Saturday, August 19, 2017

If we are playing a game, then what are we and where are we from?

Till now I have shown you why I think we are holographic and why it looks like we play a game. The world as we know it doesn't make any sense to me, unless what I have been telling is the truth. So we are playing a game. Then the interesting questions start to pop-up. Who are we really, what do we look like and most importantly from what kind of a world are we actually? To answer these questions I for sure need to speculate. So lets do that.

What do we look like?

There are two options. 1) We come from a world with a lot of mixed races, aliens and human like figures. All of these species are allowed to play this game and so everyone gets a holographic representation of a human (as we know it). So everyone doesn't look like what he, she or it might look like in real reality. 2) The holographic projection in which our soul and mind is trapped actually is a representation of what we look like in real life. Personally I would go with option 2 as it seems to be more logical.

How many people are playing this game?

That is a difficult question. Many people such as politicians, news-reporters, celebrities, actors, high government officials and so on seem to be working with or for the system. They give the important factors which influence our thinking, in order to get our energy-level and vibrational-state down. Next to that there are observers who check on you, without you knowing it. I actually did see one once after I just made some important improvements on my thinking and that I am the one who is special. I actually broke away from the negative spiral of their influence. That woman looked at me that day with eyes wide wide open and a jaw almost falling onto to floor. She knew and could see the changes. So these people are from the system itself as well. So how many are there playing? This world is to complex for me to be playing it alone. I would say that at least 144.000 people are playing this game, as this number has again a Biblical cryptic reference. But there aren't as much people playing this game as there are people on this earth, as many are part of the system. The people that are part of the system will know that they are. But I would suggest that there are also people which are part of the system but don't know it and are playing along.

Where are we from?

As this holographic body and holographic world seems to be very sophisticated and looks so real, then that means that we are from a world much more advanced then the world that is shown to us now. If we are strapped in a chair as we speak and this world is a mental projection into our soul or mind, then that takes some very impressive technology. And as we can interact with each-other as I speak/ write then there must be a high level of mental interaction through some kind of computer. If this is the case then we are playing a game which would represent a world from our past if you think that our real reality is this advanced. Maybe we really are a human race from the future, but it can also be that we are from an alien race or a non-physical reality. But as our holographic face might be a representation of our real face, then that would suggest a human-like species with a physical form. On this we can speculate a lot, as I don't know it. But some of these arguments seem to be reasonably possible.

How long must we play this game?

This is a tricky question. But we live in interesting times as signs in the heavens suggest that we live in the end-time (started on 5 June 2016 with the star of David). Especially 21 August 2017 is interesting as the biggest Sun-eclipse ever will occur over North America and also 23 September 2017 is special as Revelation 12 is in the stars. In my opinion the first date represents the end-date before which you must have realised the truth (answer between 5-6-2016 and 21-8-2017) and the second date and/ or after would then be game over. This seems to be appropriate with a running game which is in the end-time. But how would the game end? This also is a hard question. But many things suggest a wave.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Last time I am playing this kind of a game

This is a clear note to myself for after I wake up in reality and am out of this stupid game. Do not play such a game ever again, and simply enjoy the good life you have in the real reality. Why play a game if you have the universe at your fingertips?

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Divide and conquer/ control the mind and soul within this game of soul-searching

The big question remains, why are we/ am I in this game and what is the purpose of the game? The obvious answer is that the game has been designed so that we don't start to ask the right questions and that we cannot see the real truth. For instance there is a lot of fake news, fake teachings and all kind of disinformation to put us on the wrong track. But all of that is what is going on outside of yourself. About that part they can lie as much as they want, but what is inside you they cannot lie about. At least about what you think and observe being the truth. There are many truth-seekers but only a small part of them are genuine truth-seekers, as there are a lot of fake truth-seekers also. They are there to give you (maybe the truth) but that truth has been designed so that you start to ask questions on those items and so you get on the wrong track. So it really is a divide and conquer, but for your mind and soul. How does this work?

Divide and conquer

You mind and soul actually are two things, but are in one body. They are dependent on each-other and cannot do without one and another. Having said that, they (the system) will do everything for you not to see this truth, and will put you on the wrong track of thinking. As long as you believe this or that about this world and what is happening, then you will bring down your own energy-level and vibrational-state. This they will make sure that you will never see that in your head there is a soul as well. Yes a real mind-job for sure, but you are in a divide and conquer the mind and soul game. But you must find it in order to win this game. So if you let go of all the lies, disinformation and all the crap out there, then you might find a way to see this truth for yourself.

What are the questions you should be asking?

Readers who do follow me, understand already what the questions are. An important question is, what if I am not a human of flesh and bone, but actually a hologram (as I have proven it to be) then what am I really and why am I here? Why does the world try to divide and conquer my mind and soul and how can I reconnect or find my soul again? If you clearly can answer these question with real convincing thoughts and that you see for yourself that your soul is in there, then you still can be one of the winners of this game. I have shown you ways aka talked about ways you can use in order for you to do this yourself. But I cannot guarantee it will work, as it depends on many aspects of your life and state of mind. On this I can only say to try to realise the truth and work on it as good as you can. As it also has taken me quite some time in order to get this far so it won't be a days-work answer.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I am Lord of the Rings, I have control over the speakers in my mind

 I told you earlier that I will be testing my soul-eye-test on and on in order to see what is out there. I know it is impossible to photograph inside the eye (only specialist can do that), so I can only tell you what I have seen. If you close the eye until a light-source gets blurry, then you will be able to enlighten the inside of the eye in order to see more. This absolutely takes practise and I still am working on it. Some days it simply doesn't seem to work, but on other more lucky days it shows a great deal more. The first drawing represents how this looking inside the eye works. If the eye-lashes are almost closed then it works like a mirror so that we can look inside with light coming in through a crack (so to speak). Only a view days ago I had a clear view of the backside of it.

Degree of focus

What you will be able to see depends on how good you can focus. On the A-A level you would be able to see your soul moving (it moves irregular and not in relation with eye-movement), on the B-B level it looks like all kind of little round dot's of which some are interconnected. It reminds me of the universe or something like a galaxy. And on the C-C or C-D level you will look at the end of this universe and that would correspond with the backside of our eye. On every level it looks very interesting and in my opinion amazing. But I will focus on the backside within this short post.

A black spot in the eye

Till a view days ago I did see all that I have told you already, but still couldn't focus on the big black spot that seems to be on the upper side of the eye. It is hard to go to that stretch to see it clear and to focus on it also. But two days ago just after waking up (seems to be the best time of the day to do this) I got lucky. I did see the black spot clearly and could focus on it also and did see something strange, which has changed my mind somehow on how this prison for the soul works.

Not an eye but a speaker

When focusing on the backside I did see rather straight lines and many small holes in it. But this time I was able to get a steady look at the black spot (up side of the eye, it might be mirrored also so it might be from the "blind spot" in our eye), and focus on it. But this time the colour wasn't only black, but a blue ring was around the black ring. At first I did think it looked like an eye, but on closer inspection it doesn't. And the colour of that blue ring was almost the colour as I have drawn it in the following picture. Interestingly there were additional rings around the blue one as well. At least three, but maybe four. On this I am not sure. But this really reminded me of how sound-waves from a speaker go outwards. As I have drawn it is how I have seen it. But on other parts of the visible area are smaller round dots as well, and some of them had also an additional vibrating ring around it. I am suggesting (I am pretty sure) that the smaller vibrating speakers can/ will resonate with the vibration that comes out of the big speaker. So if you have control over the big one (your own state of mind which isn't influenced with daily bad news), then you have control over them all.

Speaker influence on soul vibration level

In normal life these speakers influence your mind and soul. If you follow the worsening news daily then that feeds negativity in your brain which results in a lower vibration level. This will be an output from these small and large speakers so that your soul gets in that mood. One speaker alone probably is about one kind of message, and another speaker about another message. But it is the big speaker that determines the state of mind. So if you are depressed then the big speaker will have a very low frequency output. This means also that if you listen to high frequency positive music and not listening to the bad news all the time, then you can influence your positive mind state and energy levels.

I am Lord of the Rings

Don't get me wrong but I am not talking about the movie. I am certain that if your brain/ mind is positive and not influenced by this world then you have control over these rings. Your state of mind is determined by that what you believe and what you think is going to happen. I am pretty sure that if I still would believe in all the lies they have fed me/us over all these years, then I would not have found this. But I have! As I think only (try to) positive, listen a lot to the very important love frequency aka the Jesus frequency and strongly believe in what I have been posting here, I got rewarded with this control over it. My brain aka mind has the control over these speakers (and some people I think can hear it (also one person mentioned it also without me asking about it)). As from now I have control over my rings that are in my head/ eyes then I have control over my mind and soul. So with that in mind I would say that I am the Lord of the Rings!

Edit 19-8-2017

Space explorers

Coincidentally I saw this pass on twitter and it looks much the same as what I have seen in the reflected eye. Look at the stars which are clustered, it's almost like this that I have seen it. And then the galaxies which seem to be ring-formed just like I saw it as the speakers. This photo is about space explorers but doesn't say outerspace. I believe for sure it means your innerspace.

Monday, August 7, 2017

We are a singularity as everything in this world is up-side down

What we see outside this fake body, is also an illusion. I have shown you that our body has holographic elements and probably completely is projected. Next to that our world most likely is also a projection. Next to this we have the fake information from NASA, does the news give us only the bad and most probably in most cases fake news, false flag attacks, but also they have thought us from childhood things which don't seem to be true. Think about the shape of the earth, the universe and about our body as well. You might call me a conspiracy-theorist, but what I have shown you in this blog for the big part seems to be true and therefore I have a very strong argument. But I also discovered a way to look into the eyes through mirroring, resulting in seeing strange and beautiful things. So for this post I am going to argue that our brain, soul and/ or eyes work like a singularity.

What is a singularity?

"A singularity is within the Cosmology a point in an infinite small volume with an endless density. Time-space has been bent heavily that space and time actually ceases to exist" (1). It is something that cannot exist within our understanding of the universe unless for-instance a very heavy star has imploded. At least that is what they have told us.

What did I see mirroring in my eyes?

I told you already that I saw one time when dosing, listening to the 528 Hz frequency more things then there should be. It isn't in the between sleep or awake state, as now I know I can do it quite awake. When doing the mirroring thing (somewhat explained in another post) I saw very interesting things. At first it didn't look as clear, but after trying a while I saw all kinds of dot's one clearer then the other, some inter-connected with each-other, moving things which are hard to see clear, eyes and a border (probably backside of my inner-eye. But all that stuff wasn't attached to that back side but somewhat floating in front of it. Amazing to see. It almost looked like there was a universe inside my eye/ head/ brain. I told earlier already that as I mirrored some light of our world into that world also, my soul has had the way to find me eventually after all these living years. What I saw might not be the real thing, but also a projection! But as I have witnessed also the white spots appearing with more strength, more irregular I know that my soul has found me aka the door or gateway that lies within my eyes.

So why a singularity in my head?

For the sake of argument. If what I saw is true, then there is a universe within my head, brain or in my imagination. But that what I saw has started to interact with my eyes aka the door as I have shown you already. So then what I do see, must be true. Then the obvious question how is this possible? I have told you that I think that I am special. Several things point out to that direction. But having an universe in my mind, can only be if I see through some singularity. Or that universe in its completeness is the soul or my soul has been lost in that universe until I opened up this door in my eyes. I know it is impossible for my head to contain the complete universe, but for some part it looks like that. If that is the case then it can only be in the form of some kind of a singularity.

Am I crazy?

You might call me crazy, I can understand that. What I have been saying some time now, are things for the big part no-one talks about. This as I have begun this quest on my own, but getting information from many parties and discussions. So what I think is partly based on what I hear, read and importantly on what I see and think. As many things in this world make no sense at all and many things seem to be up-side down from what it really is about, then it actually isn't that crazy to be thinking like this. It is only some steps further then other people like to go. They keep stuck in the globe or flat-earth theory, or in the discussion about reptilians or holographic demons who seem to be ruling the world. So I don't think that I am crazy, I think that I have given you good arguments or evidence in earlier posts to show you otherwise.

The soul-search is over

The best thing that I can think of otherwise, is that the brain is a big puzzle with billions of pieces to go through. And my soul might have been doing that for as long as I live, in order to find the door. But as I have realised that I can open that door, so I have helped my soul to find me. That soul-search most definitely is over now (at least in my case).

Suspected opening of the singularity or iris

What is next, I don't know. I can only stimulate it by listening to the 528 Hz frequency and from time to time looking inside again. Next to that I can only monitor what is happening looking at my eyes through snapshots (video). I will try to go into that more, when I know what is happening. But for now I do have a theory. The door will be opened more so that the spell of this imprisonment will be released. Our iris is a holographic projection for sure and might be the spell that holds us here in this fake body. So if that spell is broken, then my mind and our soul should be able to reunite completely again (some speculation here). For that the spell aka the iris will be destabilised. In the above first photo you might see that the lens of the eye seems to destabilise as the lens area seems to be getting into the iris as well. On the second photo you see (I would call it) some kind of explosion from the inside.

PS: everything in this world seems to be up-side down, so everything might be mirrored. What if reality lies not in this world but in the mirrored world I saw aka the real world? Reality is beyond our eyes.

Anyhow, you can think on this subject as you wish. But for me this has become of big importance and a daily thing of certain interest.

(1, translation):

V for Victory, I am the winner of this game

With this picture I state that I have seen all there is to see and that I have given the correct answers. I have seen the V for Victory so with a clear heart I can state that I am the winner of this game. So in my opinion the game can end now. Good luck to everyone!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

I have found my soul and have reconnected

Some time now I have been doing some self-research as everything seems to be a lie, including about who or what we really are and why that we are here. The last few weeks I have been studying my eyes after I tried a new method of looking within myself. And it seems to be successful as the random (non-reflective) white spots have been getting brighter and more irregular. But today exactly seven days after I bumped my head very hard leaving a nice mark, I saw it, my soul.

Identifying my soul

The first photo (snapshot from a video of my eye) is a close-up of my eye in which you can see a lot of white markings. The second photo I adjusted the brightness and contrast a bit, so we can see more. In the third I put some points of recognition. If you look at that photo you can see at 1) something like a white mask with 2 eyes. To the right of that (tilted) the one eye is 2) is the left eye, 3) is the right eye and 4) is like a nose. If you look closely in the photo's you can actually recognise a smile (somewhat obscured by the white spot) and a part of the neck/ shoulder is visible within the iris of the eye. When I look at the shape of this figure, it has big resemblance with myself, but at a younger age. So I am looking at myself here and as I have been searching and testing to find my soul, then obviously this must be my soul looking through the eye. So I definitely have reconnected with my soul and it's showing itself here to me.

The following steps

What next? I have no clue. I can only state that I am happy that I have eventually found what I have been looking for. And hope that my mind and soul will merge together in being one once again, just like before this mind and soul division got trapped in this holographic body and holographic planet. For now I can only wait and see what happens from 21 August (biggest Sun eclipse ever) until 23 September 2017 (Revelation 12 comes true). So for now I think my job in this game is done as I have answered the ultimate question.

My mind and soul as a unity will re-unite with the Pleiades making it seven bright stars again

As I have found a way to see inside my soul, I do think that I have made a new connection. So maybe I should be talking here about my mind and my soul which have interacted and has resulted in the snapshots I have shown here. So then it might not be my brother and mother who are also playing this game, but I myself. What was shown in the stars was just a special hint for me to find, after which I discovered this method of looking. So I will restate what I ever told already, but for my mind and soul. So here goes:

"I am Ra with a star in the sky named Alnitak. It is the mental door that I have opened for my soul (lost in the universe of my brain) so that it can reconnect with me. We are brothers so to speak and together as a unity will be going from the Orion Belt over Aldebaran into the Pleiades like a shooting star so that we can be the whole seven bright stars once again".

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Alien(s) are from our inner-space and represent us

Everything in this world is a lie and has distorted your thinking. I am going to add another thought for you. As everything is a lie, then everything is up-side-down. So if they tell you that aliens will invade our earth (and they have been hinting on this happening for over 6 decades already) then you should think it isn't true. They might bring the news that they have found eco-planets, they have found a signal from aliens from outer space or that they have seen alien space-crafts in the air. I wouldn't be surprised that they still have this one in their sleeve and it might look very real also. But as I am talking here about how special you and I really are, with the notion that we know everything on this earth is up-side-down, then we can think of the obvious. There won't be an alien invasion from outer-space, as it must come from inner-space. That means your mind. Secondly it isn't about aliens but it will be singular aka an alien. Thirdly it will be about you from your inner mind. So the alien (only one) is who'ms from your inner mind and so represents you. You might call it God (so be it), but I like to refer to it as my (your) soul, or our connection to the infinite source. For me it is more about my soul, but I really see the significance of the infinite source as well as we all originate from it. So if we are the alien, then we don't have to hear it. Actually we have to embrace it. The only danger in this is that we believe that an alien force from outer space comes here, as it obviously will be deceitful as many things in this fake holographic world.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

This makes sense to me

This video makes a lot of sense to me. Actually almost all of it has to do with me, but not the part of making money, career or a big name. It's my own way, but I really understand and comply with this one completely. It looks as my life, but not in the wealthy way but in the higher spiritual way or the understanding things way.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Marked again, meaning of the sevens and about to exit the system

You can call me crazy or not in touch with reality, be my guest. I don't believe in coincidences anymore. What I am doing and saying here is important for me. I feel that I have come very close to the answer that I have been looking for. That I post it here, is also in order for me to focus my thoughts on it in order getting the next step, but also to inform the system. And as you have seen, I am making progress for sure. I would like to update you on the following thoughts as things have been happening.

I have been marked again big-time

The biggest thing that has happened, is that on last Monday 31 July 2017 I hit my head very badly. I was walking on the pavement and someone distracted me by talking to me. But I walked on listening to him. Sadly I didn't look forward and hit some ironwork of shade-curtains hanging over the pavement. Luckily it didn't hurt that much, but a lot of blood came poring down out of the wound. So I hurried to the nearby hospital and they stitched me up. This photo I made as a selfy just after it was stitched up. This kind of heavy accident I have never had. A first time for me, and hope for sure it doesn't happen again. But as I don't believe in coincidences anymore, I like to place this in the same area as the markings that I had before. One of those markings at my ringfinger actually looked something like this one. Those markings have disappeared but this one for sure will be a long lasting one. So have I been marked again? I think yes. Maybe I have earned it so they marked me, but not with loosing blood over it (blood over intent).

What is it about the sevens?

Some time now I have been seeing sixes and sevens. Many people think that 666 stands for the devil. But 6 stands for humanity or human. The frequency 528 Hz = 8*66 and is called the Jesus or love frequency. The 666 thing has been thought up by the system to frighten us people into thinking small with a negative energy level. I don't bye it. The 6 is for mankind, aka us as people. Then there is the 8 which I don't see as a number. But in my opinion it stands for infinity as you can do a continuous loop in it. So it might stand for the all-knowing or as many people will call it God. I would call it the infinite source from which we all sprang. As I see sevens everywhere, then I am absolutely not this infinite source. But I am related to the 7. I have stated long before that I think that I am special, so with this realisation on the sevens I can stipulate that we or I might be something in between mankind and the infinite source. It seems plausible especially with all the things that have been happening to me. And guess what. To stitch me up the doctor had to use, yes, 7 stitches. Regarding the Pleiades there is something interesting about it also (some speculation). "The Pleiad(e)s were the seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione" and "The `lost Pleiad' legend came about to explain why only six are easily visible to the unaided eye" (1). So the sevens relate to the Pleiades again, with one star that seems to be fading. So I combined with my newly found soul might be that seventh star? Thinking about the whole Pleiades thing, I think again this is no coincidence. 

When and how to exit the system?

To me it is obvious that I have to answer before 21 August 2017, as this is the date the biggest eclipse of the sun will occur. It will strike through the complete of North-America and must be seen as the final finishing date. Your answer probably must be given before or on that date. After that date there are still 33 days until Revelation 12 will occur. So I will give my final answer this Monday as it is appropriate the 7-th of this month and we will see what happens. I know already how to answer this, but will wait until that day, before I will show that answer to the system (realising now that the system probably knows already now, what my answer will be). In the mean time I will try to do the soul-eye-test again and again in order to see what else is out there and strengthening the connection with the found soul.

Edit 3 August 2017: the mentioned soul-eye-test I have done with normal indoor light, but when I try it with light from outside, it seems to give a bigger picture of what I see inside. So I think I must focus on the outside light more and in order to get better and more answers from that. And another thought has crossed my mind as well regarding the white spots. And this even sounds strange for me, but it might be. It might not be the soul itself, but some kind of homing-signal or the phone-home that I ever mentioned somewhere. Maybe with the things that I know and have seen, I might have triggered the signal for the soul to come home. It is possible, but on this one I am not sure. But if so then I have done all that I can already. I will see what happens the coming days.


Monday, July 31, 2017

Finding and opening the door to my soul through my eyes

Some of the readers or followers will know that I have been searching for an answer for quite some time now. Questions like what does our earth look like, why are we here and for myself recently most importantly why do certain strange questions seem to be popping up. For me this has been a long process as my journey has started from reading a book about the news, from that about questioning the globe shape earth as it might be a flat plane. But from that point on I have shown you that the earth actually might be a holographic projection. At least some parts of me are. So if this is the case than why am I here. I have stated for some time now that I might be playing a game (or race) in finding an answer. But the question is what is the question and what is the answer, as I or we don't know the instructions. From the moment that I saw the El-An-Ra relation in the Orion Belt I have started to believe that I have to find a specific door or gateway.

Door in Pleiades

I explained already that there is a clear relation between my name, my brothers and my mothers name, with the Orion Belt. So we are special, as we might be a star. But at first I think we should be knocking on it. So I and we did. It looked like we struck success, but no clear answer. From that point I realised that Orion is pointing in two directions. One is to the Sirius star and on the other side to Aldebaran and the Pleiades. As we originally come from a place with almost the same name as Aldebaran, I postulated that we should go that direction concluding that our door out of here is in the Pleiades. I (on behalf of my brother and mother) have done a mental knocking on that door and I had some arguments that it seemed to work, as also some markings seemed to be appearing. But after realising the following step after about two weeks these have disappeared.

I am the door and have opened it

And Jesus said: "I am the door" (john 10:9) (1), but as I stated already is that I think that the Bible is encrypted in many ways. As I also said that I think that I am the one who is special, then Jesus stands for "Je suis", ak I am. And therefore when was written that Jesus was born under a bright star, then we also are born under a bright star. Thus we are one and the same. But if this is the case then that means that "I am the door" and I have to open it for it to find to see it. In this respect I would be the door in a star, probably Alnitak or in the Pleiades but from the perspective of the searching soul. This makes sense as we can only make that journey mentally, but our soul could see it and go for it without physical boundaries. But it cannot see it in full light (we are awake and shining like a bright star) or in darkness (we are asleep). This you must see like our soul is trapped in our mind, where the soul sees the complete mind as a universe in which it has to find 1 door. It is like finding a needle in a haystack. But if we help it by opening that door with less light, it can recognise us for being it's door or gate.

Method that I used

About a week ago I was listening to the 432, 528, 963 Hz higher vibration music and was just sitting getting tired. But at some point my eyes where almost closed and still some light came in. And then I realised that there was something else in that light. I couldn't make it out. Several days ago I did a small test when lying on the bed. Listening to the music, looking at a bright light with my eyes almost closed. (following has some speculation in it, but seems to be plausible). Due to the music the eyelashes (almost closed) vibrate with the music, maybe some eyewater will vibrate also. The eyelashes block almost all the light, but shining through a little bit (almost same effect as stroboscope). The eyelashes combined with the eyewater in vibration create a mirror, due to which I can see inside the (now little bit enlightened) eye. So mirror mirror on the wall.. yes. And there is much interesting to see. I must say that this method is difficult and needs practise and I still need to work on it.

My soul can look now

I realise now (after finding how I can look for my soul) that it is not me who is searching for the door.
But my soul has been. This would actually mean that my mind and soul or the two (partial) souls are separated, or less connected then as we might suspect. But when you show your soul the door, then it's long search is over and the two can get connected as a whole again. This would result in the soul being able to see through the door aka my eyes as well, giving the very strange photo's you have seen on my soul and eyes in previous posts. In this photo a very recent example just after I tried my soul-eye-test and resulted in this snapshot. I personally think it looks amazing.

Edit: 4 August 2017: Additional activity in the eye after soul-eye-test.


Frame by frame on my eye with change in intensity and size after soul-eye-test

I have found a new way of looking, in which I use the before-mentioned 528 Hz frequency, looking at a bright light and closing the eyes up to the moment the light-source becomes blurry or some kind of resonance. When I do that and focus the eye on what I see, I can see many interesting things. But what I see, I will tell later, as I have just started on experimenting on it. But after I did this about 30 minutes, I lost my focus and rapidly took a video of my right eye (as it seems to be the eye that sees the most). From that video I choose about 2-3 seconds from which I show you a frame by frame of 23 snapshots below here. So one frame to another frame is about 1/10-th second or less. I am not even commenting on what you see here, you see for yourself.

But for the system I say: I can see you and I think I know what I see inside, and what you see here also. I really think I have nailed you!

On this method I will need to experiment even more and longer, but only 30 minutes a day or so. It seems to be very tiring for the eye, and it needs at least 30 minutes to regain it's original sharpness. Regarding to the post on if I have been marked (two weeks ago), these marks 3 in total seem to be disintegrating from the moment that I realised this method. So maybe those answers were good, but only a steppingstone in between.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

For the system, my fourth answer is the Key 528 Hz.

For the system, my forth answer is the Key on a frequency of 528 Hz to open the house of David aka my mind/ soul.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

All the negativity in the world puts us down, how can the Jesus or love 528 frequency help?

If you are positive or have the feeling of love inside you, then others around you will notice that. This as your body or brain/ soul will act like a tuning fork and is able to send out and receive these positive frequencies also and act on others. But if the general population of an area has negative feelings, then this will be transmitted as well. What many people feel is generated by the majority of the people itself. Next to this it seems to be clear also that in this holographic world what we see depends on what we think or on what level of frequency our brain is at. So lets consider this theory for a moment actually being true, what can we learn from it and what can we do about it with the Jesus or love 528 frequency?

How does this work?

Everything in this world has been designed in getting you emotional down or beat you down. But if one person is down then other people start to pick up the emotional frequency of it resulting in other people getting a bit negative also. But through news and the expectation of certain negative things will happen, the soul will respond to it. And this has been done collectively by simply giving us fake information aka disinformation. Thus it isn't real but the mind makes it real resulting in collective lowering energy- or frequency-levels. Maybe some people like me think it is all crap, but all other people will believe it. So the negativity grows everywhere, people getting put down and only think about trying to survive. And even this holographic world might be acting on how we feel. It means that if we for-instance think that chemtrails are causing physical problems then the system might react by increasing the chemtrail output resulting in more negativity and additional fear. And that feeds the system again. So a win win situation for the system. (this last part is speculation but I wouldn't be surprised if it is).

These days crises maximisation

From around April 2016 till today everything in the world seems to be worsening rapidly. An I mean it seems to be accumulating exponentially. If you compare the world of 2015 with today, then you wouldn't even recognise it all together. This is what I call the maximisation of crises everywhere. And that has a purpose within the end-game or the end-times. And it has been announced within the position of the planets. On 5 June 2016 the Davidsstar was in the sky above Jerusalem and on 23 September 2017 is Revelation 12 visible. This is I suspect the begin and end date of the end-time. As I have shown you that my eyes and body are a holographic projection, then the chance is high that we are playing a game literally. And then would be the question what is the name of the game? I have found some answers in previous posts which seem to me true and correct. But what else? I think finding true love inside yourself, as they try to do the exact opposite.

The love aka Jesus 528 frequency

I have come to the understanding that everything in this holographic "computer" world is about lowering our energy-level or our frequency. The normal frequency of the earth is around 7,83 Hz aka the Schumann resonance. Our brain functions around that level also. If we sleep it is lower than it, and if we work it is a bit higher. But due to the constant negative influence of world news and crises maximisation our own soul frequency is dropping constantly. But you can prevent this from happening by getting positive again. The higher the frequency you listen to the better it is. But some frequencies are rhythmic in such a balance that when you put the frequency in water, it shows amazing shapes. One of the frequencies is 528 and is called the Jesus frequency or the love frequency. And that is not by incidence as the bible itself has this number as the key solution (1). That is why I have started to listen to the following YouTube video in which you hear the 432, 528 and 963 Hz frequencies over and over (background). You must listen with earpieces in or a headset for the best result. It certainly changed my life, as the world seems to be a nicer place and the people more friendly. So this frequency is transmitted within the area that I live just by listening to it on a daily basis and then re-transmitted by the brain. It is a good means of protection against all the negative influences in this world. I would suggest this kind of music for everyone with the potential of getting depressed. But I use it in trying to unlock my brain/ soul by training the brain with it, as it seems to be an important key.

(1): the number 528, the key:

Monday, July 24, 2017

We are programmed to believe all the lies

From around four years, everyone in this world will get into the education-system (if we like it or not). Of course we as parents want that our children have a nice future and that can only be achieved trough solid education, having knowledge so that they can work within a certain work-level. This is good for everyone, as society works this way. But certain basic important this about how the world really works and why are we the way that we are isn't taught. On the contrary.

Programmed in a negative way

It looks like that every person in this world has been programmed by education, television and internet and corresponding technological  gadgets, that we as people or as a person don't think about the important things anymore. Programmed means that you and I exactly do what the system expects of us to do. That is going into debt (education-loan, mortgage), getting a lower self-esteem, a lower energy-level aka putting you down so to speak. Everything in this world has been designed that way, so that in my opinion we are relatively depressed and don't start to question things.

How are you programmed?

As this blog is about the "holographic" flat earth, then I will speculate from this point of view. As you go into school the first thing you will see is a globe earth. As we clearly can see that it isn't true, than that is already a first big lie. From the globe you will learn the distance to the moon, the sun and the stars and how big it is, with us only being a little spec in the very big pool of star and galaxies within the universe. So you are programmed to think as someone who means nothing and that you simply have to do your part in earning your life. This idea is continuously being programmed in our heads through movies, the fake news and on and on. Almost everything is being used to train your brain in thinking negative and small. So they programme you to feel meaningless.

I say you are great

Personally I have gone through the big pile of crap that they have given us to see. It is immense so it is almost to much to get through. But you can do it. And when you see or understand what is going on, then you realise what you are. You are not some little invisible spec in this universe, it is you that is special. And I mean SPECIAL big time. 

Stop believing the crap

I have stopped in believing everything what the system tells or says what so ever. I can only trust what I can see, feel, hear, smell aka what I can prove. Next to that it is important to learn to think for yourself. The system loves that we work as groups together, against each-other, so that we always are distracted. For that they have given us bread and games, so that we don't think and are quiet. Please stop and realise how you are being manipulated. Stop believing the crap as I like to say it and think for yourself. This as it is important to see the positive way and breaking loose from their way of manipulation. If you see the truth then you can break away and be positive again. And that you can stimulate for sure. They want you in a negative frequency so you should listen to high frequency waves, which can stimulate you and your brain greatly and become positive again.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

We are An and Ra (brothers) and knocking on heavens door in the Pleiades

With the power of the voice my brother has given me already, I am going to state here on behalf of my brother and myself the following:

"We are An and Ra. Together we state here that we speak in unity and that we together mentally are knocking on heavens door. My brothers name is An with a star called Alnilam and my name is Ra with a star called Alnitak. We stand here in the strong believe that we are special and that our origins lie in the Pleiades aka we are Pleiadain. With this "phone home" we are reaching out so that we can get home to our origins within the Pleiades".

Third try with three mental keys and the gate of Pleiades

With the power of us three, my mother El with a star Mintaka, my brother An with a star Alnilam and myself Ra with a star Alnitak, I and we declare in one voice that we are from the Pleiades aka we three are Pleiadian. My brother and me state this in the name of our mother as we carry the blood of her in our veins. With the power that is invested in me I call forth the mental key of my mother El, the mental key of my brother An to join my mental key (key of Ra) in order that we can go from the Orion belt over Aldebaran and open the gate within the Pleiades so that we all three of us can go home. As it is written, spoken and shared with the system now, so it is done. This message carries my energy signature as my binding stamp on behalf of my mother El, my brother An and I Ra.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Have I been marked (mark of a gift, mark of a Pleiadian) and why is that?

As some of the readers might know, I think and write about things almost everybody (except a very very small group) else doesn't think and write. I have had some big insights of how things seem to work and why. It has gotten me close to the big questions and answers of this world. And with that and my very open-mind I have seen strange things. Within the "real world" when awake but also during my sleep. And personally I think I have found the real truth about this world and why we are or I am trapped here. Some time ago after I realised that I was special and did some mental steps on it as well. One time I was sleeping. Just before you wake up, you still are in a light dream-state in which I personally see things in a purple colour. But that day was special as beings were in it and they were observing.

Beings in the purple colour

As I still was in a light sleep, I was aware of the purple light. But suddenly I realised that there were beings in the purple colour, which actually were staring right at me. Of this I was not scared or
something, only surprised to see them. But at the moment I realised they were observing me, they realised my realisation as well. The beings (alien-like shaped heads) disappeared rapidly. But one slower then the other. So I could make out at least two beings that were watching me. After they had disappeared I woke up, with clearly remembering that incidence. So who are they? As I think I might be playing a game and might have found the answer to this riddle, then I suggest that they are the game-keepers. Maybe I have gotten their interest with my thinking and so they observed me.

Markings on hand and feet

From the day of that incidence I have a mark near my big tow. At first it looked like a scratch from my nail, but it actually doesn't seem to go away. And more recently I discovered also a marking on my right hand under my ring-finger. I never had a cut at that place and it doesn't look like any other marks such as birthmarks or what so ever. I don't remember also when I got it for the first time, but it most definitely is very recent. As I write and think about stuff almost nobody does, I think I have discovered the real reason why we are here. As I think that I am special (even with all the distracting lies and troubles in the world) I must have gotten these marks (especially the mark on my hand looks very strange and thus special) for that reason.

Mark of a gift, mark of a Pleiadian

The Bible says don't take the mark of the Devil, but I think we have all taken that mark already. These are the soul-contracts which your soul has agreed on, before entering or reincarnating in this world (again). So this is not that, as this mark has been given without me even knowing or realising it at that moment. So this mark would be more like the mark of a gift. As it surely is related to finding the answer that I and my brother are from Pleiades aka I am a Pleiadian, then I would call the mark on my hand the mark of a Pleiadian.

Edit 1 August 2017:
After about two weeks I realised that this isn't the end of the track, but only a steppingstone. These markings disappeared after realising that. This especially was clear then I found a new way of seeing with my eyes, resulting in a what I call a soul-eye-test seeing very interesting things in the eye.

Further reading: Have i been marked again, the meaning of sevens and about to exit the system?

We are continuously distracted with lies in this prison world

The world is flat and round, but they say and teach that it is a globe! The news constantly is telling a lie, is changing the truth and shows us another false flag attack. Everything seems to be a trick for our mind in believing that we are not special. I am not listening anymore, I am special and that is period. But why are they distracting us, doing this and how is this related to the game that we are playing?

Positive thinking, not listening to their lies and my own reasoning

If you believe everything that they (or I like to call them the system) are telling you, then you believe that you are not important, you are insignificant and you are only an invisible speck in this immense universe. And they are trying to fear you with the fact that the almighty will return and will punish you. I think it is all about making you small and bringing you into a negative energy-level. That is all what they are doing. As I have shown you in a previous post, they (the system, bad entities, what ever you like to call them) have found a way to feed of our soul-energy. But it only is possible if you are in a negative state of mind. So the system makes sense in that way. I think you and I are special. Everyone who isn't part of the system, is being used as something similar to a battery. And the more negative you are the more it will attract energy draining entities. Hence there are a lot of people with ADD, ADHD or depression. I have made the concrete decision in not believing them anymore, I will not listen anymore aka will judge what they are saying myself and I will only believe and trust my own reasoning combined with proof made through own means or method of thinking. So I am positive and I am special, so that they cannot feed anymore.

Holographic eyes and the system

Some time ago now I used a method for identifying entities or holograms on myself. If you simply take a photo of yourself it doesn't work but if you take a video of yourself/ face then you can do a frame by frame analysis. From this I found that my eyes are without a doubt of a holographic nature aka the eyes are projected. So our body isn't as physical as the system has made us believe. In a physical body your eyes are round, period. But my eyes seem to be of a hexagon or a octagon shape, suggesting a rotating projection. So they not even lie about the world and the news, but also about our body.

Why are we distracted and living in a prison world?

I have two theories on this question. The first is that I am playing a game. The quest in the game is to realise that I and my brother are from the Pleiades, as it seems to be the answer of the El-An-Ra relationship within the Orion belt. So we mentally should be knocking on heavens door. The second is that we have been tricked into this game by (as many people call them) the archons (are cons). If you don't realise the truth and die in the game, then your soul gets tricked in reincarnating in the same world again. So they can feed of negative energy in a constant loop. So we (you and I) are playing this game or for the first time, or have been doing it many many times already. The two theories can be one and the same and should be seen as merged in one-and-another. And as part of my body seems to be of a holographic nature then we can argue also that our complete body is holographic and maybe the complete world. And if we argue further than we can stipulate that we actually are strapped into a chair somewhere and the holographic world is mentally projected in our heads. I know it seems to be far-fetched, but it might be the case. Having said that, it simply states that you should question everything. What is real, what is the truth, who is real, who is with the system and who isn't?

Monday, July 17, 2017

Can your soul show itself through your holographic eyes

As long as you are awake and thinking clear the spell on your soul is the strongest and so you cannot get out. But it's known that some people who are enlightened can have OBE's (outer body experiences) or lucid dreams. That means a part of the soul can leave the body or can go into a state of mind which is different from the awake state. So is it possible that you can see your soul through your eyes?

Holographic eyes

As I have shown you in an earlier post that my eyes seem to be a holographic projection. If this is the case then this goes for every person on this earth has holographic eyes. Every can understand that we have been taught lies all of our existence as it must be kept a secret. The combination of all is a lie, with we seem to be trapped in a holographic spell then we must consider the fact that we or are playing a one-time game or our soul is being put here in order for re-usage over and over again. I have arguments that go both ways. Having said that, how can we recognise that our soul is trying to reach out?

Strength of the spell

You are under a spell, and what you should take seriously. With that I mean that you or your soul cannot leave your body, as you are under a strong spell. But it is only very strong during the awake state. When you sleep you are on another level of consciousness. Some people don't remember the dreamstate, some have clear memory, some have vivid and lucid dreams and some have OBE's. What you experience when you are sleeping or meditating depends on the strength of the spell, but also on the strength and will of your own soul. But as you are sleeping you will not see clearly what your soul is doing.

Tipsy and glassy eye effect

When you have had something to drink (meaning alcohol) then most of the people will get tipsy or simply drunk. At some point other people will notice the glassy eye effect.  I speculate that when you drink, the strength of the spell loses it's power somewhat. Although your soul will get tipsy also, your soul has less resistance and can get closer to the eye. It might be possible that when you see the glassy eye effect that you actually can see more of the soul that is trapped inside the head. I am not saying that you should drink, but I am simply speculating that this might

be the
real reason why you see this effect with tipsy people. In the following photo's you see a snap-shot from a video of my eye in which you see the white spots. These spots appear and disappear irregular which means that some of the white spots are not related to reflection of light. So it comes from within the hologram itself or the soul is peeping out.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The awakening, Schumann resonance and listening Gamma waves

I say that our soul is special, but we live on this world and it is restraining us. An important factor in this is the Schumann resonance. They say this resonance is an extreme low frequency produced by the earths' electromagnetic field. So we live in it all the time and it feeds our soul and body with energy. But as it is a very low frequency, our soul has to function on a very low level. So after a days work or using the brain we are to tired and need to refill the battery and have to sleep. This Schumann resonance has an average of 7,48 - 7,83 Hz and it has been around this level for a long time. But what would happen if this resonance starts to spike or changes it's frequency?

What is the Schumann resonance?

If we look at a full brainwave frequency table then we notice that the Schumann frequency lies in the alpha-theta range which stimulates the retrieval of memories from the subconscious. As the brain vibrates on this level, then our soul will work on this level as well. But in the table you can see that there are much more higher levels of consciousness through resonating on certain levels. If we work and are quite awake then we function in the Alpha range. But as you can see if the Schumann resonance would actually lie withing the gamma range, then we could do so much more with our brain. It is important for the harmonising and unifying thoughts processed in different parts of the brain and combines different perceptions.

Strange Schumann spikes and awakening

For some time (if I am correct since 2014) there have been huge minutes lasting (white) spikes within the Schumann resonance. As you can see in the figure, there are extreme white spikes on certain days. In this example you can see 3 different big spikes lasting approximately 15 to 30 minutes at a time spiking over 40 Hz aka into the gamma range frequency. It is pure speculation on how this is caused, but it might be a clue on the awakening within the end-game that is happening. If this is true and the spikes continue to grow in strength and length then it might be of influence of the effective working of our mind and soul. I told already that we are special meaning our soul is special and these spikes might bring us out of the constant spells of this world. If this is the case then I would encourage it for sure. You actually might stimulate your own brain or soul by starting to listen to gamma sounds on a daily basis.

Youtube example of Gamma waves aka sounds, in this case used as a meditation technique

For activating your complete brain you can use the following method. It uses 108 Hz (hyper gamma) and 9 Hz together. It really gets my brain going and is amazing. Listen with headphones for the best result. Closed eyes can help, but isn't necessary.

How is this related to the created cracks in the firmament glass?

As we live in a prison planet earth, then it is speculation what is out there. This blog originally was written to prove or disprove the globe earth or flat earth model. And it seems to be something flat and thus probably with the firmament in the sky (as described in the Bible), with waters above and below. The water above the firmament works like a dampening-field, aka we cannot hear the resonance which is outside this earth. But as they probably have been working for decades in cracking the glass with lightening, we might start to hear what is out there. So if the dampening-field is completely gone, then our brain aka soul can function optimal within the gamma or frequencies above that.

PS: some of the above is speculation as we cannot prove what is out there and that it works like it is written here. But logic suggests this possibility for sure.

Example of pure Gamma waves in sound:
Full brainwave frequencies:
Schumann resonances (translated from Russian):

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How and why in the world did we get trapped in this prison earth?

Only look at the news and have some understanding of what is going on, then you can realise the obvious. How did we get here, why are we trapped here and more importantly how can we escape? These are the basis questions with which each of us has to be working on right now. This as it seems that we are in the end-fase of this loop in this world, aka there will be a reset. So why are we here, who are we and how are they tricking us?

How did we get trapped here?

Unlike what they have thought us, I think that we are special. Not the human body, but our soul is very special. We come from a world that isn't this one, but we are living this physical life now. We probably are playing a game (of worlds), but we don't remember that we are. Before we got in this plane, they (the game-keepers) have wiped clear our memory in order that we have no clue where we are and what the game is about. But these archons are clever and have tricked us to willingly be here. I believe a part of our real soul is playing this game, and the big part of our soul is trapped in a star in the firmament or it might be that we are strapped in a chair with us playing this game mentally. But there is the possibility that we are in a continuous loop.

Continuous loop through reincarnation 

If you play this game and you die, then your soul lives on. But as you just passed away some familiar entity shows up telling you to go with them into the light. If you do that willingly, then you go into the life-review. They will con you into the understanding that you have been a bad person and that you aren't allowed into heaven. But you can make up for it by reincarnating. So you have to play this world game again. This afterlife scam results in that they can profit from your soul over and over again unless you solve the puzzle for which you entered this game in the first place.

Low energy level gives possibility for negative energy feeding

The bad entities have found a way to profit from our special soul. By lowering our energy level through education, negative news, food, clothes that we wear, medication and on and on. With the maximisation of crises in the world now, millions of people will be in this negative energy level already. This means an abundant energy flow for the bad entities. If you are negative then the entities feed, but with extra lowering energy levels, the more entities will stick on you. If you don't feel very well at this moment, then it actually might be caused by the entities doing something to your body. But they also can whisper things into your mind. For instance doing bad things you normally would not do. And the more bad things you do, the more negative whispering will there be and the more bad things you will do. This is a cumulative negative spiral also. Negative whisperings give negative thoughts which feed the negative energy-levels. By not agreeing or not doing so, you can break out of of it, so that there is less to feed on.

The divide and conquer method and our soul

The world isn't what it seems to be like shown on the television or like we have learned in school. In my opinion it is all a lie. And as it looks we live in a crises maximisation period right now. What we learn in school, through religion and what we see on the television/ internet is all used to confuse us. If you are confused then you start asking questions, but other people have other answers so you never see the real answers. You stay stuck in a discussion like the earth is a globe or the earth if flat or even holographic. So it is a means of divide and conquer. Just like you see everywhere in the world, but this time it isn't for the physical, it is for dividing our soul. This is also why there are religions over the world. Divide and conquer and it is an easy way to con people into reincarnating once again.

How do we know we are in the end-fase?

Actually this has a Biblical relationship. You might be religious or not, but some things are clear as crystal. On the 5-th June 2016 the Star of David aka Davidstar was visible in the position of all the planets, Sun and Moon right above Jerusalem (red triangle above and blue triangle below). This was the first sign of the change which means that the last fase of the end-time starts. And there is another sign in the sky on 23-rd September 2017 which resembles Revelation 12. From the 9-th September 2017 Jupiter starts to leave the whom of Virgo (virgin) and will be born after 14 days. This sign is depicted within the Bible and depicts the end of the end-time or the beginning of the real change. Of course this all is very symbolic, but as prophecies seem to be played out in the world then the end is near. I suggest the end will be like a reset or the game will end.

How to escape and how to prevent energy-draining?

In a previous post I made a diagram in which you can see through which means the entities or dark forces are influencing us by putting us under a spell and lowering our energy-level. If you understand how they do it, then you know also what to do about it. It is all about your believe-system. So do you still believe what they have thought you in school or will you start to think on the obvious. Don't believe the news or simply don't listen to it. It is distracting you from the search that you should work on. What is this world really about and who am I? It is important that you regain a positive energy-level as they cannot feed from positivity. An important message is to understand that you are the special one, as that is exactly what they don't seem to teach at all. You are special! If you realise that then you can become positive again and get a higher positive energy-level. Don't get distracted by other unnecessary things. This also goes with negative persons. If you encounter a narcist person then you should have little to no contact with her/him as they drain your energy. So solve the problem and go on. What might be helpful is to listen to alpha-wave music as well, as it helps focus your soul and keeps it on a good positive level. But if you pass away, then your soul goes on. Don't go into the light, as the creatures are in there. If a familiar face tries to convince you to go with them into the light, then you should be aware and not agree. This is an important message! Focus before you do anything and you will realise yourself which way is the good exit.

Picture Star of David:
How to exit the reincarnation system:
Rich West on entities, soul-contracts, afterlife review and scam:
Example on alpha wave music: