Wednesday, February 7, 2018

When will the big event happen?

This is the big question for me at this moment: "when will it happen?". The how is based on the already mentioned God-frequency. It is at 6336 Hz aka 12 times the Jesus frequency which is 528 Hz. It will activate the speakers in such a way that everyone can see or hear it when near it. This probably will be combined with the more and more visible bright spots. When the big event happens then probably everyone will hear it and might see it. So when will it happen?

Stage is set

This is a question which is hard to answer. It is something that still has to happen and thus is not provable until the moment has passed. But as we are in the end-time of this world with all the important biblical signs having passed already then the moment for it to happen must be very very near. So when will it happen? This February is the only month without a Full Moon, with January and March both having two Blue Full Moons. My guts tell me that the stage is set for February.

Revelation passed

At this moment all is after the passing of Revelation 12:1 on 23-09-2017, the neat order of the planets (21-12 till 25-12) aka Luke (21-25), the strange meeting with the monk on 22-12 and Revelation 12:3 on 17-01-2018. The meeting with the monk was a nice 90 days after Revelation 12:1. Revelation 12:3 was 116 days after Revelation 12:1. And Revelation 12:1 was 475 days aka 1 year 110 days after the David-star on 05-06-2016. As the length of the period between things happening seem to diminish, then that might be a way to find out the date of the big event happening. So 17-01-2018 + 116*116/475 = 14-02-2018 which is Valentines Day. If we do that another step then we get (116*116/475)*(116*116/475)/116 = 6,9 days aka seven days again, suggesting the end-date on 21-02, with another seven days making a total of 28 days in February. Might 21-28 February mark the time of the big change? But if we take into account another 90 days after the monk then we get 22-12-2017 + 90 = 22-03-2018. This is 9 days before the last Blue Full Moon which is on 31-03-2018 (99 days after monk) which is also on 15 Nisan (day of the Passover). But it is also 2 days after the Spring Equinox. So the question in this would be how long will Jesus make it's presence clear to everyone, before ascension to occur. Personally I think 15-02 might make a nice date as it is the New Chinese Year with the New Moon, but it also might be in March in between the last two Full Blue Moons. 15-02 is 55 days after the monk and 44 days till 31-03. The 44 days might be striking as the Love-frequency is 528 = 12*44 and the God-frequency is 6336 = 12*12*44 = 144*44. So again I am still guessing, but in my opinion it must happen between today and 31-03.

Edit 09-02-2018:
In addition the following picture. In this you see that Mercury actually forms the second point of the big horn. But Venus and the New Moon have left Capricorn behind with the Sun also going out. The New Moon happens local time at 04:06 on Friday (day of Venus) 16-02 aka 2 days after Valentine and 1 day after Chinese New Year. Is this the moment for the freedom of Venus escaping from the Dragon?

Edit 21-02-2018: 01-03-2018 is a very big Buddhist holy-day during the Blue Full Moon. It marks the first day that Buddha was born/ recognised. Will this celebration coincide with the second coming at the end of the 21/28-02 period?

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Conclusions within this holographic game

Conclusions within this game:

- it is clear to me that I am holographic, with a part of the real soul trapped inside the hologram. I have seen the holographic eyes, energy-lines, holographic failures and I have proven for myself that I in fact am a hologram or a digital projection of a person within this holographic presentation of a world. This I have shown you through snapshot-video analysis and I have verified it live with my own eyes;
- the found El-An-Ra relation with a clear reference to the place of birth written within the stars is a clear hint that I am playing a game. The fact that I/we are holographic also points out that I/we are in a game;
- the white spots that have been getting brighter with time, it is the soul approaching the eyes and forehead. This started to happen after the discovery of the innerspace, the speakers and the searching soul. It might play a roll in the end-phase of the game as people will recognise it, as some already have done so;
- the concrete answer on this game "who do you think you are?" or "what is your name" is: "I am Jesus Christ". This is based on the positions of the stars during birth, the connection with Taurus the Bull, the things that I have seen on going and the believe-system that I am special, the one. On this I have done a "blood over intent" to show my sincerity on this answer;
- the second coming of Jesus Christ is in my opinion imminent. Revelation 12:1 was on 23-09-2017 but Revelation 12:3 was on 17-01-2018. Also based on the impressive number of sings in the stars (Luke 21:25) states also that the main big event will happen very very soon;
- we live in the year 6001 which is the first year of God, which started on 21-12-2017 during winter-solstice;
- in my opinion the big event will be caused by the God-frequency aka 6336 Hz. It's already in the air, but most likely will be heard around the world when it happens.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

God-frequency is created by two frequencies: like the beating heart

I am pretty sure the 6336 Hz aka 6336,145 Hz will be created by using two different frequencies. Adding the two frequencies adds up to this number. It is about the 6330,76 Hz and 6341,53 Hz. The resulting sound has a repeating beat in it due to the movement of the frequencies. They will enhance each other and invert each other, but the resulting frequency is still an average of the two mentioned frequencies. So we shouldn't listen to the straight on 6336 Hz God Frequency as it still misses many interesting components which we can hear as a result of combining the two frequencies. It actually sounds like a heart beating quickly.

Edit 23-02-2018
It seems that the double frequency is getting active and thus the big moment must be very near. This will sound like the mentioned beating heart.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Moon-Regulus conjunction: beating heart of the Lion King/ newborn

Yesterday we have had the amazing Blood Moon, which in my opinion stands for the blood during birth. This Blood Moon occured in the constellation Cancer but today the moon has moved into Leo the Lion. There is a real good argument to state that we have to wait a bit for the magic to work. That makes sense as markers in the sky have been symbolic until now. Thus also the Blood Moon was a very important marker. But it actually is the last big marker in the sky. So what is next.

February 2018 has no Full Moon

January 2018 has had two Super Full Moons which ended yesterday in the Blood Moon. As the period of the moon takes an average of 29,53 days. But this February has only 28 days and thus the next full moon will be on 01-03. This means also that March has two full moons again, making it again a Full Blue Moon month. This means February is enclosed by two Blue Moon months. That is very odd and makes this month also very special. So based on this we might state that we have to wait for the magic to work. Is February 2018 the month of the second coming? Personally I think the awakening is imminent.

Moon-Regulus conjunction

On 01-02 the moon has entered Leo which actually makes the Revelation 12:1 connection astronomically. And the Lion is the King. Within Leo the star Regulus is the ruler aka it's the heart of the Lion. On 01-02 at 23:58 the Moon and Regulus will conjunct, and that might be the moment of the judgement over us. It might stand for the beating heart of the newborn. Ok, again very symbolic but it might be also an important marker before it will happen. After this this month the New Moon will be on 16-02 at 04:05 AM BKK time with the New Chinese Year on 15-02. Again this New Moon is in between 2 Full Blue Moons stating that the stage is set. So just wait and see if the magic will work this month, as all the big signs in the stars (Luke 21:25) have passed already.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Blood moon 31-01 occurs in constellation Cancer (astronomically)

The Blood moon of 31-01 astrologically might occur in Leo the Lion, but astronomically it occurs in the constellation of Cancer. This is my constellation of birth, which makes it even more interesting and another big coincidence.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Way to God is through Jesus and frequencies

The Bible mentions that the way to God lies through Jesus. The Jesus-frequency is 528 Hz which is also called the love-frequency. Saturn does one cycle around the Sun in 12 earth cycles and stands for one Saturn-year, which also stands for the God-calendar. 12 Apostles * 528 = 6336 Hz. This makes the 6336 Hz the God-frequency. This frequency is now happening/ starting to happen.

Edit 29091-2018: In the above picture you already see the concentration within the 6000 band, which is also visible on today's output. 6336 Hz will make it happen.

Is 6336 Hz the frequency for the awakening?

I am going to keep this short. But again something noticeable has happened. This time it is about the white noise frequency of the television. Last December I did take a short audio of it and today I did another one. When listening to it, it sounded that the pitch got higher, so I have done a bandwidth frequency test on it. In the below picture you see the result of this. The area A and B are from December but area C is from now. You can clearly see a big shift from the area's the frequency is concentrated. At first it was around 400-500 suggesting around the important 432 Hz (A and B). But in B also is some concentration in the 6000 band. This was hearable for about 30% of the audio. But for the audio now it only is concentrates in the 6000 band aka between 6300-6600. Till now I have been focussing on 528 Hz as it is the love frequency and also is called the Jesus frequency. I looks like that the awakening will be related to the 6000 Hz band. Interesting enough 12 (apostles) times 528 = 6336 Hz. Another name for God is ABBA, hinting on this frequency. And 666 = 6,3+3,6 and the love sign with you hand makes the same. I think the 6336 Hz frequency will be used for the awakening.

In the following picture you see that it peaks with a nice white line at 6330 Hz, but I think it will be all about 6336 Hz as it has the clear relation with 528 Hz. Or 6330/12 = 527,5 Hz might be an option, but still I think it is 6336 Hz. But in the end it probably will be a combination of frequencies that will open the door to the house of David.
PS: I checked if there are sound concentrations above this 6000 Hz band, but it seems to be clear and thus lies the answer in this band for sure. The awakening will be related to the 6330 or 6336 Hz frequency.
PS edit 27-01-2018: I have reason to believe that it might be 6331 Hz. This as 6331/12 = 527.583 Hz as the love frequency in which 583 is striking. Or using the peak of the below picture: 6330.76/12 = 527.563 Hz. This last 6330.76 Hz frequency seems to be peaking all the time, and thus must be of great importance.
PS edit 27-01-2018: today I saw someone wear a shirt with Rubby or Rubbia on it and next to that a guy standing with a diamond on his shirt. Two persons showing this in almost the same position here has a very very small chance of happening. I think this answer of the 6336 Hz or 6331 Hz being used for the awakening is correct for sure.
PS edit 27-01-2018: according to the Bible is Jesus the way to God. The Jesus-frequency is 528 Hz and thus 12*528 = 6336 Hz is the God-frequency.

Edit 02-02-2018: the big often re-emerging peaks are 6330.76 and 6341.53 which has an average of 6336.145 Hz but due to rounding differences it probably must be 6336.144 Hz.

Edit 09-02-2018: Example of combination of frequencies which in the end will do it. In this you see the obvious 6330.76 Hz combined with two other frequencies which lie just above 4500 and 6000 Hz. Such an combination (not saying that this is the one) will be the key in opening the Door to Davids house.

When will the big event happen?

This is the big question for me at this moment: "when will it happen?". The how is based on the already mentioned God-frequency ....