Wednesday, July 19, 2017

We are An and Ra (brothers) and knocking on heavens door in the Pleiades

With the power of the voice my brother has given me already, I am going to state here on behalf of my brother and myself the following:

"We are An and Ra. Together we state here that we speak in unity and that we together mentally are knocking on heavens door. My brothers name is An with a star called Alnilam and my name is Ra with a star called Alnitak. We stand here in the strong believe that we are special and that our origins lie in the Pleiades aka we are Pleiadain. With this "phone home" we are reaching out so that we can get home to our origins within the Pleiades".

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Have I been marked (mark of a gift, mark of a Pleiadian) and why is that?

As some of the readers might know, I think and write about things almost everybody (except a very very small group) else doesn't think and write. I have had some big insights of how things seem to work and why. It has gotten me close to the big questions and answers of this world. And with that and my very open-mind I have seen strange things. Within the "real world" when awake but also during my sleep. And personally I think I have found the real truth about this world and why we are or I am trapped here. Some time ago after I realised that I was special and did some mental steps on it as well. One time I was sleeping. Just before you wake up, you still are in a light dream-state in which I personally see things in a purple colour. But that day was special as beings were in it and they were observing.

Beings in the purple colour

As I still was in a light sleep, I was aware of the purple light. But suddenly I realised that there were beings in the purple colour, which actually were staring right at me. Of this I was not scared or
something, only surprised to see them. But at the moment I realised they were observing me, they realised my realisation as well. The beings (alien-like shaped heads) disappeared rapidly. But one slower then the other. So I could make out at least two beings that were watching me. After they had disappeared I woke up, with clearly remembering that incidence. So who are they? As I think I might be playing a game and might have found the answer to this riddle, then I suggest that they are the game-keepers. Maybe I have gotten their interest with my thinking and so they observed me.

Markings on hand and feet

From the day of that incidence I have a mark near my big tow. At first it looked like a scratch from my nail, but it actually doesn't seem to go away. And more recently I discovered also a marking on my right hand under my ring-finger. I never had a cut at that place and it doesn't look like any other marks such as birthmarks or what so ever. I don't remember also when I got it for the first time, but it most definitely is very recent. As I write and think about stuff almost nobody does, I think I have discovered the real reason why we are here. As I think that I am special (even with all the distracting lies and troubles in the world) I must have gotten these marks (especially the mark on my hand looks very strange and thus special) for that reason.

Mark of a gift, mark of a Pleiadian

The Bible says don't take the mark of the Devil, but I think we have all taken that mark already. These are the soul-contracts which your soul has agreed on, before entering or reincarnating in this world (again). So this is not that, as this mark has been given without me even knowing or realising it at that moment. So this mark would be more like the mark of a gift. As it surely is related to finding the answer that I and my brother are from Pleiades aka I am a Pleiadian, then I would call the mark on my hand the mark of a Pleiadian.

We are continuously distracted with lies in this prison world

The world is flat and round, but they say and teach that it is a globe! The news constantly is telling a lie, is changing the truth and shows us another false flag attack. Everything seems to be a trick for our mind in believing that we are not special. I am not listening anymore, I am special and that is period. But why are they distracting us, doing this and how is this related to the game that we are playing?

Positive thinking, not listening to their lies and my own reasoning

If you believe everything that they (or I like to call them the system) are telling you, then you believe that you are not important, you are insignificant and you are only an invisible speck in this immense universe. And they are trying to fear you with the fact that the almighty will return and will punish you. I think it is all about making you small and bringing you into a negative energy-level. That is all what they are doing. As I have shown you in a previous post, they (the system, bad entities, what ever you like to call them) have found a way to feed of our soul-energy. But it only is possible if you are in a negative state of mind. So the system makes sense in that way. I think you and I are special. Everyone who isn't part of the system, is being used as something similar to a battery. And the more negative you are the more it will attract energy draining entities. Hence there are a lot of people with ADD, ADHD or depression. I have made the concrete decision in not believing them anymore, I will not listen anymore aka will judge what they are saying myself and I will only believe and trust my own reasoning combined with proof made through own means or method of thinking. So I am positive and I am special, so that they cannot feed anymore.

Holographic eyes and the system

Some time ago now I used a method for identifying entities or holograms on myself. If you simply take a photo of yourself it doesn't work but if you take a video of yourself/ face then you can do a frame by frame analysis. From this I found that my eyes are without a doubt of a holographic nature aka the eyes are projected. So our body isn't as physical as the system has made us believe. In a physical body your eyes are round, period. But my eyes seem to be of a hexagon or a octagon shape, suggesting a rotating projection. So they not even lie about the world and the news, but also about our body.

Why are we distracted and living in a prison world?

I have two theories on this question. The first is that I am playing a game. The quest in the game is to realise that I and my brother are from the Pleiades, as it seems to be the answer of the El-An-Ra relationship within the Orion belt. So we mentally should be knocking on heavens door. The second is that we have been tricked into this game by (as many people call them) the archons (are cons). If you don't realise the truth and die in the game, then your soul gets tricked in reincarnating in the same world again. So they can feed of negative energy in a constant loop. So we (you and I) are playing this game or for the first time, or have been doing it many many times already. The two theories can be one and the same and should be seen as merged in one-and-another. And as part of my body seems to be of a holographic nature then we can argue also that our complete body is holographic and maybe the complete world. And if we argue further than we can stipulate that we actually are strapped into a chair somewhere and the holographic world is mentally projected in our heads. I know it seems to be far-fetched, but it might be the case. Having said that, it simply states that you should question everything. What is real, what is the truth, who is real, who is with the system and who isn't?

Monday, July 17, 2017

Can your soul show itself through your holographic eyes

As long as you are awake and thinking clear the spell on your soul is the strongest and so you cannot get out. But it's known that some people who are enlightened can have OBE's (outer body experiences) or lucid dreams. That means a part of the soul can leave the body or can go into a state of mind which is different from the awake state. So is it possible that you can see your soul through your eyes?

Holographic eyes

As I have shown you in an earlier post that my eyes seem to be a holographic projection. If this is the case then this goes for every person on this earth has holographic eyes. Every can understand that we have been taught lies all of our existence as it must be kept a secret. The combination of all is a lie, with we seem to be trapped in a holographic spell then we must consider the fact that we or are playing a one-time game or our soul is being put here in order for re-usage over and over again. I have arguments that go both ways. Having said that, how can we recognise that our soul is trying to reach out?

Strength of the spell

You are under a spell, and what you should take seriously. With that I mean that you or your soul cannot leave your body, as you are under a strong spell. But it is only very strong during the awake state. When you sleep you are on another level of consciousness. Some people don't remember the dreamstate, some have clear memory, some have vivid and lucid dreams and some have OBE's. What you experience when you are sleeping or meditating depends on the strength of the spell, but also on the strength and will of your own soul. But as you are sleeping you will not see clearly what your soul is doing.

Tipsy and glassy eye effect

When you have had something to drink (meaning alcohol) then most of the people will get tipsy or simply drunk. At some point other people will notice the glassy eye effect.  I speculate that when you drink, the strength of the spell loses it's power somewhat. Although your soul will get tipsy also, your soul has less resistance and can get closer to the eye. It might be possible that when you see the glassy eye effect that you actually can see more of the soul that is trapped inside the head. I am not saying that you should drink, but I am simply speculating that this might be the real reason why you see this effect with tipsy people.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The awakening, Schumann resonance and listening Gamma waves

I say that our soul is special, but we live on this world and it is restraining us. An important factor in this is the Schumann resonance. They say this resonance is an extreme low frequency produced by the earths' electromagnetic field. So we live in it all the time and it feeds our soul and body with energy. But as it is a very low frequency, our soul has to function on a very low level. So after a days work or using the brain we are to tired and need to refill the battery and have to sleep. This Schumann resonance has an average of 7,48 - 7,83 Hz and it has been around this level for a long time. But what would happen if this resonance starts to spike or changes it's frequency?

What is the Schumann resonance?

If we look at a full brainwave frequency table then we notice that the Schumann frequency lies in the alpha-theta range which stimulates the retrieval of memories from the subconscious. As the brain vibrates on this level, then our soul will work on this level as well. But in the table you can see that there are much more higher levels of consciousness through resonating on certain levels. If we work and are quite awake then we function in the Alpha range. But as you can see if the Schumann resonance would actually lie withing the gamma range, then we could do so much more with our brain. It is important for the harmonising and unifying thoughts processed in different parts of the brain and combines different perceptions.

Strange Schumann spikes and awakening

For some time (if I am correct since 2014) there have been huge minutes lasting (white) spikes within the Schumann resonance. As you can see in the figure, there are extreme white spikes on certain days. In this example you can see 3 different big spikes lasting approximately 15 to 30 minutes at a time spiking over 40 Hz aka into the gamma range frequency. It is pure speculation on how this is caused, but it might be a clue on the awakening within the end-game that is happening. If this is true and the spikes continue to grow in strength and length then it might be of influence of the effective working of our mind and soul. I told already that we are special meaning our soul is special and these spikes might bring us out of the constant spells of this world. If this is the case then I would encourage it for sure. You actually might stimulate your own brain or soul by starting to listen to gamma sounds on a daily basis.

Youtube example of Gamma waves aka sounds, in this case used as a meditation technique

For activating your complete brain you can use the following method. It uses 108 Hz (hyper gamma) and 9 Hz together. It really gets my brain going and is amazing. Listen with headphones for the best result. Closed eyes can help, but isn't necessary.

How is this related to the created cracks in the firmament glass?

As we live in a prison planet earth, then it is speculation what is out there. This blog originally was written to prove or disprove the globe earth or flat earth model. And it seems to be something flat and thus probably with the firmament in the sky (as described in the Bible), with waters above and below. The water above the firmament works like a dampening-field, aka we cannot hear the resonance which is outside this earth. But as they probably have been working for decades in cracking the glass with lightening, we might start to hear what is out there. So if the dampening-field is completely gone, then our brain aka soul can function optimal within the gamma or frequencies above that.

PS: some of the above is speculation as we cannot prove what is out there and that it works like it is written here. But logic suggests this possibility for sure.

Example of pure Gamma waves in sound:
Full brainwave frequencies:
Schumann resonances (translated from Russian):

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How and why in the world did we get trapped in this prison earth?

Only look at the news and have some understanding of what is going on, then you can realise the obvious. How did we get here, why are we trapped here and more importantly how can we escape? These are the basis questions with which each of us has to be working on right now. This as it seems that we are in the end-fase of this loop in this world, aka there will be a reset. So why are we here, who are we and how are they tricking us?

How did we get trapped here?

Unlike what they have thought us, I think that we are special. Not the human body, but our soul is very special. We come from a world that isn't this one, but we are living this physical life now. We probably are playing a game (of worlds), but we don't remember that we are. Before we got in this plane, they (the game-keepers) have wiped clear our memory in order that we have no clue where we are and what the game is about. But these archons are clever and have tricked us to willingly be here. I believe a part of our real soul is playing this game, and the big part of our soul is trapped in a star in the firmament or it might be that we are strapped in a chair with us playing this game mentally. But there is the possibility that we are in a continuous loop.

Continuous loop through reincarnation 

If you play this game and you die, then your soul lives on. But as you just passed away some familiar entity shows up telling you to go with them into the light. If you do that willingly, then you go into the life-review. They will con you into the understanding that you have been a bad person and that you aren't allowed into heaven. But you can make up for it by reincarnating. So you have to play this world game again. This afterlife scam results in that they can profit from your soul over and over again unless you solve the puzzle for which you entered this game in the first place.

Low energy level gives possibility for negative energy feeding

The bad entities have found a way to profit from our special soul. By lowering our energy level through education, negative news, food, clothes that we wear, medication and on and on. With the maximisation of crises in the world now, millions of people will be in this negative energy level already. This means an abundant energy flow for the bad entities. If you are negative then the entities feed, but with extra lowering energy levels, the more entities will stick on you. If you don't feel very well at this moment, then it actually might be caused by the entities doing something to your body. But they also can whisper things into your mind. For instance doing bad things you normally would not do. And the more bad things you do, the more negative whispering will there be and the more bad things you will do. This is a cumulative negative spiral also. Negative whisperings give negative thoughts which feed the negative energy-levels. By not agreeing or not doing so, you can break out of of it, so that there is less to feed on.

The divide and conquer method and our soul

The world isn't what it seems to be like shown on the television or like we have learned in school. In my opinion it is all a lie. And as it looks we live in a crises maximisation period right now. What we learn in school, through religion and what we see on the television/ internet is all used to confuse us. If you are confused then you start asking questions, but other people have other answers so you never see the real answers. You stay stuck in a discussion like the earth is a globe or the earth if flat or even holographic. So it is a means of divide and conquer. Just like you see everywhere in the world, but this time it isn't for the physical, it is for dividing our soul. This is also why there are religions over the world. Divide and conquer and it is an easy way to con people into reincarnating once again.

How do we know we are in the end-fase?

Actually this has a Biblical relationship. You might be religious or not, but some things are clear as crystal. On the 5-th June 2016 the Star of David aka Davidstar was visible in the position of all the planets, Sun and Moon right above Jerusalem (red triangle above and blue triangle below). This was the first sign of the change which means that the last fase of the end-time starts. And there is another sign in the sky on 23-rd September 2017 which resembles Revelation 12. From the 9-th September 2017 Jupiter starts to leave the whom of Virgo (virgin) and will be born after 14 days. This sign is depicted within the Bible and depicts the end of the end-time or the beginning of the real change. Of course this all is very symbolic, but as prophecies seem to be played out in the world then the end is near. I suggest the end will be like a reset or the game will end.

How to escape and how to prevent energy-draining?

In a previous post I made a diagram in which you can see through which means the entities or dark forces are influencing us by putting us under a spell and lowering our energy-level. If you understand how they do it, then you know also what to do about it. It is all about your believe-system. So do you still believe what they have thought you in school or will you start to think on the obvious. Don't believe the news or simply don't listen to it. It is distracting you from the search that you should work on. What is this world really about and who am I? It is important that you regain a positive energy-level as they cannot feed from positivity. An important message is to understand that you are the special one, as that is exactly what they don't seem to teach at all. You are special! If you realise that then you can become positive again and get a higher positive energy-level. Don't get distracted by other unnecessary things. This also goes with negative persons. If you encounter a narcist person then you should have little to no contact with her/him as they drain your energy. So solve the problem and go on. What might be helpful is to listen to alpha-wave music as well, as it helps focus your soul and keeps it on a good positive level. But if you pass away, then your soul goes on. Don't go into the light, as the creatures are in there. If a familiar face tries to convince you to go with them into the light, then you should be aware and not agree. This is an important message! Focus before you do anything and you will realise yourself which way is the good exit.

Picture Star of David:
How to exit the reincarnation system:
Rich West on entities, soul-contracts, afterlife review and scam:
Example on alpha wave music:

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Good example of what you can expect before entering the tunnel of light

Captain Janeway of the Enterprise (Star Trek) gives a good example of what happens when you have died or before you die and enter the realm in which entities will try to seduce you to go into the light. Clear message for everyone to not go into the light.