Friday, June 8, 2018

The stage is set

I most definitely think that the stage has been set for things to happen. This as it obviously is related to 05-06 and 06-06 as it is on the date 2 years after Davidstar. Contraction has started on 08-03-2018 (Jupiter retrograde) and will last until 10-07. At the end of this period we must expect birth and most likely it is on 21-06 or after (mentioned dates 13-06 MH370 reference and Venus in Leo (something big will happen in the world? which we don't have to fear), 21-06 Summer-solstice and Sun in Cancer, 29-06 Mercury in Leo, 14-07 (8-"days before"-rule) and on 22-07 Sun in Leo). The stage is set for sure and we simply must wait for it to happen during these days. On the how, when, who, where thing I am not going into at this moment. For now I will just play with the game.

Need to add: 02-07 is Mercury-Saturn conjunction.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Does the change start on 05-06-2018

I already argued why I think things will commence or will have effect on certain days like 13-06 Venus-Leo, 21-06 summer-solstice, 29-06 Mercury-Leo, 22-07 Sun-Leo and also the 8 days before that on 14-07. But when does recognition start? I would say 8 days before 13-06 aka 05-06. On that day there also appears a beast out of the waters in Capricorn with 7 heads, 7 horns and 7 crowns (6 stars above + moon = 7 heads, 7 crowns and 6 stars below + Mars = 7 horns) and is the other beast from Rev.13:11. It is the 7-pointed star and marks this day. Another point is that it is Mercury-Sun conjunction in Taurus (sign of Jesus). Next to this it is on the date 2 years aka 730 days after Davidstar.
PS: 3 days later is 08-06 = 08 Gemini and seems important.

Venus-gemini 24-04, Sun-gemini 20-05 and Mercury-gemini on 29-05 means holy trinity going through the door aka the coming out. But it is visible half the way. Mercury-Cancer on 12-06. Half the way is 05-06-2018. Sun-Cancer on is 21-06, with half the way is 05-06-2018 (astrologically). It falls together with Sun-Mercury Conjunction in Taurus (astronomically). Recognition of Jesus starts on and after 05-06-2018. It with no doubt will get clear on more obvious dates: 13-06 (738), 21-06 (746), 29-06 (754), 14-07 (769) and last but not least 22-07 (777)

Sun-Mercury conjunction in Taurus happens on 05-06-2018 at 10:52 pm EST which is Wednesday 06-06-2018 at 9:52 am local time. It happens exactly 2 years after the Sun-Venus conjunction in Taurus on 06-06-2016, same location in the sky.

PS: this also might still be a time-marker, with things happening still might take some time to take effect. But the change will start on 05/06-06-0218 and thus will soon be noticible.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Forgiving - Genade

Sometimes people do things to you, without you knowing the reason why they are doing it or have done it. People normally will react in a hot temper which will lead into the situation worsening. Counting to ten is normal in any situation! In some cases people need to hurt you in order to reach a higher purpose in which the higher purpose even justifies their wrong-doing. If the One that is hurt doesn't understand it or doesn't see this higher purpose, then questions with disbelieve or anger will remain. But if the One does see the whole picture of it, then understanding grows and with time will be forgiving.

Het komt voor dat mensen je pijn doen, zonder dat je weet/ waarom ze het deden of nog doen. In de meeste gevallen zal Gerard tot tien tellen om de situatie te begrijpen of om er een rustig gepast antwoord op te geven. En dat kan soms veel pijn doen of diep in de ziel /snijden! Toch zijn er redenen waarom mensen je in sommige omstandigheden pijn moeten doen om zo een hoger doel te bereiken, waarbij het doel de middelen rechtvaardigt. Liegen of misleiden is dan ook een doodzonde, maar ook de reden ertoe niet inzien leidt ook naar ongewenste omstandigheden. Als diegene de omstandigheid niet begrijpt of het hogere doel niet inziet, dan zullen vragen met ongeloof of zelfs/ kwaadheid overheersen. Is de waarheid in beeld of ziet diegene het complete plaatje, dan kan begrip groeien en kan met de tijd een pardon van toepassing zijn. Vergeving en begrip is waar het om draait, ongeacht hoe erg (tot op zekere hoogte) een zekere partij het heeft gemaakt. En dit geldt ook mede voor Gerard, blijf ik tot tien tellen/ en zal ik al redenerend tot een zeker besluit of pardon komen.

Is the big thing on 14-07-2018 aka day 769 after Davidstar

For it to happen Venus and Mercury need to be safe. As it is all about the sign of the Lion or Leo aka the sign Omega, then the period is defined. Venus enters Leo and New Moon on 13-06-2018 and after that Mercury enters Leo on 29-06. So it must be after this period but before the Holy Trinity is complete aka the Sun in Leo on 22-07. You can say it is the period just as it gets light before the Sun actually gets up. We also must wait until the Jupiter Retrograde (it is contraction) has finished as this marks birth. That started on 08-03 and ends on 10-07. So it must happen between 10-07 and 22-07. On 09-07 there still is the Venus-Regulus Conjunction pointing out the beating heart of Leo. After that there is the 13-07 New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse. The ecipse might be a marker for the beginning of the big thing. So if this is the case then it might be on 14-07. On that day also the Holy Trinity completely is out of the Gemini poles (astronomically), with Mercury going in Leo also meaning safety. On that day the moon will show the first small waxing crescent of 3% which is the expected moment for it to happen. Another strange argument is that 14-07 is exactly 5800 days after my graduation on 27-08-2002 and thus marks this day. 14-07 is day 769 after Davidstar with 69 being the sign of Cancer (as I am a Cancer). As 10-07 is day 765=still 4 to go, 766=still 3 to go, 767=still 2 to go, 768=still 1 to go and thus it must be 769 aka 14-07-2018. This means there are still 8 days to go until 22-07-2018 aka the complete Holy Trinity with Omega in Leo.

PS: Mars in retrograde exits the dragon aka Capricorn on 14-07 and might also be of importance.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Holy Trinity with Omega is complete on 22-07 aka 777

That the MH370 points out to the date 13-06 can have two meanings. One: something bad will happen in this world, for which we do not have to fear. Second: Venus enters Leo the Lion. The sign of Leo is the Omega, which is the sign that we have to look for. It is the sign of the one. The Omega will reside on the forehead of Jesus as it is the sign of his name (Rev.13:16-18). But it isn't complete at 13-06 as we have to wait for the complete Holy Trinity to enter Leo. 8 Days after 13-06 on 21-6 is the Summer Solstice which is 746 days after Davidstar and 5777 days after graduation. It stands for a judgement marker, a graduation marker. The answer that I give the system now has to be made before that date, as it is the answer of all answers. Another 8 days after 21-06 on 29-06 Mercury enters Leo which is the second part of the Holy Trinity. I already told that I am represented by Mercury and thus this might be the day things change bigtime and Isaiah 10:17 might occur on that day. So Venus and Mercury have freedom here with day 746 exactly in its middle. It might mean that recognition can start around this period of from this day. But it still is dark, as the Sun hasn't entered Leo yet. This happens after another 23 days aka on my birthday 22-07-2018 aka the timeline till 777 aka the 7 pointed star. I will repeat that Jupiter Direct is on 10-07 which means birth, which is on day 765 (can be seen as countdownday and might be read as 765=still 4, 766=still 3, 767=still 2, 768 =still 1 which makes it 769 on 14-07-2018 (see PS2,3 also)).

How does the Omega look like? This is hard to show as with a photo it is hard to see, but when I look at it through a mirror it is an obvious Omega. But here is a try. I think it will get very clear after the important dates. 13-06 Venus-Leo, 21-06 the general Summer Solstice marker, 29-06 Mercury-Leo and last but not least 22-07 Sun-Leo. As the Omega visibly is there, then also what must happen according to Isaiah 10:17 will happen for real from 13-06 till 22-07 or specifically on one of the mentioned days.

PS1: Isaiah 10:17 can mean 10-07 = Jupiter Direct and Revelation 13:16 can mean 13:06 (Venus-Leo). This also states that it will happen in this period

PS2: day 5800 after graduation falls on 14-07-2018, which is 8 days before my birthday. On 13/14-07 the Holy Trinity completely (astronomically) seems passed Gemini, 12-07 with New Moon and partial solar eclipse. Venus-Regulus Conjunction (beating heart of the Lion) is on 09-07-2018.

PS3: arguments for the big thing to start on 14-07-2018
Foregoing shows that it must be in this periode from 13-06 till 22-07 but there are still many arguments about on which day it is. Logic dictates that we need to be safe first, which is after Venus and Mercury are in Leo. That is after 13-06 and after 29-06. But also after Jupiter retrograde which ends on 10-07. So recognition might start on 29-06 but we still have to wait for the big thing to happen. And I think it will be a maximization on 22-07 (as it marks the 7-pointed star), so the big thing must start before that date. And thus the forementioned period 09-07 Venus-Regulus Conjunction, 12-07 New Moon partial solar eclipse, 13/14-07 holy trinity (astronomically) out of Gemini poles suggests this period. And most likely at the end of it, thus on 14-07 aka 8 days before 22-07. That might make sense as on that day there would be a small crescent waxing moon (3% On this day Mercury goes into Leo (astronomically) with Venus already waiting and means freedom. This is day 769 after Davidstar.

Edit: I would say that on every step there will be an increase in recognition, thus probably on 13-06 first increase, concrete recognition on 21-06, second increase on 29-06 and last but not least on 22-07 the big increase. The water-membranes might already break on 01-06-2018 (heavy weather, floodings) as on this day the middle of Jupiter retrograde is over the Libra line.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Isaiah 10:17 on 21-06 (746=5777) till 10-07

In Isaiah 10:17 it says: "And the light of Israel shall be for a fire, and his Holy One for a flame: and it shall burn and devour his thorns and his briers in one day". Most people will say that Israel is the state Israel as we know it in the news, but it actually stands for the body and soul of the one, that man. It will happen to him, but it also looks like it will happen to the world. It all is symbolism for his introduction. The light of Israel is the light of his soul inside the innerspace which will shine. And on that day it will be a flame, aka it will grow heavily in strength so that everyone will see it. I think birth will start at 21-06 (day 746=5777) with it's maximum at 10-07 (765). Or it will happen in one day, being or 21-06 or 10-07. As it is written in Isaiah 10:17 you might say it can happen on or near 10-07, but things must start at 21-06 aka 746 days after Davidstar aka 5777 days after graduation-day. As there seems to be a repeating 20 days reference before and after things happening, then we must do this also for Summer Solstice. It defines the period in which it will happen, aka from 01-06-2018 till 11-07-2018. Jupiter Direct aka birth is on 10-07-2018 at 13:02 PM EST which is 11-07-2018 at 12:02 AM local time. This also states that things will start on 21-06 with a maximum on 10/11-07. With this we don't forget that on earth things also will change with problems maximizing on or around 13-06-2018 and might in itself also maximize around 21-06.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Graduation day on 21-06-2018 (summer solstice, 746 or 5777)

Reference year 2561 (Thai) and 13-06-2018

On 09-06-2011 it was the Venus in Gemini occurance, which has a direct reference to 911 aka the attack on the Twin Towers. On that day also the Pentagon was attacked. With the Twin Towers it has symbolism of Venus the five-pointed star entering the Twin Towers, meaning goal.There are 3558 days between 11-09-2001 and 09-06-2011 and is the number (355, 558) that I have seen here a lot. In Thailand it is the year 2561. 09-06-2011 + 2561 = 13-06-2018. On the same day Saturn went into Leo.

Reference year 4716 (Chinese) and 13-06-2018

On 16-07-2005 was "A Grand Fire Trine of three planets (Mars, Venus, Pluto) in three fire signs spaced exactly at 120 degrees forming an exact triangle, a very rare and powerful astrology pattern that multiplies the energy". It marks as an important Chinese symbol. This year it is the Chinese year 4716. 16-07-2005 + 4716 days = 14-06-2018. (Maybe I should use 4715 as till 15-02 it still was 4715). On 26-06-2005 (20 days before) it was the big Venus-Mercury-Saturn conjunction and has direct reference to 03-12-2012. In between 26-06-2005 and 03-12-2012 there are 2717 days. It was said that the neat line-up of Mercury, Venus and Saturn on 03-12-2012 only happens every 2737 years with a neat difference of 20 again.

The 13-06-2018 also found through MH17 and MH370 stating that some urgent things will be happening to the world. I think there will be nothing to fear about it. Or instant destruction is at hand and I will wake up from this digital holographic world (and will meet the monk in the world that I come from, who'm has given me the sign) or the Omega on the forehead is recognised in this world for all to see, or it will be a combination of both. I am mentally prepared for several options. There is only this point that logic dictates that if I am right, then it has no use for me to be rewarded in this digital world as I the player am from the real reality (real flesh and blood, not digital/ holographic).

Graduation day 21-06-2018 (746 or 5777)

Now it is the Jewish year 5778. Counted from 13-06-2018 you get to 18-08-2002. On that day nothing important seems to be within the stars. But there is another point that I graduated from University on 27-08-2002. This might be coincidence, but.... It is 9 days after 18-08-2002 and I think from other reasoning that things personally will happen on 21-06-2018. Between 18-08-2002+9 = 27-08-2002 and 21-06-2018 are 5777 days. In this again there is the repeating 777 aka day 777 after Davidstar but in this case it stands for the days after graduation. So 21-06-2018 stands for my graduation, finishing this school that I am in now. Again 13-06-2018 is day 738 and 21-06-2018 is day 746 = 5777, with 22-07-2018 being day 777 after Davidstar. I think it is all about 746 or 5777 aka 21-06-2018 on summer solstice which is my graduation day.

The stage is set

I most definitely think that the stage has been set for things to happen. This as it obviously is related to 05-06 and 06-06 as it is on th...