Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Flat earth or globe, introduction

Many people around the world (including myself) realise that there is something wrong with this world. Everything is changing and a big question is, is everything true about what we have learned at school and is the earth really a globe? When I myself came across this subject I only was interested so that I could simply disprove the flat earthers. But after studying the material further and further I came to realise that many things concerning a globe cannot be proven and other things can be proven. This is also the case for a flat earth. So what is it, what are we living on? Is it a round plane, or is it a proven fact that we live on a globe. At this point in time I have come to believe that we have been misled from the start of our kindergarten-career and that the globe is actually some kind of flat plane. What kind of shape it really is, for now that is the quest to be answered.

Goals of this blog

I have the intent to prove and disprove arguments which will confirm a flat earth or deny a globe. In this there are many discussion-points as everyone can imagine, but the biggest method of interpretation for me is calculation. Based on the supposedly radius of the earth, it is possible to check if some far away locations should be possible or not. Having said that it can be used to prove both sides on the quest. I in that case have found several arguments of other flat earthers which argument wrongly and therefore actually undermining their argument. Thus one of the point of this blog will also be to show them how to properly prove or disprove their statements.

Why have we been lied to?

Another important question is: if we do live on an flat earth like model, then why have we been lied to and why have we been unluminated (contradiction of illuminated). Many of these kinds of questions are hard to answer and often must require stamina and good insight. Einstein did say on the subject of the movement of the earth: "Since then I have come to believe that the motion of the earth cannot be detected by any optical experiment, though the Earth is revolving around the Sun" (1). Aka Einstein tells us that the rotation of the earth and twirling movement through the universe cannot be seen or measured and assumes that the proclaimed movement must be simply true. This statement is simply unbelievable. His point can be turned around saying: "there is no movement and thus the Sun must be revolving around the (plane) earth". You tell me, but the quest in this is to prove it without relying on fake Nasa immages.

Anyone is free to argument on this blog if only in a rational way, without insulting others or each-other. It is not allowed to post links to other sited, unless asked for. Interesting links I will post myself.

(1) http://photontheory.com/Einstein/Einstein02.html

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