Wednesday, May 23, 2018

746 and Sun enters Cancer

Somehow the system wants to show the number 746 aka 21-06-2018. It is the day the Sun enters Cancer.  777 is 22-07-2018 aka is my birthday.

718 is 24-05-2018 Jupiter retrograde is going over Libra line
723 is 29-05-2018 centre Jupiter retrograde is on Libra line, Venus inside Gemini poles aka goal, Full Moon
724 is 30-05-2018 Holy trinity Venus, Sun, Mercury complete in Gemini at 6:49 AM local time
738 is 13-06-2018 is New Moon Gemini 3:43 PM EST and Venus enters Leo 5:54 PM EST
743 is 18-06-2018 is Mercury inside Gemini poles
746 is 21-06-2018 is Sun enters Cancer 6:07 AM EST and falls on summer-solstice
749 is 24-06-2018 is Midsummer's day
757 is 02-07-2018 is Sun inside Gemini poles
765 is 10-07-2018 is Jupiter Direct 1:02 PM EST
777 is 22-07-2018 is Sun enters Leo 5 PM EST symbolizes 7 pointed star
1260 is 28-10-2019 all 7 objects of the week are together in the sky, also referrence to the 7 pointed star?.

Venus is in Gemini on 29-05-2018: goal

Picture is on 29-05-2018 as Venus astrologically literally has entered the poles of Gemini, meaning goal.

24-05-2018 Jupiter retrograde going over Libra line, completes 29-05-2018

short notes:
On 24-05-2018 Jupiter retrograde is going back over the Libra line on day 718 after Davidstar. 718 you can stipulate from MH17 information. The centre of Jupiter is over that line on 29/30-05-2018. This again falls together with the number 723 which you can find everywhere. The retrograde ends on 10-07-2018.

Birthday 22-07-2018 is 777 days after Davidstar and thus a very important day with the Sun entering Leo at 5 PM  EST, which is 23-07-2018 4 AM local time. It might mark the day of getting the 7-pointed star.

MH17 and MH370:
Regarding MH370 it disappeared on 08-03-2014 with 227 passengers, 12 creq and thus 239 persons. Regarding MH17 (Boeing 777) was shot down on 17-07-2014, with 283 passengers, 15 crew and thus 298 people. It happened at coordinates 48 degree 8.17 North with 38 degree 38.20 East. The 38.20 is 382 en is backwards 283 (passengers) which translates into a hint. Looking at the lattitude it is 8.17 aka 817. If we turn it around it is 718 and obviously is the days after Davidstar. This falls on 24-05-2018 on a Thursday aka Jupiter. It is the day Jupiter in retrograde (going wrong direction and thus you can turn the numbers) going over the line of Libra. The centre point is going over the line around 29/30-05 (and points out the importance of this period). H17 of MH17 also stands for 817 and means the same day. H370 aka H37 is 837 and thus 738 aka 20 days after today (the repeating 20 days again), which is 13-06 (New Moon 3:43 PM EST in Gemini, Venus 5:54 PM EST in Leo (Leo is Omega). MH370 was on 08-03-2014 and you can read it as 8-3-7+7 with in it again 837. MH17 was on 17-7-2014 which can be read as 17-7-7+7 with Boeing 777 repeating number 777. The number 777 is the number of days after Davidstar and falls exactly on 22-07-2018 with Sun in Leo 5 PM EST (heptagram?). On 29-05-2018 Venus goes in between the poles of Gemini aka goal. On 18-06-2018 also Mercury goes in between the poles (18-6-18 = 6-6-6-6-6-6-6 revelance? Holy Trinity?). On 02-07-2018 als the Sun goes inside the poles. Each of these are important time-markers. Also this year Jupiter is retrograde starting on 08-03 exactly 4 years after MH370, ending on 10-07 (7 days before the 17-07 of MH17).

Monday, May 21, 2018

Refining on Twin Towers, the 30-05-2018 connection and Holy Trinity

As I have told you already how the Twin Towers attack of 11-09-2001 symbolizes the Bull aka Taurus aka Jesus. With the knowledge of 23 years and 244 days between Bijlmermeer and Davidstar, with 16 years (10 cycles 1,6 years of Venus) and 244 days between Twin Towers and Mercury entering Taurus on 13-05, we know that this is the period. But nothing happened on that date, why? This is because there is one important message in this symbolism. The Twin Towers symbolize Gemini also, with the Pentagon aka Venus entering it. This was on 24-04-2018 (can be seen as 24-4 aka 244). But this was before 13-05... On 11-09-2001 only the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon weren't stopped and that would make sense in this relation/ vision. On 13-05 only Venus entered Gemini already and the others have not yet happened, but as I said before we need to wait for the Sun and Mercury. At least one plane was on its way to the White House (represents the Sun) and some say there was even a fifth plane (on its way to Mercury?). Why as it symbolizes also "the father, the son and the Holy Spirit", with the Sun being the Holy Spirit. The Sun entered Gemini on 20-05 which falls exactly on Pentecost which is "the Christian festival celebrating the descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples of Jesus after his Ascension, held on the seventh Sunday after Easter". This confirms the Sun being the Holy Spirit! Venus, Sun and Mercury symbolize in this the Holy Trinity and therefore we need to wait for Mercury to enter Gemini. This happens on 30-05-2018 at 6:49 AM local time (7:49 PM 29-05 EST). It is one day aka several hours after the Full Moon (on 29-05 at 21:19 PM local time) and thus the moment symbolizes the crescent moon. But (as in many cases with numbers and dates) it needs to be turned around aka inverted to get this picture of the crescent moon. On this date we can expect that the veil is lifted aka we get out of the closed, as Gemini is the door/ gate.

The veil is lifted on 30-05 6:49 AM local time

I think that the veil is lifted completely on 30-05 at 6:49 AM local time. See the previous post waiting for it to happen on this.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Waiting for it to happen

It is now after midday 21-05 and that means that the Sun has already entered Gemini at 9:15 am. So now we have entered the period that it should happen. Just now after midday I have seen some signals that I must be right about this timing (in my last post), and have seen some posts that might be interpreted like that. As the change I think must happen gradually then I would say it already is happening (as it has been doing for some time) and it will get stronger with the days going by. In this I would say that the next Full Moon 29-05 at 21:19 PM must mean the highlight of it all. So I need to be patient again and see what happens next. Maybe on that day I still need to wait a while for the magic to work and thus the result might be visible on the next day 30-05 (Mercury enters Gemini on 30-05 at 6:49 AM local time). So we wait. Again 29-05 is day 158 (monk), 723 (Davidstar), 2003 (first neat line-up) and 149 (day of the year). Of these 723 is an obvious repeating number. So on that day probably is the big important frequency information and will translate it visibly that night.

Where is it visible?: on the forehead and in the eyes (as shown you before)

As 29-05 and 30-05 seem to be very important dates, that doesn't mean things don't happen from 21-05. I think things happen continuously, with important up-dates from time to time. So even for instance on 23-05 or the whole period 21-05 till 30-05 might something big happen everyday. I don't know, but the end-date seems to be clear. The veil is lifted on 30-05.

PS: Gemini looks like a door. What if it stands for coming out of the closet, aka the moment the Sun and Mercury have entered Gemini. In this we again are talking about 21-05 till 29-05 and 30-05. Venus already entered Gemini on 25-04 (from 19-05 is in Cancer) and thus we wait for the Sun (21-05) and Mercury (30-05) to come out of the closet as the final line. (Mercury comes out of the closet on a Wednesday). So the veil will be lifted on that moment.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

May-day 21-05 pentecost 2 or 29-05 Full moon

I am pretty sure things are happening as we speak, but when is D-day? I think it must be a May-day. The Sun enters gemini on 21-05 which is on day 715 after Davidstar, 150 days after the monk on day 1995 after the neat 3-planet line-up. This is on Pentecost 2-day. If not then I look for another 8 days being the Full moon on 29-05, day 723, 2003, 158. Full moon is at 21:19 local time. On or after 21-05 the frequencies might get very strong resulting in everyone to see it.

746 and Sun enters Cancer

Somehow the system wants to show the number 746 aka 21-06-2018. It is the day the Sun enters Cancer.  777 is 22-07-2018 aka is my birthday....