coming and Jesus Christ. Many special dates have already passed and there is only one date remaining. Based on a birthday of Jesus on 11-09 and 3 months (120 days) of hiding in plain sight, then things must be happening on 09-01-2018. And on this day actually interesting things will happen. A very special and very rare occasion takes place with the planets as there will be a double Sun conjunction with Venus and Pluto. In my opinion this day must be D-day or the day the change will happen.

Birthday of Jesus

Many people have theories on when Jesus was born. It varies from 7-6 BC till the year 0. But as there was a similar sign in the sky on 11-09 3BC just like the Revelation 12 sign on 23-09-2017 then we can stipulate that it was on 11-09 3 BC. We can assume also that then the birth will also be with the Revelation 12 sign in the sky last year on 23-09-2017. So 09-01-2018 is 108 days after that day, which is strange as it should add up to 3 Gods'-months aka 120 days (hiding the baby for 3 months Ex. 2:2). Thus we should add another 12 days and then we come to 21-01-2018 as the day of the world to see who is Jesus for real aka the awakening or the second coming. But if we assume that it's just a sign in the sky saying around this time it will happen, then what. What if the birth actually took place on the originally date aka 11-09-2017 which is exactly 120 days before 09-01-2018. Then this would actually make more sense to me. So exactly after 2020 years (John 20:20) Jesus is reborn, but is still hidden in plain sight for 120 days. Interestingly John 1:9 (aka 09-01) states: "The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world" (1). I added a picture (2) of the situation in the planets on 11-09-2017 (12 days aka 12 apostles before 23-09). It looks like that the centre of Jupiter has passed the line of Virgo suggesting birth. They say it takes 14 days of labor and thus it must have started on 09-09 (counting back from 23-09), and would suggest a quick birth. On 08-09 the centre of Jupiter does lie exactly on the line but on 09-09 it looks a bit past the line. So actually also the position of Jupiter can support this theory, that the actual birth was on 11-09.

Extraordinary double/ triple conjunction

Before 09-01-2018 special things have happened and something special is happening on the date itself also. Most importantly there was the neat order of the planets which started with the Sun-Saturn conjunction on 21-12 and ended with the Saturn-Venus conjunction on 25-12. But there is one special day still to come which is 09-01. On this day there is a double conjunction with the Sun. The Sun-Venus conjunction at 13:01 PM (BKK time), Venus-Pluto conjunction at 15:03 PM and the Sun-Pluto conjunction. With the Sun thus a double conjunction but actually it is a triple conjunction in one day. The line Earth-Venus-Sun-Pluto must be seen as the long arrow being shot aka the big beam. This is literally or figurally speaking (as I don't know how it will go on). But these conjunctions on one day 120 days after 11-09 suggests D-day for it to happen. It meaning the second coming, wakening, Jesus returning, ending the game and so on. How it goes, depends on the verdict of the system, but 09-01 must be a Wow day as things must be happening then as it is the last and only remaining day for it to happen.

PS: Revelation 12 was on 23-09-2017 but the 12 also stands for the days. So 23-09 - 12 = 11-09-2017 on which Jesus was born.


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Uranus Direct just before the ending Sun-Venus conjunction
Today it is the 3rd of January 2018 (aka 03-01-2561 here) and thus it's just before the expected 09-01 "end"date or date of "the big change". As stated before I think the Uranus Direct yesterday on 02-01 might be of importance also as it is the last planet going Direct meaning there is no retrograde anymore.

Lottery number and Uranus Direct
Now the funny thing that happened on 30-12. It was the "state lottery draw" here and the big price looked rigged in my opinion. It was this number 911234. So what is it with this number. As I know where to look, I instantly saw the following odd thing. It coincides 100% and precisely with the Uranus Direct. Look at the picture below at January 2: it states 9:11 AM Uranus Direct at 24 degree 34 min. So how is this related to the number? Wel you need to read it as: 9:11:2:34 meaning 9 hours, 11 min, 2nd day (of the new year) and 34 (min degree). It is all there and in my opinion gives some evidence that you shouldn't trust lottery-outcomes. But that isn't the goal of what I am saying here as it is a clear message of the importance of Uranus Direct within this story-line.

Meaning with neat planet order and Sun-Venus conjunction

As mentioned earlier we have had a very very interesting set of things happening within the stars which all are related to Jesus, the second coming, ascension, the change and/or ending the game. And in my opinion all these can come together within a certain time-frame. Till now we have had the Sun in conjunction with Mars (27-07), Jupiter (26-10) and Saturn (21-12 = point of burning the tip of the spear). The last one initiated the neat order of the planets which ended on 25-12 with the Saturn-Venus conjunction. In between that Mercury Direct was on 23-12 showing that the arrow has been stretched. The Saturn-Venus conjunction isn't the last one as there still is the Jupiter-Mars conjunction (07-01 which occurs just after the Libra line (judgement line)) and the last expected very important Sun-Venus conjunction which has a double conjunction with Sun-Pluto (09-01). In between there has been the Uranus Direct (last of the planets direct) which means "lock-and-load" with the arrow pointing in the right "direct" direction. The Sun-Venus conjunction means to me the end of the story as the arrow will be released from the bow and thus it will shoot. I have several options in mind what can happen, but for now I am not sure which one it will be. To be honest I think what will happen next dependents on the judgement by the system as it reacts on what we do and think. But 09-01-2018 will be the day in my opinion that the verdict will be carried out.

PS: I know that the system is also testing me deliberately on several occasions already and today clearly as well. I am not going and not giving into that, but I am sure about it. No doubt! On this I will only say this: "I will only give my eyes a living" as pitiless seduction won't lead me into temptation. And as I think it will end or the change will start within 6 days (aka on 09-01-2018) I certainly won't be tempted without a doubt. Nice to show certain things, but I think the society that I live in and the mind-setting that I have it is inappropriate/cheap as well. To them I say goodbye and pass for sure.

PS2: the Uranus Direct corresponding to the lottery number might be disinformation. The number corresponds to the date 09-01 and thus the four last numbers are the time 12:34 for the system to organise.