Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Excellent video on boats vanishing over horizon

The following video is an excellent explanation on how ships sink below the horizon. It is based on mirroring. The further a ship is over the horizon the higher the mirror-line gets. This certainly is suggesting a continuation of a plane and not a globe. The author of this video forgets to mention that from our point of view the line of sight actually cuts of the underside of the boat. The further the more it cuts of... Over this mirrored line of sight everything that is above that line of sight will be mirrored over that mirrored line of sight. This works as shown in the following impression.

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746 and Sun enters Cancer

Somehow the system wants to show the number 746 aka 21-06-2018. It is the day the Sun enters Cancer.  777 is 22-07-2018 aka is my birthday....