Sunday, June 25, 2017

Rapture, the big flood, Milky Way, deserts and the cracked glass

We are being told that deserts occur on those places that are very hot and dry. This actually might be the case on a globe, but on a flat earth there can be another explanation related to the big flood. This event took place around the Exodus from Egypt aka around 1313 before Christ. This places it 3330 years before the date of this writing. I would speculate that in the days of Atlantis before that time, they also knew that the earth is flat and enclosed within the firmament resulting in this prison planet. To escape they used energy creating pyramids with which they tried to crack the glass. They succeeded. But as there are waters in the heaven and below the water came poring in. Hence the big flood.

Oceans and deserts

If you look at any map of the world, then you notice that the big deserts all are lined up. On a globe it would be a straight line and on a flat earth map it would be circular. As the glass shattered the water came poring down. It resulted in the creation of the oceans on this world. As the average depth of the oceans are 12.100 feet aka 3,63 km, then we can imagine how much water came poring down during that time, resulting in a gigantic wave sweeping over the earth. But as water came down, also shattered glass came down. The heavy parts would be located near the original poring site, aka in the circular line at which the big deserts are located (deserts sand = shattered glass). Hence the Libyan glass!

Milky Way

As the energy-beam hit the firmament, the glass locally shattered. But the energy-beam didn't last long enough, due to the fact that water and glass came down. So it created a long wide crack in the glass. But as a dome shape would close on itself due to high water pressure, the rapture closed and the water stopped poring also. The remainder of that rapture is the Milky Way as we know it in the sky.

Lidar laser Macquarie Island

On the Macquarie Island the Australian Antarctic Devision uses a Lidar laser to measure the distance to an object by illuminating that target. In the following video you can see this laser at work during the night. You can clearly see the green laser. But what is striking is that it doesn't follow any object, it is only measuring straight up. And you can clearly see the sky with the stars move past the beam. So they aren't measuring any distance to a star or the moon. I have thought of this Lidar laser many times, but couldn't figure out what they are doing there. But as they seem to be measuring straight up with the knowledge that we live under a firmament or dome, then we can speculate with reasonable certainty that they are constantly measuring the distance to the firmament glass, as it might come down.


Where does all the water go?

As the water came down, the oceans were filled. From say just after WW2 they have started to crack the glass by using plasma bursts aka lightning. Every time a crack is made, it rains on the earth. By making millions of cracks over several decades, the strength of the dome has been lowered drastically. But with all the water added to this system, the water levels should be rising rapidly. So is this earth actually floating in that water? It might be, and that might be an answer for the north-south related tides as well. So if we float and the earth goes up with the added water, then the dome might come closer to us. This might be an answer also for why they need to use chemtrails to cover this up, as they don't want to show it is cracked before the final blow.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

General theory of things, God, flat earth, Jesus and my star in the Sky

I have gained my knowledge through my open mind and interest in what others think (believers and non-believers). In my opinion we are on a quest for the truth in a world of deception, lies, lies, lies and disinformation. So the question is what information still carries the truth. You said that part of the Bible has been rewritten by the evil forces that we are trying to expose. So if there still is any truth in it then it is encrypted within the words as they have hidden the real truth and answers. One thing that seems to be the truth is that the earth is flat, rests on the four pillars and has a firmament in the sky with waters above and below. Everything that NASA tells, you shouldn't trust. Simply looking at this analysis of a space-shuttle flight "going into outer space", tells you that they lie and they don't/ cannot go outer-space.

Ying and yang

God separated the light (our soul has this light inside this prison body) from darkness (the entities with dark eyes who control the world with lies). But we are in an endless struggle between the light and darkness, as they try to convince us (aka whispering snake (Adam and Eve)) in doing the bad things and thinking only badly (drawing us into the dark). If your heart and/ or believe-system dies then your eyes might turn dark as well. The ying and yang struggle. This struggle for many souls is endless as there is the afterlife scam.

Afterlife scam light review

Rich West has some very interesting points on this. When you die your soul gets out of your body with all its brightness. But you only see darkness, but at one point there is a light. They say that this light actually is the light of yourself reflected of the bad entities that try to lure you into that light. A familiar face will appear and direct you to the debriefingroom where your life will be shown to you and you will be made clear that you did this or that wrong within your believe-system and therefore they will tell you you aren't allowed in heaven. But you can make up for it by reincarnating. At this point they will make agreements with you aka soul-contracts for you to do something in life (you must fall in love with that person, have bad finances, bad luck and so on).

Soul-contract revoking and lucid dreaming

I would not have believed this had I not tried to revoke some soul-contracts (by writing in almost 3 pages all you need to revoke on a subject). One time I did that and that night I went to sleep. Normally I hardly remember any dream, but this time it was so clear. Apparently that is called a lucid dream. In that dream I was on an island somewhere in a beautiful place. And there was a girl so extremely beautiful I couldn't get my eyes of her. I followed her a bit and at some time she sat on me still halve dressed, asking if I not like to see all of it. At that moment I realised that this was a trick and I said or did think "NO". That dream changed instantly in a dark rainy windy environment and had the feeling I had something hard in my tongue. So I pulled at it hard and tore it out of my mouth and I was pleased to get it out. So the soul-contract thing is real and entities entering your dream-state are real also. From that moment on I realised also that these entities can influence how I feel and so I can concentrate on getting them away from me when I don't feel so great.

Love thyself

But the most important thing is the love for yourself (love thyself). It lifts your energy level and mental state so they are less able to influence you. But also love thy star in heaven. I came to realise the star in heaven also based on information Rich West (in my opinion a very enlightened man) told. If you die your soul gets lose from your body and then you need to look up into the dark or wait and concentrate on things to get clear. At some time you will know where you need to go. At first I did think simply saying "go home" or "phone home", but I realised if you look up into the dark, what will you see? You will see stars in the night. But one star will sound beautiful to you as that star has your own energy-signature. After death you can rejoin your star and become a whole again.

Star light trapped in the firmament

At the moment you got into this realm, holographic presentation of a planet/ plane or computer-game, you agreed to only use 10% of your mental powers. The rest they have imprisoned inside the firmament, aka 90% of your soul aka your light is trapped in heaven and looks like a shiny twinkling star. You entering here is represented as the birth of Jesus under the bright star of Bethlehem. But you don't remember this as your memory has been wiped clean (and is being wiped every time you re-enter aka reincarnate). But what I tell you here means that it is You who is the special one, aka everyone on this earth that has a star in heaven is very special. And almost everything on this earth seems to point out that we are not important, small and insignificant, but we are. In that respect the name Jesus is very appropriate as it spells "je suis" which means "I am" in French. Some time ago I went outside and for about 5 seconds or so I did hear a very high pitch sound coming from above. Call me crazy, but I strongly believe that I heard it calling to me. I cannot tell you which star it is, but I speculate it must be in the cancer aka Crab constellation as I was born under that sign.

Believe in your special self

So every time I go to the temple here I will pray to God but also my star in heaven. I speculate in this respect that the all-knowing one aka God is the 90% of my star that is trapped in the firmament. I am not saying that I am God, but that I am special and therefore I will say Love thy star in heaven = Love thyself. I am a star!
Some information on light review scam and more:

Foregoing I reacted in a discussion elsewhere, and have reposted it here as it sums up everything within my believe-system.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Is there a big airship floating on helium hiding in the clouds?

On 21 June 2017 an interesting phenomenon occurred in the Bangkok area. Of this event the following photo's have been taken, showing strange coloration's within the top cloud. Interestingly it isn't the coloration that strikes odd to me, but actually the big shadow-lines that seem to go with it. In my opinion this is very very strange. As this blog is about a flat earth and a local Sun or maybe Sun Simulator then we can speculate on what there might be with these long shadow-lines. In 3 of the 4 photo's you can clearly see that there is something present within the clouds resulting in this effect. As that object goes in front of the "fake" Sun then it would result in such a effect.

UFO or big airship

In my opinion UFO's have existed for several decades already on this earth. But they are human-made. I can imagine that they have come up with a cloaking device or they can hide in plain site just like in a cloud. You could think about a UFO that can make it's own clouds around it's ship. So we couldn't see it. This is one option. The second option is what we see here is a big airship (for instance like the Hindenburg). From 1938 (accident Hindenburg) till now they have perfected the technology of this flying airship and it might be also using cloaking or cloud-making technology. So what about that shadow. An airship needs to use rudders on each side of the airship for steering. If that rudder goes in front of the local sun, then you would see such a shadow line within the clouds.

Colorations due to helium

In the clouds you can see some strange colorations. It looks like yellow to pink. If we are talking about an airship floating on helium, then that might be a good explanation. Helium has a pink to orange colour (1), which is almost the colour that can be seen within these cloud formations during this phenomenon. Combined with the rudder explanation for the shadow lines I would suggest that what we see in these photo's really is a big (human-made) airship hiding in the clouds. The clouds below the object are very dark as they will need to cover up the fact that the big airship is carrying something or transporting something huge and heavy.

Source (1):

Monday, June 19, 2017

I have a holographic eye, how is it projected?

By simply looking at my own eye (take a short video of it and analyse it frame-by-frame with about 15 frames per second), I found that the iris and lens of my eye in some cases aren't round. For example if you look closely at the first photo you can see that the iris of the eye isn't round, but has a hooked appearance. And if you look closely at the lens aka the pupil it looks something more like a square. I can tell you this, if my body is a physical "hard" object then in every photo you take the eye, pupil and iris must be round. As you can see this is clearly not the case, then that must mean that my body isn't as physical as we think it is. This kind of proof I
have found several times with myself, but have found it also with people on the television. Some people might say this child (dark eye) is some kind of bionic person with fake eyes, but as I found the same problem with my eyes (and I am normal born) then this would suggest the same holographic error in the eyes. So if our eyes are holographic, then why does it look hooked as it does as it even might be a rotating octagon?

Pixel-buildup iris from within pupil

If you look closely at the following two photo's of my eye (adjusted for brightness and adjusted for yellow, green and red colours), I found that my eye looks very very strange. From the centre of my pupil you can see a line (left side) going to the iris, which has the same coloration. In the second photo you can see that line going up-wards, with strange iris coloration within the pupil as the lens looks clustered. This is so strange! I would suggest these clusters come from several build-up lines. That or these line(s) I will define as the "holographic rotating pixel projection line". This means that at that moment of that line the pixels of the iris in that line are renewed. As the eye in many cases looks octagon shaped, I would suggest that there is not one line, but eight of them working together in creating the holographic appearance of an eye. So if you start to think on this concept, how then would the eye be created?

Basic theory on holographic octagon eye

As I have shown you the eye has lines from within the pupil which go into the iris. These lines have the duty to do the pixel buildup. As it looks like an octagon then there must be eight of these build-up lines. So for it to work the build-up lines must be rotating at some speed so that the eye is reconstructed every 20-50 times per second. This means we cannot see the build-up so the eye always looks round to us. But if you take a video of it, then sometimes you can capture it as I have shown you here. I speculate the following: the build-up lines rotate and build-up our eye. But between one line and the next there is degeneration. This will occur at the most distant rim of the iris as the velocity of the line would be the greatest and so the pixel-density the lowest. In the following picture I have tried to explain it. For instance between 8 and 7 the line of pixel degeneration goes inside the outer line of the iris before it is re-build at line 7. The difference between these lines might not be visible at close inspection, but I think it must be like this. And this theory would support the fact why my and other peoples' eye don't look round. As stated the build-up line seems to come from within the pupil and that would suggest from within our "blind spot".

Why do we have a holographic eye?

This is an important question. Before this post I already have stated some things which for the normal thinking person might be out of the question. Earlier I stated that the world and our body is a prison for our soul. And this you mustn't think of as an encrypted message, but as the straight truth. You and I live in a prison. Next to that I stated that our soul is special and that we have a soul-star connection. You must think of it like in heaven you have a star (twinkling but prisoned star) which represents 90% of your real soul, and in your head your soul (the remaining 10% (memory wiped clean) which is on a quest or a test). As your body is a prison for your soul then how does that work with a holographic eye? Your soul is under a spell and the brain is actually the prison. But you need to look outside as well, and that is why you have eyes. But these eyes must be small, as you mustn't escape. So they engineered these holographic eyes which give you access to the outside world, but no more then that. You cannot get outside (in an awake state). This holographic iris is under a spell so you cannot get out. But your soul can show itself by giving white spots in the white of the eye, or in the lens. If you look closely you might see these.

Foregoing are basic thoughts of myself on how a holographic eye actually might work and why it looks the shape as it does. If I have a holographic eye within a physical or non-physical body on this flat earth, than we can also speculate on the essence of the earth. It also might be holographic. If this is the case then why are we here? Are we playing a "computer" game, are we on some kind of quest or under the judge of some kind of higher spirit? On this I don't have the answers. But the playing area in this case is a flat plane for sure.

Thoughts on photo versus video

If you take a video of yourself and do a frame-by-frame you can find these anomalies. But if you take a photo you don't see it. Why is that? If you take a photo the exposure time is longer, resulting in a round eye. The "holographic rotating pixel projection line" has moved resulting in the build-up of the eye. But when you take a video, it is composed of quick snap-shots within one second. So that snapshot takes less time so you actually see a smaller time-frame and you can capture these eye anomalies.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Short remark on change of blog-name

I have been looking for answers quite some time and a big questing for me was the flat earth plane and how to prove it. Now that I recently have discovered that I myself might be a hologram as well, it might also mean that this flat plane is part of a holographic prison-like system. So I have changed the name of this blog from Flat earth explained to Holographic flat earth explained. As I already did some short deviant posts which seem to me to be the truth, I noticed that this blog with quite some viewers it has dropped to almost nothing. This would mean that they now that I know a big part of the truth, but they don't want others to read this and so the findability of this blog has worsened. So I will continue on this for sure, as it seems to me that I am barking up the right tree.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I am a hologram, my body as a prison for my soul

 I am just a normal guy like everyone else, but I have many things on my mind regarding who we are and in what kind of world we live in. Holograms in this world seems to be a reasonable new concept, but that might be very deceitful as well. Many things have let me to believe that there are many holograms amongst us, especially with those in important places. Think about politicians, news-reporters and celebrities. Look at the photo of the president of China clapping his hands (background) with an important political figure in the front (showing only shoulder). The hands of the photo behind this man shines through the shoulder which is impossible with a normal solid man. Ok, this might be a projected man who is somewhere else recording this, but it all seemed so real. But what if there are a lot of holograms around, how can you see them and what if you are a hologram yourself?

Holographic hands and energy-field

Some time now I have noticed here on the television that certain stations are run by holographic people. The most easy way to see if it is a holograph is by looking at their hands. It always seems that around their hands there is a black border with a white line around it (see photo). I would call it the energy-field border of that hand. And these beings are aware of that they are holograms or wearing some kind of holographic technology to mask their real appearance. If some kind of problem with their (for-instance) with the colour of their nails appears then the second reporter seems to notice it as well. They will hide that nail or finger quickly. But this example goes with their complete appearance. So they know what they are and try to cover up so that they look like normal people. In the for-mentioned example with the hands through the shoulder they rapidly put adds on that area. So if this is the case than the politicians and the people who work within the news are holograms or are knowing of it.

Why holograms for hiding?

If we the people can not see their true nature, then we can only think they are normal people like us. But as they are clearly showing evidence of wearing some clocking then we must suspect they are tricking, lying or deceiving us. I don't know what is behind this facade but probably deceitful reptilians or worse. If this is so, then it is quite easy for us to understand why there are so many problems in this world of today. I would suggest that they are manipulating this realm so that they can harvest negative energy from our society as a whole. But they need to hide in plain site to do their work.

I am also a hologram

The best way to find holographic energy and its problems is by shooting a video (from television or in real life) and analyse it frame by frame. I have done both and find myself very interesting. I have done video's and analysis of myself many times already and it always gives me the same result. I give you only two examples of myself. The first frame is at the area from my shoulder to my neck. As the background is dark also, you can see the thin white energy line above my skin past the dark line. This supports that I am a holographic projection of myself. Next to that I give you a failure of my eye. You can see clearly that the lens of my eye isn't centred in my pupil. The shape of the lens isn't round but has 6-8 angles. Next tot that the pupil seems to be angled as well. I speculate that what we normally see in the eye needs to renew itself every say 40-50 times per second so that it looks round. But frame it than you can capture its real shape. Having said this, I have seen many holographic failures with this fake body of mine. For-instance:
  1. moving my head to see my top hair. But there hangs a black bag behind my head. So that part of my hear turns black as it should be more gray-like;
  2. many problems in my eye. Shapes that don't line up, shiny spots in my eyes that have no relation what so-ever with sunlight (suggesting that my soul tries to see through my holographic eye, and I mean many light spots in my eye). See photo for the colour of my eye is over my skin;
  3. vertical line problems where on one side it seems to be normal skin and on the other side it looks so fake;
  4. unusual hair coloration's. Especially the green colour is unusual and that speculates some kind of spell that keeps my soul (or a part of my soul) inside this holographic body;
  5. a failure in my right eyebrow, looking very fake;
  6. problems with beard as it looks hooked (see photo);
  7. seeing what others might call critters inside my eye and all over the body. Many of these critters are part of the holographic system, but some are part of my soul.

How to get out?

There are two ways to escape this holographic spell prison. One: you try to sleep and go into lucid dreaming. This method is of course only temporary, when you wake up you are back in this body. Second: you need to die. As there are rules to play this game with, you cannot do it yourself. The game has to do it or you have to die of old age. But when you die, the spell is lifted and you can get out of your body and go where you want after reconnecting with your soul-star in heaven. In that case you need to remember that they want you back into this system of lies, so they try to trick you to go into the light so that you go through the afterlife-scam again. That way they can keep you here and harvest your negative energy forever. As I have shown you that there are holographic people on the television and that I strongly think that I am a holograph also, then I think everyone and everything around us is some kind of hologram as well.

Why am I a hologram?

When I start to think on this, I like to suggest the idea that we are in some kind of test or something like a computer-game. Many people would say this has to do with religion and most likely Christianity. But why then so many people with other religions should be wrong? That makes absolutely no sense to me. So the question is more likely about who I am, in stead of some higher force. The right answer might be that I am something like a God or Angle or some super-(wo)man. (I am that I am, I am what I am, I am who I am, I am special, my soul has a soul-star connection). But they have tricked us into this system, where 90% of our soul is trapped in a vibrating (twinkle twinkle) star and 10% of our soul in this holographic prison (after they cleared your memory). And our quest is to re-find and re-connect with it, but we need to do it looking trough a very big pile of lies, disinformation and other crap. I think I have now found the answer in my own quest so that I can re-connect with my personal soul-star after my program is game-over. 

The easiest way to project a complete world of holograms would be on a flat plane and this would also support the (actually fake) flat earth model.

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Monday, May 29, 2017

Religion, flat earth and the soul-star connection

In my opinion Christianity almost tells us the truth, but the real message is hidden in plain sight. The birth of Christ under a big shiny star, represents us. The star represents the 90% of our soul in the sky and the child represents the remaining 10% on earth. That Christ died for our sins, relates to the separation of our soul here (with no memory of the past) and the soul in the sky above the firmament. So there is a soul-star connection, which we mustn't forget or we have to reconnect with it. The rest of the Bible speaks the same and are a means to control the mind within the prison that we live in. Regarding to the name Jesus Christ: Christ means the "anointed one", and the only letter which is special is the only vowel namely I. Add I to Jesus and you have Jesu(i)s or "je suis" and that means "I am". This also supports the fact that we have a soul-star connection.

Have faith in your soul-star connection

If you have faith, you actually have faith in your soul and that it will be complete again (100%). So you are a star somewhere in the sky, most-likely a star in the constellation under which you where born. But as there is a barrier (firmament or glass in the sky, with the waters above) which prevents us from hearing its vibrations, combined with the afterlife-scam we continuously are being tricked in living here over and over again. But if you can remember this soul-star connection and recognise your own star, you should be able to avoid the afterlife-scam (don't go into the light) and really reconnect with your star in order to escape.

Collective escape

Within the reasoning that you and I are a star, we should think on how to escape the trap collectively. There is only one way to do this and that is to remove the construct above our heads. Aka worldwide there has to be a cascade of the whole thing, resulting in massive flooding everywhere and instantly. For this you will need to crack the think open resulting in lesser strength everywhere. This probably would need plasma firing power (just like lighting-storms) making a lot of wholes in a long lifespan (maybe 50 years or so). After that you would need a big blow (or more from several positions around the world) to crack it completely. This would result in the complete failure of the firmament, resulting in the glass, the waters above but also our star(s) crashing down. The falling star would simply go into the corresponding soul gaining the full 100%. This would give a collective escape from this prison world.

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

The world and your body is a prison for your soul-mind

I have been busy in finding out what this planet looks like, for some time now. And I for myself have tried to put it also in the context of different kinds of religion. Especially the biblical prophesies are interesting as they seem to be fulfilled in our life time. But are the religions correct? At this point in time I would suggest that also these faiths have been hijacked, or the real original faith has been taken away from us in such a way that it is now being used to create disorder and mishap all over the world (the divide and concur principle). In this I am not saying what you should believe, but I am simply suggesting my view on things. So if this is the case then how is this reflected to the flat earth, why all the learned lies and how to get out of it?

Creation of God or an alien prison

Am I not saying one or the other religion is right or wrong, but I am seriously suggesting it might be a method for keeping us under control. For instance Project Fishbowl has been done to investigate the strength of the firmament in the sky. Some other privately funded rocket-tests do support the idea that there is something or a barrier in the sky. This is also a good explanation on why the space shuttle doesn't go into outer space. It might be part of the biblical creation but it might also be a simple energy force field that holds our fiscal being on this flat earth. At this point in time I go for the alien prison version which has been sold to the people as God's creation. I wouldn't be surprised with this as almost everything you see on the news, learn in school etc seems to be a big lie. In having said so, don't be confused with the good intentions of the world leaders, as it seems like they for a great part are under their control. They surely are out-rolling their agenda for maximum control and creating maximum fear.

Afterlife scam

When you die, your soul is still on this earth. At that moment you actually can regain your inner strength and reclaim all your power and knowledge. But on that moment friendly looking creatures (maybe angle-like or looking like your loved ones) will try to convince you to go into the light. That light actually is your inner divine light reflected on these creatures. But you are still confused on what is happening and don't see yourself and them for what they are. If you go into the light, then the afterlife scam will start. If you are a believer they will tell you that you are a big sinner, if you are a non-believer they will say you are bad as you don't believe in him or that you did some other bad things. Anyway you take it, you did something wrong. For that they won't let you pass, but give you the option of reincarnation so that you can retry to make up for your mistakes. You sign a contract (mark of the beast) for that and after that they wipe your memory clean and put you into a new body (yes, why sign a contract if you cannot remember it to start with. The contracts are a means to control your decision after you die in the following reincarnated life-span). So you cannot remember anything and have to start from scratch in figuring out what is going on here. You have to believe in yourself and that they are only selling a lie. There are some options here what you might do:
  • 1) Don't go into the light, regain your inner divine strength and knowledge so that you know what to do. The portal out of this realm might be mount Meru (some say located at the real north pole) or a simple thought ("phone home") might bring you to the real reality of things;
  • 2) You are to late to realise it and you already have gone into the light. In that case don't trust these beings and don't agree to anything, but try to regain your strength and power so you quickly see or realise the way out;
  • 3) You want to go into the light but also do fore-mentioned.
In this you also must consider the fact that if you have gone into the light, you might not get your powers back as it might be shielded. How this will go, I have no idea, but you simply must realise that you have options as there is no higher authority in your life then you. So when you die remember to regain your divine strength as quickly as possible before it is to late again.

Edit 20 May 2017

Illuminate and Revelation 12

Regarding the Illuminate or the enlightened ones I would suggest the fact that they also are the good guys. They have build up a society in which everything seems to be a lie. Why this has been done: I think they need a non-informed population or keeping us reasonably stupid or in the dark for their End game really to fall into place. Like jing and jang white and dark work together to achieve the wanted goals. I stated that there is an afterlife scam. If you would know the truth on earth and also come into that review, then they also would know. To avoid this, they have lied about everything, so that it keeps us busy and that we cannot see the big picture. Regarding to this I can only say that this year Revelation 12 is in the sky on 23 September 2017 at which time Jupiter is born. Jupiter has been in the whom of Virgo (virgin) from 20 November 2016. On 9 September 2017 the pregnancy ends and the fleece that holds the pregnancy-water will break aka the big rupture. The actual birth will take 14 days later. This situation might also occur from 17 May 2017 till 31 May 2017 (Pentecost) also as Jupiter goes out of the whom a first time like a miscarriage. With understanding the real importance of this relation, I understand also that for the completion of it we must be quiet. I can only state that big things will happen, that your mind must be prepared and that you soon need to find your mental true self out-there.

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Lucid dreaming after declaration sovereignty, a first time experience

This post that I am doing now might be somewhat off the topic, but I wanted to share this experience with you. Some time now I am following Rich West on youtube as he has some very interesting views on what the earth looks like but also on the subject of soul-contracts. At first I didn't believe in these things, but after seeing several video's he started to make more and more sense on several subjects. So as an open-minded I decided to do a first-time try with my sovereignty statement. I used a short example from declaration of sovereignty and adjusted it a bit. So what is it, what did I write down and what kind of effect did it have on the first night?

Essence of vibrations and soul-contracts

Everything in our lives depends on vibrations. If you for-instance write down the word love, it has a positive vibration. But if the word is negative it also vibrates negative. It is mentioned that when you start your new live, you have agreed for entering this earth through re-incarnation again under certain conditions or agreements. As these agreements are made with negative entities, they can feed on our vibration or energy-field. So good and bad soul-contracts result in how you behave, but also that there is a significant drain of energy. The more agreements (past, present and future) you have, more energy will be taken from you. By declaring your sovereignty you say that you are you, and you have nothing to do with these agreements which you don't remember.

What did I write?

With pen and paper I did write myself the following words. It is important that you write it with your own intent so that your words get your energy signature, which will vibrate for every entity to see and respect. I wrote the following based on fore-mentioned source:


After writing this down, I also spoke these words aloud so that every soul-contract entity could hear it also.

Lucid dreaming as an effect

Normally I almost never remember a dream. So if I do remember it must be shocking, such like a crocodile chases me or tries to get me. In that case I wake up instantly and do remember it. Otherwise I almost never remember it. But after I wrote and spoke these words, something happened. During that day I went to a shop and paid for my groceries, but for one moment it was like I froze for a second or two. Even the Cassiere look at me for what just happen. Next to that, that evening (for me writing it now = last night) I had the most clear dream ever. It was summer-time at a beautiful romantic house, with the most beautiful person I have ever seen (at least that is how it looked to me in the dream). Halve way the dream it tried to seduce me, if I wanted to see more than that. But I did think or said No. From that moment on the dream changed. It was dark, windy and rainy (like an Autumn day or night). In this change I remember I had no fear, but what happened was very weird. I had the feeling that I had something in my mouth, something hard sticking out of my tongue. So I pulled at it and ripped it out with a part of my tongue as well. I think that should have frightened me, but it didn't. It was more like I was pleased to get rid of it, so maybe an agreement that has been cleared. I don't know, but maybe. This dream with out a doubt must have been a so-called lucid dream. As I have experienced this I now am convinced that these entities must be real.

I wanted to share this strange experience on the day and night I did my first declaration of sovereignty. I am still looking on how you can do more then this, but for now I will be repeating these words on a daily basis.

Edit 18-5-2017 Today I had another strange thing happening. From one moment to another I felt strange tingling sensation in my hands, a rapid heart-beat and the sensation that I wanted to throw-up. So I decided to lay down for a moment and concentrate if there might be some spirit interfering with my body. I didn't see it or them, but I concentrated on saying with my mind "go away", "leave me alone" for a minute or so. And guess what, the bad feeling stopped and everything seems to be much better now. I am not saying that it actually was something interfering with me, but as this method helped me it might suggest it.

The world and your body is a prison for your soul-mind

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sailing around the world in 74-109 days at 24 knots is possible on a flat earth

Flat earth map

In this figure you see the shortest path for sailing around the world on a flat plane:
A = 25E-45W, 60-22,5-50 South
B = 45W-75W, 50-70 South
C = 75W-150E, 70S-30N-60S
D = 150E-115E, 60S
E = 115E-25E, 60S-0S-60S

Average latitude

lat-av-A = (55+22.5)/2=38,75 = 128,75
lat-av-B = 60 = 150
lat-av-C = (155+60)/2 = 107,5
lat-av-D = 60 = 150
lat-av-E = (60+0)/2 = 30 = 120

Average radius (lat+90)

rad-av-A = 2*pi*6371*(128,75/360) = 14.316 km
rad-av-B,D = 2*pi*6371*(150/360) = 16.679 km
rad-av-C = 2*pi*6371*(107,5/360) = 11.953 km
rad-av-E = 2*pi*6371*(120/360) = 13.343 km

Approximate distance

dist-A = 2*pi*14.316*(25+45)/360 = 17.490 km
dist-B = 2*pi*16.679*(75-45)/360 = 8.733 km
dist-C = 2*pi*11.953*(180-150+75)/360 = 21.905 km
dist-D = 2*pi*16.679*(150-115)/360 = 10.188 km
dist-E =  2*pi*13.343*(115-25)/360 = 20.959 km

Total distance = 79.275 km = 42.805 seamiles

As they can sail around the world in 109-74 days they would sail at an average of 24 knots. This is very possible as for-instance the Groupama 3 has an average of 33 knots per hour. Or ABN AMRO TWO at 23 knots per hour.

Fore-going calculation is an approximation as we don't know what the real shape of the earth is and as we don't know what the correct map of the supposed flat earth looks like.

Source on speed:
Original map source:,

Friday, April 21, 2017

Light-source comes up within the clouds, suggesting nearby Sun

They tell us that the Sun is approximately 150 million km away and that from that distance it gives us daylight and warmth. The following photo is take from the site of The Australian Weathercam Network on 22 april 2017 at Wa Perth, Jandakot Airport (kijkend naar Noord-Oosten). The footage on the site is only kept for 7 days, as each new day replaces the old footage of 7 days ago.

Clouds and the position of the Sun

So why is this photo so very interesting. It all has to do with what side of the clouds is very bright and which side is dark. Normally when the Sun is far away and the clouds are relatively very close, only the back side of those clouds are bright. From our point of view the clouds should look dark. But that isn't what we observe. In this photo you see dark clouds and very bright clouds together, on a relative close proximity. The very bright clouds we see from our point of view are lightened from a light-source in front of those clouds and the dark clouds are lightened from behind. This means/ suggests that the light-source must be within the clouds itself.


It is impossible for the Sun at 150 million km to give this effect on the clouds, so the Sun or this light-source is much much closer. Earlier I did calculate that on a flat earth the Sun must be at a distance of approximately 6200 km. But the clouds that we see are most definitely not at that height, so the Sun would be even much closer to us. So if this is the case then the shape of the earth might not be flat also, but more-likely some kind of concave shape. Some time ago I tried to do some maths on this one, but have been unable to come up with a good mathematical solution. So for now for me the shape of things is still under discussion. And for now I cannot explain this photo, as it suggests that the light-source might be only a few km above the surface. If this is the case then one light-source hasn't the capability for giving light for almost halve the earth. Or they use several Sun simulators or we might live in some kind of projection (holographic or maybe projected in our minds). So the question remains, do we live on a flat earth or do we live in some kind of projection. Foregoing photo gives more questions then answers in this respect.

Monday, April 10, 2017

What is wrong with the stretched sun?

This photo is taken by a close friend of me and I personally find it very very interesting. Not of the long straight line at sea-level or the very flat horizon, but it is because of the sun. The sky is clear, you see an aircraft pass-by with a real void air-plain streak and not some chem-trails. So a real clear sky! But the most important thing you see is the sun. Normally when you see the sun, it should be round. But in this photo it doesn't has this shape. When you look at the water-level it shows us that it is no-time-laps-photo and the camera hasn't moved. What is causing this shape of the sun and what might be an explanation for this?

Explaining the stretched sun!

Very important thing you see in the sun, is that it looks stretched. From the left-under side to the upper right-side the distance is bigger, then from the left-above side to the lower right-side. This means there is some kind of distortion or there is some-kind of object interfering or simply entering here. There are two big bright bursts of sun-light at the top and the bottom of the sun, with a small degree in its axis.

Are there two suns?

At the sides you see some light exiting the sun. I like to point out the 1 left high and the 1 right low position. Next to that the 2 left low and the 2 right high position. In the last photo all lines cross at a centre-point. So or this sun is stretched or there might be 2 light-sources. As we have been taught that the sun is round than what we see can only be explained with 2 suns or an object entering our realm. If you connect the dots there seems to be an object in-front our sun which results in light distortion, or there is another sun coming into our system. You judge for yourself!

Additional proof Sky Cam Hong Kong

Skycam shows us what is going on in the sky and from time to time it looks very strange. For instance this video is taken from at Hong Kong of 19 april 2017. In the video it looks like the sun is flickering or moving around. If you put circles around the bright sun-area you can conclude that you cannot complete it with one circle. Two are needed, which means that there is something going on with the sun. It supports the fore-mentioned statement about the stretched sun. 


Additional proof Australia Jandakot Airport

Here is some additional proof of the Sun in Australia at Jandakot Airport looking to the North-East. In this case I have also inverted the colours, so in the black you can see clearly that the Sun has not a normal circular shape. This is of the date 24 april 2017.

Source photo: S. Zijlstra 9 april 2017, Akkrum, Netherlands.

More interesting information on the sun: what is the distance to the sun at the horizon?

Monday, April 3, 2017

Space-shuttle flight with entering outer-space lower then its highest point

Be my guest and analyse this video. It shows speed, altitude and range of the space-shuttle. Interestingly the most important fact of this video isn't that it reaches 356.704 ft aka 108,72 km (at 6:32 min) but that the signs of going into outer-space (yellow coloration (friction fire) (at 9:03)), signal disturbance  (at 8:28) to occur after this point at a lower altitude 337.582 ft aka 102,89 km . At 9:29 they tell us that we have gone into outer-space at 344.227 ft aka 104,92 km. So how come these signs don't appear earlier as the space-shuttle gets to a higher point.

No outer-space

Answer: they don't go into outer-space as there is a ceiling at around 73 miles height aka 117 km. They have to correct their height as they probably get to close to it, but the signs like a signal disturbance and the friction coloration's have not occurred yet. This 6 km difference in height doesn't make sense unless they cannot go into outer-space and so have to fake the whole thing. The signal disturbance is the point after which they edit what you see.

More reading: Fake moon CGI

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Moon-like object in orbit which isn't the moon

These days we hear and see a lot of strange news on the television or through internet. So now I would like you to see this simple observation of mine. I went to and went to the cam of Post Observatory in Trenton Maine in the USA. I did see a time-laps from 20.19 till 21.09 (setting-time of the observed object). So at first I did think it was the moon, but when I compare the normal periods of the moon, then the obviously big object cannot be the moon. First of all the moon is only 12,4% visible aka a waxing crescent. This actually would mean it should almost be gone and that doesn't add up with the visible moon-like object. That object is clearly round and shines round (no crescent). Next to that it is very bright and that doesn't fit with a waxing crescent.

Data on moon

From the site you can find information on rise and set times of the sun and the moon. First of all on 30 march 2017 the moon has a waxing crescent of 12,4% (this is based on Portland Maine). It shows clearly that the set time of the moon should be 22:17, but as stated this object set at approximately 21:09. That is at least an hour difference. The moon should follow this object, as this object sets first. In the photo above the crescent isn't visible, maybe due to the great light-source of the unknown moon-like object. We can see also that the sun set at 19:05 so the bright object isn't the sun. Given the fact that a waxing crescent isn't a bright round light-source as shown in the photo and given the fact that it sets on a wrong time-frame, then we must conclude that the shown object isn't the moon. You judge for yourself, but I think we should look more above our heads trying to find out what they are hiding behind the fake geo-engineered "chemtrail" clouds.

Additional proof regarding additional object

From in Chili Santiago of 19 april 2017 I made this short video showing an object. It gets brighter as well. It looks like there is also a small object orbiting that object. When it goes in-front of it, the large object brightens. In one shot you can see the small object at the east side of it (big object less bright).


More reading Fake moon footage bad cgi

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Fake moon footage, bad CGI

NASA tells us what to believe what lies from 100 km heigh and on. The Universe is expanding, has many exoplanets and that might be a home for extraterrestials. But what is NASA showing us exactly. In the below footage it looks like very bad CGI!

Incredible Lunar Views From The Japanese SELENE Orbiter - Earthrise

We believe what we see. And almost everything we see, we see on the telly or through wireless internet. They tell that there is a lunar orbiting the moon, which results in the following youtube video (it is a loop-video of course). Very interesting you would say. In my opinion it looks like "cra.". I have seen much better CGI's from NASA which also look very very fake. Sorry for my language.

Problem with round craters

As I stated in an earlier blogpost, there is something wrong with the creation of craters on the earth. In big chunks of ice falling from the sky I mentioned that craters on earth might be caused by very big chunks of ice falling from the firmament. This of course is still guessing aka a theory, but there might be something there. The point of that is that on a motionless plane big chunks of ice can only create perfect round holes, as the drop at a ninety degree angle on the earth. If the earth was spinning, that angle would be different for sure. So why the perfect round craters on the moon? The footage looks very fake to me, but especially the round craters are especially unreal.

Why fake it?

Or we live on a globe orbiting the Sun which in itself orbits a galaxy which also spins through endless space, or we live on a flat plane and we are the centre of our universe. So why fake it? What if they want to lie to us about God, the bible and especially the bad counterpart of that. What if the earth is like an orb, split in halve by the earth plane. We live in the "bad" part and the other halve actually would be the "good" part. Just like Jing and Jang. If they are on the bad side also, they would fake it, and tell us that we are not special and a part of some gigantic unimaginable universe.
PS. for everyone who reads this, this is just a theory but can be true also. But what we really are sure about is that this footage of a lunar rotating around the moon is absolute CGI aka fake.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Excellent proof of a flat earth (with video)

The following video posted on Youtube by someone called Ekeresco Jack dated 1 March 2017 I think is an excellent example on proving a flat earth. In this he compares six high-points of mountains located 77,4 km up to 120 km away. The tops also vary with height. Of this he made 2 reference models.


The tops of 6 mountains are projected from our line of sight for 120 km away. Doing this one on one results in the flat earth model. For the globe model he needs to deduct the height of the curvature also. When doing some of the lines change position and some actually swap places in reference to the flat earth model. Both models he projected on the photo.

Check on used heights

Using the site of I did check if in this area the heights are corresponding with what is shown in the video. As you can see in the results that the maximum in this area is 2300 m (at about 124 km from Wellington), which corresponds with the 2360 m at 120 km. This also confirms that the used data in the video is reliable.

Some figures corresponding to video

In this table the above part is the distance combined with height on a flat plane, with our line of view projected at 120 km. The second part is the correction for the curvature. As you can see the projected height of light blue and yellow do swap places, as stated in the video. And obviously the total visible height on a flat plane is bigger than on a globe. This is consistent with what is stated in the video, suggesting a valid way of determining it. As the figures of the flat earth line up with the photo and the figures of the globe don't line up, then it must mean that the earth is flat.


So from the top-point he extended the lines so from our line of sight projected 120 km away and compared them with what he actually sees on the photo. For the flat earth model these lines correspond with the photo, but for the globe model they don't match and there would be less to see also. This video is a must see for everyone who still has doubts regarding a globe or a flat earth. Edit 22-3-2017: This video disproves that the earth doesn't have a radius of 6371 km, but shows that it is much more flat. It suggests a flat earth, but there might also be some kind of curvature.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Black dot in the Sun at Antarctica, is it a Sun simulator?

Two months a year the Sun at the south-pole goes right over the horizon and it will be registered by the Earth System Research Laboratory's camera. Their time-lapse video of March 2013 is very interesting, as a black dot or eye in the sun is registered. Other days and years the camera is never pointed at the sun, as they probably don't want us to know what is out there. If you zoom in on that dot structures get visible, which normally shouldn't be visible. What can this be, can it be a Sun simulator and if so, why would they do it?

Photo from South-pole station Antarctica

At the South-pole in March and October the sun will be going over the horizon, of which you can see movies at the website of Earth System Research Laboratory. Per month you can find a time-laps movie (probably automatically made), so that everybody can judge how it looks. Of the available online material is "March 2013" very interesting. It is the only evidence available from the South-pole in which you can see a black dot. The following screenshots have been taken from the Earth System Research Laboratory, regarding the time-lapse movie of March 2013. Specifically it is of 03-03-2013 at time-lapse time 0.13/1.13.

500-times Enlarged

For the following photo's I have used an enlargement of 500-times so we are able to see the black dot or black eye in the Sun. This also means that the resulting dot isn't very sharp, but interestingly there are structures or lines within the dot recognisable. The photo's look like a purple cross, a cube, an eye and a black cross. In this the question would be, what are we seeing here. It is not over-lighted as some might suggest, as the dot is visible in every shot.

Other evidence

On the ship called Aurora of the Australian Antarctic Division: Leading Australia's Antarctic Program they register also with a time-lapse what is going on. On the site of the Aurora you can see (with good weather of course) the same black dot. If you enlarge this it is almost black with some unclear structures which can be seen. The second photo is from Casey Station with also a black dot. The third is from Macquarie Island Station also with the same result. Next to this there is a short movie which is speculating suggests a real rotating object. The Nasa Sun Simulator caught
on camera, especially from 4.30 min till 5.00 min are interesting. In this footage you also see that the black dot actually has the purple colour, as stated earlier. In addition I like to add the comment that there is a patent on this device dated 8 March 1966 number US.3239660.

Why would they replace the Sun with a simulator?

This actually would be guessing/ speculating, but one hypothesis might be possible. On a flat earth it is impossible to have a 24 hour day during the polar-summer. This because it would take to long for the Sun to go around and there still would be long-time darkness. What if they did discover more land behind the rim of the south-pole ice-wall, or actually did discover the firmament. If they would want to keep it a secret, gard it and investigate it, then they would need light. So they invented a way to light up the sky even during dark nighttime. It would give them immense possibilities in that area. I speculate that they have done it on this flat plane and the forgoing is (in)direct proof of it. I guess this is also the reason why they only show time-lapse footage so that  you won't see several fake Sun's pass in one day. You'll be the judge!, as we cannot see this with our own eyes.

Light-source comes up within clowds, suggesting nearby Sun