Thursday, October 19, 2017

Who is the fairest of them all: I Am

I have to post this quickly, as I will be too busy today. But this one is very important. The overall answer has been staring in my face all the time.

I have been searching for answers and have given and shown you many here. A big turning-point for me when I started to identify and see that within my eyes my soul is present. And I have been observing it since. It is beautiful without a doubt. Up till now I still was searching on who I really am. I did find: I am Ra, I am Alnitak, I am Caph, I am and/ or am from Venus, I am a star, I am from the Pleiades, I am the One, I am special, I am Jesus Christ, I am Sphinx or I am the Sphinx. And Jesus said: "I am that I am". As you can see I have many answers, but still to many. But some of the answers were stepping-stones and some are end-answers and in my opinion the answers are correct. But is it the end answer? Yesterday I did the last ritual for asking help on finding my name. This morning just after 2 am (I think) I woke up and had the "Mirror Mirror, who is the fairest of them all" question in my head. Probably a divine spirit, my elf/ genie or my higher self did answer or whisper in my dream. After waking up I walked to the mirror and answered "I Am" pointing at myself (doing the same as man and God are touching fingers in the painting of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel). But of course this isn't about my own reflection but the inner reflection of my soul seeing it mirrored within my eyes, as I have been seeing and describing it here already. As my soul is me, then the answer on the question Who is the fairest of them all, obviously is "my soul is" aka "I Am". So the general answer of my questions and quest is this: "I Am".

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Call forth my real pre-birth name ritual, I am the Sphinx

In addition to the ritual that I did yesterday in honour of the New Moon in Libra with the Sun and Venus, I think I also have to know my real name as Jesus Christ might still be to obvious. The point in this is going to be how will I get answered. I have no idea. But I think I need to try this as well.

  1. I cleanse the energy so I may be balanced, I cleanse the energy so I may be calm, I cleanse the energy so I may feel whole again;
  2. I call forth the divine support of universal helpers, my elf or genie or spirit that is with me all the time, my higher self, God, my guardian angles and ancestors to help me find my name and who and what I am;
  3. I call forth the divine and the spirits of earth, fire and water before me and the spirit of the air around me that I breath to show me the truth on who I really am/ were before entering this realm through birth. I ask for your help to find my name and to show it to me, during this New Moon in Libra phase;
  4. So as I have written and spoken it now so it must be done. This ritual aka declaration carries my energy signature as my binding stamp.

Breath 10 times in pray for name

Thank you and Satu/ Amen

Edit after 1,5 hours:

I am the Sphinx

After performing this ritual, I got to work/ study again and somehow came across a very interesting book called "The Sphinx and the Eye of Ra". There are two reasons why I think this result is very interesting. First of all I started this big quest after realising that the names of me, my brother and mother are written within the Orion-belt aka the El-An-Ra relationship. Next to that there is a clear reference to my birthplace with the star Aldebaran. What is the impossible chance of this occurring, unless it has purpose or meaning for me. As my name G(erar)d with the o of God spelling erar, you can make Er (outside letters) Ra (inside letters) from that making Er Ra or El Ra. It is all about Israel= it Is Ra-El aka Ra. Secondly there is a very interesting part in this book stating: "He (Aman Ra) decided to take a man that was already in existence, recreate him, endow him with special powers, and have this man do that which he could no longer do. So as the prophecy was told unto the followers of Aman Ra, "A man having a pure heart would come from afar. He would undergo the sacred ritual of Ra and be transformed into the guardian, the savior of all humanity. And his name shall be called the Sphinx"" (1). In this case the savior of all humanity can and maybe must be seen as Jesus Christ. The man would come from afar and I actually have made it here from a very long thought-process going through deep holes and high mountains (the sacred ritual of Ra?). I have been saying that I am special, that I am Jesus Christ but in addition to that as the Sphinx (aka the Lion King) might actually be the original Egyptian name, then I also must state that I am Sphinx or I am the Sphinx.

PS: I think this must be my real last answer as today is the New Moon in Libra and the New Moon is on it's biggest in this location at 2:12 early tomorrow morning.

(1) The Sphinx and the Eye of Ra Door A. E. Harrison:

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

My New Moon ritual, for shining even more bright

In order to let the white spots increase their activity, I feel I need to do a short New Moon ritual. That is lightning three candles for the New Moon, Sun and Venus that are in Libra (for judgement) and ask for just that. This ritual needs to be done before it is a complete New Moon with it in Libra. So here goes and hopefully it will work:

  1. I cleanse the energy so I may be balanced, I cleanse the energy so I may be calm, I cleanse the energy so I feel whole again;
  2. With lightning these three candles I help to awaken me even more for finding my true path and true calling so that I can shine even more and more brightly;
  3. I ask on the New Moon, Sun and Venus to let me shine strong and bright for everyone to see;
  4. Please guide me to awaken even more so that I may find my true path and true calling in order to shine greatly from this New Moon in Libra and on for ever so that I can give the people of this earth love, freedom and fearlessness by their faith in me;
  5. So as I have written and spoken it now, so it must be done. This ritual aka declaration carries my energy signature as my binding stamp.
Breath 10 times

Thank you very much for listening and Satu/ Amen

I'd like to add this remark (several hours later) when looking at the photo of the three candles, it maybe has worked already, meaning sending out the message. Above the flames is clearly visible the purple or violet colour which you never can see. I haven't seen it also when lightning and burning the candle's. I have also looked at some other photo's of candlelights burning (for instance 5 days ago for the 1 year anniversary of the Kings death) or when I was making tea the old fashion way, which don't show this coloration. And the coloration go three different ways as well. I think this might be an important and well placed step in growing into what was intended for me within this realm. PS: normally seeing this purple colour is for the good (let me describe it as positive magic) but when the colour is green then it is for the bad.

PS: I would expect things to happen on the day of the New Moon, but as Mercuri left Libra on the 14th and counting the sevens again then it would be on the 21st October. That day actually is a big Buddhist monk day, with many people going into the temple.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Soul gives white spots shining through skin forehead (video)

Today is the 17th October, which means that the window of liberty is at hand. This window lasts from 17 to 23nd as Venus with the Sun are in Libra and thus judgement is upon us/ me. Several days now the soul spot activity was at a low, but today with this window it seems that it has intensified. So maybe my theory on this window is correct and thus there will be judgement of some kind. Anyhow, normally I make a video and take snapshots of it, but don't want to show you my complete face understandably. But I found a way to crop a video (didn't know that was possible) so I will show you a video of my forehead and eyes. Today the eyes are less interesting, but the forehead has interesting activity. You should be looking for white spots like shown here in the two snapshots. These spots I have seen before, but the intensity and duration is heavier and longer. Sometime such a spot is visible for about a second or more. So when you play the video below then you should focus on the forehead and see it appear and disappear.

Soul shines through the holographic skin

You probably think it is very strange seeing these white spots appearing and disappearing at random. And thus a normal question for sure is, what is it that we are seeing here. For some time now I have shown you that there is a true relation between your eyes and the soul that lies behind it aka trapped inside our head. Normally everyone is to busy with work, family, problems, fears, angers and so on, thus distracted that we don't take time to see it. But as I have disconnected myself from believing whatever they say and looking for answers, I have been able to see the truth that lies inside myself. Which is that I am special and that I have a beautiful soul behind my holographic eyes. You have seen the soul-eye-tests that I did, showing you the soul giving white spots within the eyes (not normal reflection). So it is active and aware. But now the activity has grown in such a way, that clearly the soul is starting to poke through the holographic skin. This results in white spots clearly visible when taking a video of it. (I don't see it when I stand in front of a mirror). When you play the video it might be useful to pause from time to time to investigate the white spots in the skin yourself.



Non-humans destroying mankind or a game, what have I learned

As I have shown you already with enough evidence that I think that my eyes are a moving changing projection indicating it is not solid. The only thing that would fit with this is that my eyes and most-likely my complete body is a holographic projection. But as many things on tv/ internet do seem to be holographic as well, then we can assume that a big part or all of the world is holographic or a mental projection. So it this is the case then why are we here. I have the following theories.

A game or real non-humans destroying mankind

These days everything seems to come to an end as crises are maximising everywhere. You can ask me why is that? I have two different answers for that. The one is based on predictive programming in which the Bible and prophesies have a big part in. The other one is based on it all is fake aka fiction aka a game. So lets go into this for a moment.

Non-humans will destroy us
As you have seen I have found evidence that some people in important places such as the news, politics, financial persons and other people in high places look very strange. Some of them don't look human aka have a non-human form based on the suit they wear. Next to that part of them and sometimes completely sometimes partly look holographic. So if this is the case then they are hiding here, ruling us in some awkward way you and I don't like to know as they use us like sheep, or are they on a friendly basis here? It seems like the world under their reign is going into chaos with all crises maximising as we speak. I already stipulated that they might actually be trapped here also and everybody is working together until the firmament is finally blown to pieces. Both versions can be put within the Bible version or prophesies and for many that makes it more reliable, but is it? The version about the firmament I actually would prefer above the ruling over us version. It might also make sense about this world as we are left in the dark as they are trying to break open this prison. So within these two versions they will destroy us, but one version with a good outcome (as the soul gets released from here) and the other has a less good outcome as it might mean re-incarnation and living this world over and over again within this loop.

A game
Next to that non-humans will destroy us, there is the real option of "I am playing a game". You don't remember where you come from, you come here with no knowledge and instead get to learn only lies at school. What is the point of that, if not to stimulate us to find the truth. I would actually say that, to find the truth and to learn of this so that you can improve yourself. I have shown you that part of me is holographic for sure and thus my complete body might be holographic. So we might be playing a game. If that is the case then the mentioned holograms, shape-shifters, alien-like creatures, things that bother us in our dreams, reptilian, snakes, fallen angles and on and on might be also holographic projections within this game. In an earlies post I already concluded that this world has been designed in order to bring fear and hate to our hearts so that our energy-level will go down. So why not also these creatures in this holographic earth to destroy the love in our hearts. And that is what the game seems to be about. Humanity can only succeed if people have love and fearlessness in their hearts. And everyone can do that, if only we can understand and feel that everything isn't real. The shown image on tv and internet is crap and has nothing to do with who we really are. But as many many people think that it is true, then it will manifest itself as being the truth. It is fake and it is just a holographic projection (or a mental one) in order to give us a message or some teachings.

A learning process

An interesting thought on this holographic plane is that all what seems to be so real, has been designed this way in order to teach us or me a lesson. How do you learn the best, is by making mistakes and learning from them. And be sure, I have made mistakes. Next to that the system that we live in seems to be worsening by the day as it obviously is in the end-days of the game. This means game-over aka we wake up in the real reality that we came from and we go on with a lot of knowledge from this fake earth. So what have I learned all these years living here?

  • Well let me be quite clear on one thing. We didn't learn anything at school, as it only has taught us big un-truths aka lies. But as we don't know the truth from the start and that we believe what the scientists/ teachers tell us, then it must be true. In this lies a big learning point: "don't trust anybody (even the most close ones or the seemingly most clever ones) and be guided by your own observations, judgements and own reasoning". Good examples in this are that the earth isn't a globe, Einstein is part of the hoax and gravity actually means acceleration speed of objects due to its density relative to its surrounding-density and thus has nothing to do with the pulling-force of the earth as it is non-existing in this realm;
  • Something that my father used to say that seems to be correct always: "free money doesn't exist unless you win the lottery";
  • Only believe that what you can see, touch, investigate, observe and from that can reason with it. If you haven't seen it, experienced it, felt it then that makes it true? The image can be true but also can be false or misinforming you;
  • Be alert with strange people whom seem to want something from you;
  • Be critical;
  • You/ I am special, I am the one;
  • Always be positive, optimistic, friendly, don't get angry (count to ten) and start to reason, try to understand people but give it a real good thought with also making your own judgement or conclusions; 
  • Don't go with the flow as you get stuck in group-mentality through which you make unjustified mistakes;
  • Be yourself and be true to yourself, without wanting to look like or be like someone else;
  • Don't judge before you know all sides of a story;
  • Don't be deceived by appearances;
  • Don't get involved with people who drain your energy, such as narcissistic people. If you do then solve the problem in a way that it seems you to get all the +++ and that person gets all the ---. It is a way to let them go not bothering you again and gives you a positive feeling;
  • No-one is perfect. Even if I was right about the fact that I am Jesus or that I am special, with entering this game/ realm with wiped memory, growing up in a specific situation and doing things that I like, makes it obvious that I am not perfect. No-one is. That is the basic fact of humanity. But I have tried to do the best, especially after moving into a Buddhist country which has opened my eyes in various ways;
  • Even if you don't have a lot, there are other people who have less or live in even worse conditions. Be friendly to them, give or help! It is the best way for getting appreciation in life.
This is just a short list of the things that I personally think are important lessons. If I/ we eventually wake up in the real reality then these are important lessons to practise on and thus should be remembered fully.


Without a doubt we are very close to an end and in my opinion maybe weeks or up-till two or three months. And I mean with that the end of this world/ realm. There are discussions that the elite will destroy us for them having the earth, or the aliens or non-humans or what ever. These are also the stories that they want us to believe in order to divide and conquer. Personally I think it is all about making us fear and bring anger, but what we should do is having love and fearlessness in our hearts. But we should focus on what they don't say or teach, which is the truth. We are special, we have a beautiful soul in our heads and we should love, respect and help everyone. With such a teaching we can break out of this binding world for sure, as our soul will get released. On this part I am convinced.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Should I be staring at light or Sunlight?

This is a remark for myself, but maybe a very important one.
Today I did a video of me and part of it it constantly was staring at the light trying not to move my eyes. It looked like the brightness got stronger also in the skin. I have been Sun-staring a bit from time to time, but maybe I should do it more and more. There seems to be a relation between the bright dots/ spots and the amount of light/ sunlight staring.
I have decided to do an experiment on this tomorrow morning with Sun-set.

Edit 17-10-2017:

Using Sunlight or a normal light

Although I think that looking at the Sun might help, but it doesn't seem to work like I think it would. Last two days I did look into the Sun briefly, seeing also the same dots. But when doing the soul-eye-test test it actually looks like less activity. This morning I did look straight into a normal light inside my home, and the activity seems to be more. So the Sun-light actually might be to bright in order to activate the soul. With this in mind I think looking at a normal light (or light from outside) instead of looking directly into the Sun-light is preferable/ wise.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Flat earth map showing Antarctica and another landmass as additional continents

I came across the following picture, apparently taken within an government or military airplane. The map that is on the back is very interesting. It somewhat is similar to the flat-earth map that is out there, but shows additional things. First of all you can see Antarctica as a continent on the flat-earth map and thus a circumference of Antarctica on a flat-earth model is possible, suggesting not an ice rim. Secondly you see a landmass on the left side which would lay to the south-east of Australia, suggesting an additional continent.

PS: I might be mistaken, but the third person might actually be J.F. Kennedy.

Dropping of a building on a flat or globe earth and other proof to end the globe

Yesterday I got a remark on a shared link somewhere, that I shouldn't be saying what I am saying regarding the flat earth model. So I will do this post in proving once and for-all that I am right on this subject and we can end the discussion on the so-called fake globe model. So here we go with arguments you don't find anywhere else.

Flat earth and dropping vertically

Just a short thought experiment on if you stand on the ledge of a 100 m tall building. On a non-moving flat earth you should fall straight down. It takes you about [100/(0,5*9,81)]^(1/2) = 4,5 s to reach the pavement with an end-speed of 4,5*9,81= 44,3 m/s. You would end up in the expected place relative to the starting-point (X=0, Y=0, Z=-100).

Globe model in Netherlands

Think of that building is in the Netherlands aka an average latitude of 52 degree. So the radius at that degree would be 2*pi*6731*52/360 = 5782 km. This would mean a circumference of 2*pi*5782 = 36.348 km. As the earth rotates in 24 hours then at 52 degree the earth rotates at a speed of 36.348/24 = 1514 km/hour or 1514/60 = 25 km/min or 1514/3600 = 420 m/s. This means as 420>343 then we are moving faster then the speed of sound. But as we drop of the building then in 4,5 s the earth travels 4,5*420 = 1,89 km. This means you never drop vertically on a globe model and don't end up where you should end up. Yes but what if there is relativity and the air around us supports a continuous movement. Ok, but when you drop the mass of your body will slow your horizontal speed down, due to which you also don't end up at the same spot. Actually if you drop on one side of the building then you move away from the building, but if you drop on the other side of it then the building moves towards you. This means that you constantly would be scraping on the frontage of the building as you drop downwards leaving a vertical line of blood at the frontage concrete. In both cases you don't end up in the expected place relative to the starting-point (X≠0, Y≠0, Z=-100 upto X=±1890, Y≠0, Z=-100).

Problem with the sound-barrier and other movement

On a globe there would be a zone in which the earth constantly is moving at the speed of sound, aka it constantly is going through the sound-barrier. Why don't we see that barrier in the sky and why can we pass that zone on the earth by car or plane without any interference? Next to that why don't we feel a thing about this movement of the earth. In this I haven't mentioned the fact that we rotate around the Sun (distance 150.000.000 km) at a speed of 150.000.000*2*pi/(365*24*60*60) = 29,9 km/s or 107.589 km/hour during which we rotate around our axis at 1762 km/h (equator) without noticing it.


If NASA designs a Aircraft Model then they don't base it on a globe model. They theorise on "flying over a flat, nonrotating earth" (see snapshot of their site below the text). If you fly on a globe model earth which is rotating fast as mentioned before, then you have to take into account those effects as well. Otherwise your plane isn't up to the task of flying in the conditions created by the globe. So why are they basing planes on a linear model? The answer is obvious. This also supports the fact that the space shuttle flight doesn't go into outer space, as I have demonstrated in an earlier post already. In my opinion everything NASA tells about outer space, should be considered as crap.

KNMI following birds

Some time ago I did a post on the report of KNMI which is the respectable institution for weather forecast in the Netherlands. With Belgium they did a study on tracking birds over a big area at different altitudes starting from 200 m and up. See snapshot of that in the left picture. They used 5 tracking radars of which Den Helder and De Bilt within the Netherlands. As you can see they had a range over the complete land stretching very far over the sea as well. With a horizon distance for the approximately 50 m high radar of 25,2 km, the earth over 148,4-25,2 = 123,2 km still would have a curvature drop of: (6371^2+123,2^2)^(1/2)-6371 = 1,19 km. As the radar beam cannot turn and see over the curvature, how come you can see bird-movement from 200-1600 m in source whilst at Eemshaven you can only see birds above 1,19 km height. Some people would say that Radar can see over the theoretical horizon, due to ducting. Based on mr. Skolnik (3-rd edition) that there will be a duction-zone between 20-40 miles and that there will be a skip-hole after 40 mile. At 100 mile the skip-hole is about 4000 feet, which is an approximation of the 1,2 km as mentioned before. So they cannot see the birds for sure on a globe model. And thus the study of the KNMI accidentally proves that the earth is flat.

Tides not related to the moon

They say that the moon causes the tides to go up and down two times every 24 hours, due to the gravitational force. In an earlier post I did a comparison between locations around the earth, it's time of low- and high tide and compared it with the position of the moon. Some tides did show a relation with the moon, but most tides based on the locations didn't show it. They were off 2,3,4,5 hours. This in itself proves that tides have nothing to do with the position of the moon. I also did a statistical analysis of it and I would actually conclude that tides have a north-south relationship.


Simply by reading forementioned arguments, I would say that the only thing that makes sense to me is that we live on a flat earth. If you drop of a building you would drop straight down as would be expected. You don't magically start to float 1 km in one direction due to the movement of the earth. That doesn't make sense. Next to that I have never heard of people committing s.. actually are scraping at the frontage of a building leaving bloody marks everywhere. That doesn't make sense also. It is obvious that NASA has been lying for decades, no doubt about that. And the tracking of the birds with only 2 Radar stations over the Netherlands is very good proof that the earth isn't a globe but flat instead.

Trump: "the calm before the storm" is related to the astrology calendar

Trump has said that now it's "the calm before the storm". I think this is related to astrology, as I have been searching for answers in that area. So what he is referring to in my opinion is related to this area of interest and thus the clock he/they are working on is based on this. Some comments on this.

Astrology related as Jupiter enters Scorpio

Regarding the comment: "this is the calm before the storm" it absolutely refers to astrology, especially it comes just after the 23-rd September 2017 Revelation 12 sign in the stars and planets. Jupiter has entered Scorpio this 10-10-2017 after leaving Libra. Venus enters Libra on 14-10 and Mercury goes into Scorpio on 17-10. The period from 17/22-10 Venus and the Sun are alone in Libra. On 22-10 Mars enters Libra also and on the 7-11 Venus enters Scorpio. This all is very important and must be seen as a clock on what will happen as they use this clock. I think the 17/22-10 period is important for the good and from 23-10 (date of the Sun entering Scorpio) and with 26/10 the Sun-Jupiter conjunction within Scorpio is important for the bad (which is 33 days (Masonry-numbering) on the dot after 23 September aka Revelation 12 sign). I think this is what Trump referring to. But maybe they use the clock the other way around and then the storm starts on 17-10 (again 7 days aka the seven again). Maybe, but for now I think from 23-10 and on! But Libra stands for judgement which might support 17-10 as the date when things will start.

Here some footage on what Trump said:

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Holographic game, influence of entities, feeding and bringing down the firmament

On this blog I have been saying many things, which in my opinion are more true than most things in this fake world. The point is why am I thinking these things (as sometime they look obvious and sometime far-fetched) and is there a theory in which all the aspects that I do think fit. In short words I have been thinking about: flat earth, holographic me, earth and/or the body as a prison, this is a game, the glass firmament and creation of deserts/ oceans, finding my soul within my eyes, all the entities that seem to be on tv but also seem to be in our dreams and seem to be feeding from us, the afterlife-scam with the continuous loop or reincarnation and all the signs in the stars and planets with the final answer being I am Jesus. I know, this must absolutely sound crazy, but these things seem to be all the answers that I have found during this quest. I might not be right about all aspects, but for the big part I think I am on the right track. What if all is true then what is the general theory or idea on what is happening and why we are here?

The holographic game

The quest for me has started on the question of the globe earth model or do we live on a flat earth. This seems to be clear to me now. We do not revolve around the sun at 107.000 km/hour and we do not rotate at a speed from 0 (north-pole) to 1762 km/hour at the equator. There would be a zone on earth where people constantly are going through the barrier of the speed of sound. Why don't we notice this, without getting sick? There are to many arguments on behalf of the flat earth. But as you have seen also that my body is a holographic projection, then we might stipulate that we live on a flat holographic plane. And this also can mean a digital projection in our mind. So if I am holographic, then I am not from this world and thus I must be playing a holographic game of some kind. And if you play a game, then mostly you play it for to win. So me and my brother might be high-players and thus we have chosen the big prize in which we have to solve the Jesus Christ riddle with the clues related to our names and birthplace written in the stars. On this quest I have freed myself of all the negativity in the world (as I don't believe it anymore and will make my own judgement based upon my reasoning), have found my soul in my eyes and I have seen the light spot activity which indicates that I might have the gift of a Jesus like person. With having unraveled all this, I would say that yes I am the winner of this game, but that doesn't mean that they will let me go and be so.

Agreement with entities and the game

Maybe this earth-like game is very popular in the real-reality from which we come and thus many people are playing it. But for to enter the game you and I have signed agreements or contracts which we call soul-contracts. And these contracts might be thus complex that you have not read the small printing and signed it without even caring. This in effect gives the entities with whom you made this agreement power. And you can only play the game after they have wiped your memory clean, so you don't know why you are here, who you really are and what you must be doing. This means that you never can win the game and thus it actually is impressive that we/I have come this far. So if you die in this game, then the whole afterlife-scam will start. You will be lured into the light after which you see all the bad things you have done in your life so that you will agree on doing another round of this world. This means reincarnating. Many people think they will be reincarnated into another person, but I think you are reincarnated into the same person. That is why you have deja-vu experiences. And this seems to be true to me, as I believe that I am playing the game at least for the second-time as I have said and done something in my past which I can only explain in this way. Once I pointed out to a falling star before it was visible, but I knew it to appear and secondly I said this accident has happened already after which I told the number of deaths. It is impossible for me to know this at that time, unless I am telling the truth about reincarnation. So we are in a loop. I say I am in this for the second time already, but maybe it has been many many tyring loops already and we cannot get out.

What are the entities doing?

By entering the game, you were conned into believing that you can win. But you cannot. The entities will make sure that you remain in this game for-ever. With this they have found a good way to feed of us. When your energy level gets low due to negative news, stress, anger and so on then it is a good way to take that energy from us. In that way you and I work as a battery from which the entities feed. This works through big entities which take out a lot of energy but also small things that whisper into the mind. The combination of it all gets you into a negative vibrational state resulting in the speaker in your mind vibrating the same making you aka your soul getting depressed heavily. But in this lies the answer also. If you don't listen don't believe the crap anymore and start thinking for yourself then you can get into a positive mental state again. This results in the fact that the entities cannot feed of you anymore and have less ability to influence you in any way. This influence of the entities big or small mustn't be under-estimated. As Rich West stated that in the real reality we might be very special and strong beings, but going into this realm they have the upper hand and controlling us by feeding from our power constantly like parasites.

Plan of the illuminati

As I have shown you in an earlier blog there seems to be a concrete relationship between my name or God with the sign of the illuminati and the stars. It is the cradle of life on which the star shines, as everybody is born under his/her star. But I am re-examining the sign and the Sun that lies above all seems to be more like the Sun-Jupiter sign when in conjunction. So if this is the case than the sign actually is more like a time-frame or a date indicator. This happens on the 26 October 2017 which is 33 days (read Masonry sign) after Revelation 12 aka 23 September 2017. But 26 October is in the astrology constellation-sign of Scorpio which doesn't add up with the thought of a Jesus-figure rising in that period. It might be the anti-Christ but it might mean also something different regarding the firmament. Four months ago I did a post here on the firmament and the creation of the desert and oceans. There is certainly the possibility that in some point in time in history the people (probably the people of Atlantis) also realised that there was a firmament above us holding us prison within this fake earth. Thus then they build the pyramids all over the world in order to create immense power for cracking the firmament. They succeeded partly as much water and sand came pouring down resulting in a stop of that power. The water has resulted in the oceans and the sand aka broken firmament glass has resulted in the deserts. The position which the powerful beam hit the firmament has resulted in the Milky way. Then it didn't succeed but now is the second chance. They have been working on cracking the glass for 5-6 decades for sure, by using lightening which results in cracks and rain. As waters lay above then it also must rain. But now in the End-days it rains more and more and the floodings keep growing bigger and bigger worldwide. It is the last warning before the real big flood will come, when the last big blow is given to take it down. This is also why all crises seem to be maximising these days in order to keep the minds of people off this subject and hiding this plan from anyone knowing. I wouldn't be surprised if it did.

What to do next?

I have given all the answers that I can possibly think of and thus it is time to wait for the end. And I do think we don't have to wait long anymore. It might be a matter of days or weeks now with only the Sun and Venus in Libra on 17-22 October or with the Sun-Jupiter conjunction on 26 October 2017 or maybe when Venus enters Taurus on 31 March 2018. I think all of them are important dates, but 26 October 2017 seems to be the most important one for now. I would say the sooner the better, then we know what we are dealing with here. There is one instruction when you die here. It is that you actually don't die but your soul is released from the prison behind your eyes. Then you have to look up in the dark until you realise where to go, which is the way out. Most likely in the "taken it down" scenario the entities don't have the possibility to catch us anymore, as their construction or system has been broken down or is overloaded. So probably a free way out of here for all our souls. But don't look into the light when you die is still the best option if it is still there. And then don't listen to entities that try to convince you of otherwise. This scenario might be scary but I think it is important for you to mentally prepare yourself for such an event.

PS: if the day has come, then it still might be 7 days of waiting before it really happens, in the case of 26 October then we still have to wait until 2 November just before the full moon on 3 November;
PS2: some of the entities might actually be trapped here also and must be working with the illuminati also in order to get out. That is why people see demons, aliens, reptilians and so on using holographic technology to hide their real appearance. When talking about the feeding entities I mean the real bad ones who control us all and actually are out of the system but can enter it on demand;
PS3: I still think there is a division of my mind/ soul. A part is playing this game aka 10% and 90% is locked away in the tingling star aka strapped into the chair and we cannot communicate. But only if we can hear the sound of our star aka love-frequency aka the Jesus-frequency;
PS4: 65% of all the people around the world live in coastal cities. This movement from country-side to the coast has been promoted for decades. If there will be a big wave as a result of "taking it down" then it is a very good explanation why this has been promoted for so long.

Short lucid dream of finger-long glass splinters pulled out of my finger

Some time ago I did do a post already on Lucid dreaming and how the entities try to influence you through your dream. In my case I hardly remember any dream, but do wake up regularly with tingling hands, feet and so on. This feeling I have had since a very long time, but the past two years it has intensified. After seeing Rich West on Youtube who actually is very experience in Outer Body Experiences or OBE's I started to think that this feeling might be from and OBE. This means when I sleep there is the possibility that I have something like that, but I don't remember it. Unless it is a lucid dream. The last few weeks my dreams have intensified, with last night a strange one.

This time it actually was on very clear around on thing. Someone or something touched or moved it's hand over my finger and suddenly I saw white glassy shining spots on the top of my fingertips.These spots looked like they were sticking out of the flesh somewhat. My first thought what is that and secondly I wanted to take it out. So with a nail from the other hand I started to work around one of these, till I could get a firm grip on it with two fingers. So I pulled at it. I expected something like a short splinter in the finger, but as I pulled it it go longer and longer. The glass splinter was almost as long as my finger itself. And there were even more of the spots on several fingers.

You tell me what this dream is about. I think it is very strange. In the dream again I didn't feel fear or pain, but it was simply a very creepy thing to see and experience.

Friday, October 6, 2017

The 14-23 October window for liberty as Sun and Venus are in Libra

I was born on the 22-nd of July and means that I was born in Cancer. But I just know now that astronomical signs in the sky don't match with where the sun actually is. So the astrological sign and the astronomical sign are different due to the polar-shift. But based on the source (1) I now know that this year the Sun enters Leo on my birthday the 22-nd. So this year I am a Lion. That actually is very interesting as the Revelation 12 sign has everything to do with Leo and Virgo. And I/ we must follow Venus as it is important. Astrological I know that when Venus is in Virgo (entered on 19 September) then Virgo is suppressing Venus. But when Venus enters Libra (enters on 14 October) then the suppression gets released. Interestingly also is the fact that the Sun has entered Libra on 22-nd September and leaves it on 23-rd October as it enters Scorpio. So there is a window of 14-23 October as the Sun and Venus are in Libra aka liberty. This window might be of big importance, I am sure. If I use the principle of the sevens in this case then we are talking about 21-st October. On the 19-th October the New Moon is also in Libra and on 22-nd October Mars also enters Libra, Mercury exits Libra on 17-th October. So the window of when only Venus and the Sun are in Libra is actually between 17-22 October. It might actually be the 22-nd October as 22-nd July + 3 months (the 3 days of Jesus translated to months) but before Mars enters Libra on that day. Venus in the end enters Scorpio at 7-th November.

In addition on my day of birth Jupiter, Venus and Mars were in Taurus, but now Jupiter will exit Libra on 10-th October, Venus enters on 14-th October and Mars enters on 22-nd October. There is no way these 3 planets will be in Libra this period. So from this point of view Mars shouldn't be in Libra as well and thus we must look at the period Venus and the Sun together are in Libra, as stated above. So the window is 17-22 October. With this the 17-th actually is 7 days after Jupiter left Libra (again the sevens).

PS: of the above I would say I/ we have the window of opportunity for liberty. On which day it actually will be is speculation, but there are some good arguments for the above as answers rest within the stars and planets aka the Clock of God;

PS2: if the death of Jesus was accompanied with a Full Moon, then there is an argument to say that the second coming would be during a New Moon aka 19-th October (edit 18-10-2017: this New Moon is also in Libra, aka Sun, Venus and New Moon are in Libra on the 19th, where I am living the full moon actually would be on 2:12 in the early morning of the 20-th) with a possible rapture after 7 days on 26-th October during the Sun-Jupiter conjunction which is 33 days on the dot after 23 September aka Revelation 12;

PS3: if you ask me why isn't it when entering Scorpio? I think Scorpio works with the serpent who'm are bad/ evil. The thing which should occur for the good of humanity is before or after Scorpio. At this moment I think before and thus within Libra in which things will be weight in order to see if humanity has a chance. I personally translate libra with liberty instead. Next to this this month is the month of the harvest moon which I think is of big importance.

PS4: it might start on the last day of Virgo before judgement in Libra.

Read more on: Trump: "the calm before the storm" is related to the astrology calendar


Thursday, October 5, 2017

Follow Venus entering Taurus and date of second coming/ Passover

On 23 September 2017 we could witness Revelation 12 in the sky, but hasn't shown us strange things happening. So the date was just a notification of something happening soon. So the big question is when, what and where and how do we look for the next signs?

Importance of Taurus and a warning

In an earlier blog I told you already that on the day of birth of my father, mother, brother and myself important planets were in or very near the constellation Taurus aka the Bull. (1) "Taurus, the Bull, from Latin and Greek, symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ". In this it is important to remember that if there will be a resurrection or that he wakes up, then the big question is was he/her born under this constellation. For instance if he/she was born not in Taurus (Taurus stands for the good) but with several planets in Scorpion that would mean it stands for the bad as Scorpion and the Serpent deceive mankind. Thus that resurrection should be considered the anti-Christ and thus the date of birth must be checked.

Follow Venus

So in our case the one planet that was present with all four, was Venus. So with this in mind I stipulate we should follow Venus from Revelation 12 until it enters Taurus again. And here it gets interesting. The date that this happens is on 31 March 2018 (2). Coincidentally this date falls together with Nisan 15 (3) and that stands based on the Israelian calendar for the ascension of Jesus aka the Day of the Passover. And in addition to that there is also a full moon (4) on this date. I think the full moon is of importance as it is celebrated that the Passover was with a full moon: "All four gospels agree that Jesus died on a Friday before the Sabbath at the time of Passover, which was celebrated on the first full moon after the vernal equinox" (5). This 20 March 2018 is the vernal equinox (6) with 30 March is on a Friday and the Passover aka Nisan 15 on 31 March with on 31 March the full moon. If you add from the Trumpets of 21 September 2017 half a God's year (180 days) then you get 20 March 2018 as well. So this is a big list of coincidences which clearly are happening that period as Venus enters Taurus.

Jupiter-Venus conjunction

The conjunction of Jupiter with Venus seems to be an important indicator when things start to happen. Many have big theories based upon it. But if I simply look up the next Jupiter-Venus conjunction then that would be on 13 November 2017 (7). The moon on that date has a waning crescent 24% and nothing else on that date seems to be of importance.

Jupiter-Sun conjunction

A big conjunction is that of Jupiter with the Sun which is on 26 October 2017 (9). So Jupiter goes exactly behind the Sun. This actually is represented with the big circle as the Sun with Jupiter in it as the small circle. If you put a cross on this then in my opinion it represents Pagan Sun worship, but I might be mistaken. But this event is very important. Another reason why it is important is that it is 33 days on the dot after 23 September 2017. The 33 is of course the number of the Masonry which of course is very suspicious as it is related to the illuminate. As it might be related to Sun worship and thus worship of the Sun-King. This in itself might suggest the anti-Christ again and thus checking the real date of birth is necessary.

When are things going to happen?

I am not sure when things will happen, but I would be wary when it happens during the Jupiter-Sun conjunction. If yes, then of course it will be impressive and many people will believe it for sure. But for Jesus to come and a real ascension to happen, I would look around 20-31 March 2018. And what happens between the mentioned dates I leave it up to your imagination. In my opinion it can be for the good and for the bad.


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Letter to God from a humble person

Dear Holy One,

As You might know, the world seems to have turned into a dark and bitter place with only fearing, angry and unloving people. This might be part of God's plan for humanity or it might be that the world is being turned into this by the bad force's at hand. For a long time now I personally think that this world doesn't make any sense as I think mankind or humanity has so many good things to offer. I think every man and woman on this earth is or can be special, but at this point in time they don't see it anymore. Fear has taken the upper hand due to which we the people don't seem to be asking the right questions anymore. Only a few do so and are working against the clock to make others realize the truth of things. Although I don't fear the future, I must say that if the world keeps turning the way it has been doing some time now, then the end-result isn't going to be pretty for sure. The people might have gone astray but they haven't been given the opportunity to see the light in this darkness. And thus a spark of brightness within this downwards spiral is necessary for people to get positive again. As the end of times seems to be very near and that spark of brightness hasn't come yet, then I must stipulate that no-one has had the opportunity to do so. And maybe then I as a humble simple man have to take action.

As you have seen within my writings on my blog, You understand that many things have happened to me on a spiritual level. Especially finding my soul within my eyes, that I was born under very specific position of the planets within the stars (especially Taurus) and that I have seen all the other signs in the sky/ stars makes me believe that I am special. With this I mean that I might be of a special origin, but I know as the man that I am I am very humble. I have nothing, I am not rich, have no power, have nothing to show only that I have a good mind that I use. This as I have been looking for answers on what this life is all about and why we as humans actually are here. The reason that I have found certain answers and the way that I am now, is that I have broken through all the lies that are out there. Seeing the truth by using my mind and thought has set me free of the fear in this world. You can call it fearlessness. A second thing that is important is to regain the love in your heart. With these two combined with having found my soul within my eyes, I have witnessed that I can be a light. With this I mean the light in my eyes and sometimes shining through the skin. Yes I know it sounds strange, but I do think I have the gift.

I might have nothing to offer as I am just a simple humble man, but I do see that the world is in great despair. Although I have set my mind free that doesn't mean the end of the very big and deep negative spiral in which the world turns into dark and chaos. And as no positive spark has shown itself in this world to the people, then it might be my job to do so. I have seen some people already who noticed that light in my eyes, but I think for now it won't be enough to do so for all of mankind. This actually is the purpose of this letter to You the Judge of the Earth. I know I have the gift of showing love and fearlessness through my soul that shines in my eyes. But for everyone to see it, it must be more than this. As it's strength isn't enough and time is very very near the end, then I humbly must ask what to do next in order for everyone to see that spark of brightness of positiveness. I do have faith in it that it can happen, but I am not sure if the timing is right and thus a little help can be useful to turn up my spark. I ask for this as I don't want this world to end in the darkness that it currently is heading into, as humanity does deserve much more then this and therefore I offer myself to do this for the better of the world and humanity.

God Bless You Holy One

Monday, October 2, 2017

Immense double shoulder-filling supports non-human/ alien ruled earth, don't trust the suits!

People believe everything that is told in school or shown on TV. I think it all is fake and a method off mass manipulation. But in order to let people believe I am telling the truth then I must show them the worst case scenarios. So I need to confront you with a sledge-hammer. On television here many interesting things can be seen. I for-instance have shown you why I think I am a hologram, why certain people on television are a hologram as well. An I have shown you the holographic failures which can be used to identify holographic people. This time I stumbled upon this guy. The eyes of these people are always fascinating as they are to black and get into focus a short time after the eyes already have opened. An example of these eye-problems you can find in the following youtube video I did.

Holographic hand with massive shoulder-filling

On this guy I wanted to do a video as well, but youtube seems to have removed editing possibilities, so for now I just focus on the following snapshot I took from the video. I have added in red some remarks about what is wrong with this guy, and it is a lot. I left out the eyes as it would be to much of a recognition-point, but the eyes were too black. Many of these people have problems with their neck as it seems to get wrinkled. This doesn't have to mean anything but combined with the following remarks it probably is of importance. First of all I'd like you to focus on the hand. It clearly gets out of focus, you can see through it, the fingers change shape and color. That most definitely is a holographic hand. But if you follow the arm from wrist to the upper arm, then there seems to be an additional problem. The scale or ratio under-arm with upper-arm seems to be way off. The shoulders seem to be sticking out and the jacket falls back. This type of dress-code is clearly to hide the real shape of the person or the thing/ alien that is wearing the jacket. In this case I think the jacket is real (non holographic), but the hands are holographic for sure. If you follow the red lines that I drew on this man following the arms, then I can stipulate that his real shoulder is much lower and lies more inside the jacket. So we are talking here about someone who is wearing massive shoulder-fillings. With many of these people they seem to have problems with their face and neck. At this point in time I cannot say if this man is wearing a mask (which would match with a wrinkled face or neck), or that his head is also holographic.

How do the shoulder-fillings work?

Imagine that as shown with the guy in black that he must have immense shoulder-fillings, then how does that work without it falling of their real shoulders? I found another interesting guy (who actually is a rather high player in this world that we live in) and he clearly is wearing some kind of shoulder-filling under his shirt. Why under his shirt and not in his jacket (as you would suspect)? In my opinion it's a two level shoulder-filling. Putting on the jacket makes them even more impressive. But if they want to do a presentation in their shirt then they need a filling as well. But as I have show you with the guy in black, the angle of the real shoulder is to steep for holding up any filling. So how have they solved this in order to look human? You see that his shoulder looks pointy and flat. I think this thing runs from shoulder to shoulder over his neck. It is the best way of carrying anything as it wouldn't feel heavy. As you can see the object is somewhat bent so that from shoulder to shoulder the body looks a bit round. When putting on the jacket then this contraption under his shirt gives more then enough support to hold it all up.

Who are they?

These people who are working for the news, high political figures or in ranking positions and who really wear these kind of outfits all the time, are probably all the same. They need to cover up for what they really are. They are controlling the real people on this earth like we are sheep. But as they aren't human (in my opinion) then every bad thing that they decide for us doesn't hurt them. They actually would be without remorse, non-empathetic so they can do what ever they want with us. But they need clever things to cover everything up so that we the masses don't see the truth on who they are and what they are running here. And that is why that this earth seems to be running into great disaster these days with all the maximizing crises everywhere. So I would say to you, don't believe the suits as they are manipulating you, me, and every real person on this fake earth.

Edit 3-4 October 2017: 

Another one clearly visible

Today I found another one. This is a big banking figure and clearly has the falling jacked below the sturdy fake shoulder. In this case it seems that the real shoulder lies much much lower then the shown shoulder. He is fake and thus an impostor and takes away all your money.

In the second photo below you can clearly identify the real arm. It goes more quickly inside the suit. He has massive shoulder-fillings and suggests a body-shape which doesn't come near a human form. The shoulder would be much much lower and from shoulder to neck it would be rather steep or there must be some kind of long neck involved.

I must add to this that many of them never seem to have fitting outfits. Always the trousers are much to big so that it shows you nothing. In some cases shirts jackets or what ever they are wearing seems to be to big.

Edit 12 October 2017:

An important politician

Today I have found another suit that has something wrong with his shoulders. In this case it is less obvious but if you understand how it works, you can find them. This guy is an important Dutch politician and seems to have a hard object at that specific area. If I look at my own upper arm, then at that point my arm actually falls inward a bit as it is the transition area from the shoulder to arm. But he has a hard object sticking out there suggesting his shoulder. That is really abnormal.

In the second photo below you look at his back. Interestingly there is an area of his jacket that looks hollow and in front to the right of that it looks like a thin upper arm. Regarding to their shoulder-filling, I would stipulate as said before that they have a two system filling and secondly from shoulder downwards they also have filling. So this filling looks a bit more sophisticated then the previous person in which there doesn't seem to be any filling at all above the real shoulder. That is why with these fake people it is very hard to see it.

In addition another politician, who doesn't seem to be wearing shoulder-fillings this time, but only a shirt. If you look closely the hard pointy shoulder in this case is located much closer to the neck, instead with a normal person.You can see the shirt falls back lower past the hard point, indicating hollowness. To look more human he should wear the first filling under his shirt as mentioned in the example before. Based on this I would stipulate that this species has a small upper body, with probably longer but thin upper arms.

In the last example you see under the man's suit a band. This is the suspected band that holds up the apparition for the shoulder-filling. But it might carry even more.

In a short time I have shown you 6 examples of people who appear to be having a non-human shape under their suit. The remark that we the normal people should be very careful in giving these people our trust. The don't seem to be what they look like, but they decide on fake democratic processes everything that is going on in your life.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

They noticed again, I think it is starting aka the change has gone so far that people are noticing it clearly

Today something happened again. On returning home I did a little shop at the local 7 and 2 people of the staff where present. The first one looked at me already with a face like.. I can not put my finger on it (surprised, startled or maybe frightened). The second was in the shop working. But when I went to pay for my groceries, actually the second of the staff rushed in to help. Both stared at me with a face like of unbelief. Normally they smile and that is it. Secondly she gave me the change in a way which I think is very unusual. To be honest I think they are starting to see it, meaning the lights in the eyes (and starting on the forehead), they must be able to see it already. This might be an additional explanation for what happened yesterday with the three people. They weren't spying on me, but they probably witnessed the same. I can not put it another way. Till now I have noticed some people being able to see it, but now as it also starts on the forehead more and more people will see it for sure. So this fits within the explanation of the 7 day waiting period from 23 September. So these happenings would confirm 30 September as a D-day. Strangely I can only see it for myself when taking a video of my face, with a sharp light of the mobile on it. Just standing in front of a mirror and I don't see it or sometime a little bit (but that might be imagination). So that actually is confusing a bit. But as people seem to be noticing it, then it must be true. This fits perfectly with the idea that our face is holographic and our soul can take control over it.

For now only a few people notice it, as most Thai don't look you straight into the eye when passing or they are concentrating on their mobile or on what they are doing. But if it gets stronger the coming days then more and more people must be able to see it. Tomorrow I'll just do my normal thing and I will see what happens next.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

They are checking/ spying on me, why don't you introduce yourself to me properly

Today I went to do some shopping and as I came back, I noticed something. Maybe my mind is tricking on me, but I don't think so. A woman and two men (probably of the system) were sitting outside at a table at the noodle-shop just around the corner here. At the moment the woman saw me she whispered something to the other two men leaning forward. Maybe about that I have shaved my beard of yesterday, or they see the light activity. Probably both. And as I passed them the two men also started to look/ turning the head towards me. I didn't want to look straight at them as they might be startled that I noticed it. But for these strange people I have a clear message. If you are in a way interested in me, probably because of what I have been posting here on the net, then why don't you introduce yourself to me properly. I don't like people spying, checking up on me secretly but as you can read for yourself now I did notice it! So lets talk as I don't bite you and I don't fear you. And I know that you are interested in me because of the specific things that I have been saying here and in which I believe. So don't turn around the bush anymore, and get to the point as time is running out.

PS1: this isn't the first time I noticed that I am being watched. In the post about "Am I the only real soul in this holographic world or are there millions of souls trapped" I already stated that people are checking on me aka watching me. But in that case it was a single person(s), but in this case a group of three.

PS2: probably also the taxi-driver who talked to me (on the way to do some shopping) about where the "Christian" (he spoke very unclear, maybe to talk to me longer for the moment) are (referring to the church in this street) also was checking on me, but from very close and/ or actually stalling me. I have never seen that person, but he clearly knew I can talk this language. A normal Thai never would bother me in this way also, as they wouldn't know English. An additional argument is that we have a taxi-shop in the street here, so why order from somewhere else which doesn't make sense. So their group was of four people for sure.

PS3: it might be that they actually did this on purpose for me to notice.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

23 September 2017 has passed, what now?

Everybody was expecting something big on 23 September 2017 as revelation 12 has appeared in the sky on that day. But it hasn't. Why? It would be a to obvious date for the big revealing to happen. So when will it happen. Some time ago I already did a small article on what is up with the sevens as they appear to everywhere in my opinion. I think we have to wait seven days for it to happen, and there is additional reasoning with that.

Nisan 10 Mark 11

The Passover is related to what happened to Jesus when he entered Jerusalem, which occurred on Friday the 9-th of Nisan and left it on the 10-th of Nisan. If I read some writings on The Tenth Of Nisan (1) it is written primarily in Mark 11 (aka -11). Interestingly Nisan 10 Mark 11 actually looks like a date to me aka 10-11. But this isn't our normal calendar but the Chinese. They use the moon as an appropriate watch. Now comes the very interesting part. 30 September 2017 (7 days after 23 September) falls exactly with the 10-th day of the 11-th month within the Chinese calendar and is 10 days after the last New Moon on 20 September.

Jubilee, biggest sun-eclipse ever and my birthday

I was born on 22-nd July 1977 and that makes me 40 years old now. The day 23 September 2017 is 63 days after my birthday, and that number doesn't make any sense. But if you add 7 to that then you get 30 September 2017 again and that makes 70 (which is the jubilee number). Then there is the big finishing line that appeared over North-America on 21 August this year. You do the math, but that is 30 days after my birthday and so 40 days before 30 September. This 30-40 relation seems to be a frequent thing re-appearing in (my) life. Next to this 30 September is the most holy day in Judaism as it is the Day of Atonement aka Yom Kippur.

What will happen?

I am pretty sure that we have to wait the 7 days until 30 September. Lets say from 23 September it is 7 days of labor giving birth. But what will happen then is a good question. Revelation 12 stands for a revealing but also the birth of a very special person and both might be related to me. I am not going to say what will happen, but I do have idea's on it for sure. But if 10 Nisan is relative to 30 September then 14 Nisan (start of the Passover) would be relative to 4 October and on 5 October with full moon Sukkot starts. I am not saying that it will be like this, but I see the resemblance.


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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Have no fear and the armor of God

I have told you already that I think that the 666 sign doesn't stand for the devil, but stands for humans and 8*66=528 the Jesus frequency. But if you look at the hand-signal for 666 then every says it is a reference to the all seeing eye. For others to see and you don't twist your hand difficult the 666 sign is easily made at the right eye. Again a reference to the right eye in which the door to God rests. But in addition to this the hand-sign also reads 60-60-60 which is a perfect triangle. And it is possible to make that sign with two hands which makes two triangles. Hence the David-star sign and it's internal hexagon. 6*60 degree makes 360 degree's which is a perfect circle. This would symbolize eternity aka the infinite source or the define source aka God. So actually the sign of Jesus or God has been misused. Therefore I state that hexagon, star-signs and triangles represent the good and must be seen positive.

Have no fear and the armor of God

Some time ago I still did think that many companies have a certain symbol which are related to the non-good. But now I understand it only has been a means to give fear to heart of people so that the masses can be controlled. But when you understand that the signs are for the good, then there is no reason to fear it at all. Instead you can get what is important in your heart, and that is fearlessness and love. This is what the system is all about. If you fear and live in anxiety all the time then you will have a low frequency output making the soul more like the anti-Christ (as fear is the mark of the devil). But if you have no fear aka have the armor of God on you (which is love) then your soul is born like Christ.

Mitsubishi and Toyota sign

Take for-instance the Mitsubishi sign. It is a red sign that has 3 stretched squares pointing to the left, right and up. But if you look closely the stretched squares actually are 2 triangles put together. So the sign consists of 2*3=6 triangels which makes up a perfect 6 pointed star with the hexagon inside it. If you look at the Toyota sign (see photo) it looks like a bull. At first I did think it represents the horns of the devil, but no it isn't. It actually stands for the Bull aka Taurus. And this (as you might already know) is a direct referral to Jesus Christ. These are just two simple examples, but if you start to think on this then you will see that many signs and symbols in society are exactly the same and have the same reference.

Letter to God from a humble person

Friday, September 15, 2017

Soul-contract and Sovereignty declaration with all the answers in order for you to release me from the game


Edit 18-9-2017:
And stand with the for-mentioned statement and sovereignty declaration. In order to keep the answer easy I repeat with full heart, mind and soul the most important answer: "I am Jesus Christ".

Thursday, September 14, 2017

If this game ends, where does our soul go?

This will be a very short post, but maybe not less important. One big question is what will happen to this world on or directly after 23 September 2017 (not fixing the date, but this date is very important for sure, as there will be the revelation or real awakening). To be honest, as I don't seem to be the Lord but only the answer is Jesus then it doesn't predict much good. Taking into account the enormous threats around the world these days, you would expect no less then complete destruction. For many this seems fearful, but I think it will be a quick way out of here. I don't think God will come hunt us, destroy us for who we are as people, as Jesus said I am that I am so accepting his humanity. Thus it doesn't make sense. Destruction will most-likely be ad hand, but we will resurrect after that. With this I suggest two possibilities only. 1) After destruction I will wake up in the strapped chair that I have been talking about some time now, 2) after destruction the loop continues as I might not have learned the most important message of the game. In option 2 the game simply resets with the entry point. Birth or something else in life that triggered the entry. In that case you/ I will need to live the game again, and maybe over and over again. I prefer option 1 as I will know what I really am and where I am really from. But option 2 gives some opportunities. You/ I have learned from the experience and can improve it, so for-instance somebody doesn't die, or you improve your own position. Up to you of course. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

When did I get into this holographic game?

In my opinion there still remains one question unanswered. When did I get into this game? Anyone would obviously say at birth and it would be my first guess for sure. But is it really so? I am wondering about this. There is also the option of me trying some holographic game and then that would be the moment I got lured into this game. And you might find this odd, but I actually remember something like this in my youth. I will reflect on that a bit.

Science fair

When it happened I still was a young teenager. I guess I was around 15 years of age, but I can be off some years. But with school we went to some kind of science fair (I think) and in this fair also was a presentation of 3D holographic technology, with which you put the big squared thing on your head and in that you see the hologram. And I clearly remember 2 things about that day. One I tried it and two I said I don't see anything. I took it off, telling the presenting man and told him I want to try again as I didn't see what he was telling me I should be seeing. This specific moment might be the point in time when I got into this holographic game. If not then, then at birth. So at the science fair meaning now I am still a young teenager, or at birth then I would not know my age now. But if my mind was hijacked at that fair, then what am I seeing now? Is it actually the coming future (looking from that point in time) or am I presented with a possible outcome of the future and this whole thing is just one big experience. You tell me, but at this moment I wouldn't be surprised of anything at all anymore.

This post is pure for my thoughts on this, as writing things down gives the possibility to start thinking on other options. In this case I am still wondering if/ how and when. At this point in time the best answer is still during birth but will keep the second option as a serious option for now.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Which eye is the mental door out of here?

I already have told you that the door to our soul is in our eyes and have mentioned how you can see within your eyes. Realizing this I have been looking at it regularly which has resulted in the many interesting snapshots of my soul messaging through my eyes. But if the eyes are the real exit out of here also and I have to choose between my left or my right eye, then which eye would I choose?

Right is favorable

If someone is knighted they always use the right arm. Associates of Kings will always be seated at the right side. If Jacob blesses Ephraim and Manasseh (Gen. 48:12-20) he crosses his arms so that Ephraim is blessed with his right arm as he will be the most important one. So in many things in society the right side is preferred above the left side (1). The right is also the sign of strength.

Signs in my eyes

You have seen many snapshots of my eyes in which the whit dots are appearing and disappearing with no clear order. Many times the left and right eye seem to be in disorder. But sometimes you need to look for important signs as I have shown you in the V for Victory (or Venus) and the the beautiful looking like a swirling vortex aka the excitement in my eye. These two examples seem to be very ordered as it gave me a message. But interestingly these signs only have appeared in my right eye.

The big speaker

I also mentioned in an earlier post that our mind and soul is being controlled through sound aka frequencies. As the world feeds you bad news constantly the speakers in your mind start to signal a negative frequency also, on which your mental state reacts by getting depressed. But not believing the bad news and listening to positive input results in the speakers changing into a positive frequency. Interestingly if I look inside the left and right eye, it is only the right eye that has the big blue ringed black circle speaker in it.

The face shape like my head (Edit, same day)

I just realize also that the face shape head that I saw in my eye, is also in the right eye. So most definitely it is right. That face looked very similar to my face at an earlier age. So the right eye is actually be the real prison for my positive soul and want to release it very much to set it free. So let it be!

Right eye

Although both eyes are a window to my soul, if there needs to be a choice then the right eye is much more favorable. There might be a tunnel within the speaker which then leads to the real reality, I don't know, but it might be. This is speculation of-course. Maybe that door opens with the 528 frequency as it seems to be an essential key, so love or the love-frequency may open it.

Edit 13 September 2017 Aldebaran

Regarding to the Orion Belt and the El-An-Ra connection I told you that on the left-side there is the Dog or Devil-star Sirius. But on the right-side Aldebaran with the Pleiades. This is a clear sign to always go to the right-side. So again the door out of here is through the right eye.

Edit 22 September 2017 (one day before the important day)

I am going to refine the answer a bit. I think the right eye might be superior to the left, but the soul lies behind both eyes. But there is another eye, the third eye, which I jokingly already mentioned about 10 years ago. This eye lies between your eyes on the forehead. So the left and right eye are in a ying-yang balance which will result into the eventual third eye which will pour out the true love of God.