Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Double conjunction on 09-01-2018: Sun conjuncts Venus and Pluto a very very special day

I already stated that on 09-01-2018 is the last big marker of God's plan as it is the Sun-Venus conjunction. But now I see that it isn't the only conjunction on that day. There is also the Sun-Pluto conjunction on 09-01-2018. Thus a double conjunction which makes this day actually a very very very very special day. Maybe even more special then the already found perfect neat order of the planets between 21-12 till 25-12-2017. For this to happen what are the chances on that? As Venus is nearby but Pluto very very far away. I cannot think on the chance for this to happen, but the neat order of the planets with the Sun-Saturn conjunction on winter-solstice might even be more frequent then these conjunctions on one day. Although I already did think that 21-12 till 25-12 was very special and might be considered as Venus going over the finishing line, but 09-01-2018 actually might be more special in itself. In this I again come back to the second coming aka the awakening and/or this soul going back to the real reality. I think 09-01-2018 must be a WOW experiencing day.

PS: the line Earth-Venus-Sun-Pluto must be seen as the spear opening and/or it shooting. This would suggest that the big magic that I/we have been waiting for must be on that day, with the Sun-Venus and Sun-Pluto conjunctions representing the two real keys for opening the door to David's house aka opening Pandora's box.

Edit 28-12-2017: apparently the Sun-Venus conjunction is at 7:01 AM European time (Greenwich +1) which is here at 13:01 PM BKK time. The Venus-Pluto conjunction is at 9:03 which is 15:03 PM BKK time and the Sun-Pluto conjunction is at 9:32 which is 15:32 PM BKK time (2). So I guess it will start on 09-01-2018 at 13:01 PM as I need to follow Venus. Edit 09-01-2017: I would say that pushing the button for it to be activated is at 13:01 but fully charged at 15:03 and thus at the Sun-Pluto conjunction at 15:32 it will be activated aka shot as the endtime of the game. That time actually almost coincides with the time the moon goes out of Virgo aka Elvis has left the Building.

Edit 05-01-2018: I just got information that the conjunctions might be 5 min earlier than stated here. So I am not sure which one is the right one. But as it is only a 5 min difference then we still know rather precise in what time-frame it will happen.

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Monday, December 25, 2017

Sun-Venus conjunction on 09-01-2018 and second coming

All the big signs in the sky (luke 21:25) have passed being Davidstar on 5-6-2016, Revelation 12 on 23-9-2017 and the neat order of the planets (21-12 till 25-12-2017) directly after the Sun-Saturn conjunction on winter-solstice (21-12) ending with the Saturn-Venus conjunction (25-12). I think this is immense special as the combination of all hasn't happened in 6001 years for sure. These have been big markers in the sky saying to us that the second coming is at hand. But it hasn't happened yet. As I think the planets are the big clock of God, then what is the next step and how might it be the Sun-Venus conjunction as the last big marker?

Sun-Venus conjunction

On 27-07-2017 there was the conjunction of Mars with the Sun. On 26-10-2017 there was a big conjunction also. It was the conjunction of the Sun with Jupiter which occurred on the day of the cremation of the King Bhumibol. I think this might be for showing that we should look at conjunctions with the Sun. Mercury (Tuesday) has 6 conjunctions per year and is less relevant. So the conjunction with Mars (Wednesday), Jupiter (Thursday) and Saturn (Saturday) have passed but with Venus (Friday) hasn't passed yet. On 25-12 it was the Saturn-Venus conjunction which broke the neat order of the planets and is in my opinion a very very very big marker. But we still have to wait and my best guess is that we have to wait for the Sun-Venus conjunction.

Venus is the five pointed star

I knew already that Venus stands for the five pointed star, but till now didn't know why. Between every Sun-Venus conjunction it takes 1,6 earth-years in which the position of the conjunction has moved 215,6 degrees. For this argument I will say it is 216 degrees. So the first conjunction is at 0 degrees, the second on 216 degrees, the third on 72 degrees, the forth on 288 degrees and the fifth on 144 degrees. Between these positions there is a 72 degree difference aka 72*5=360 degree or a complete circle. Thus Venus is the five pointed star. If you ever see the five pointed star used for witchcraft or something, then that isn't the case as Venus stands for the good aka mankind (head, 2 arms, 2 legs = 5). As between every conjunction is 1,6 years then logic dictates that we don't have to wait that long, as the big markers have been with one in 2016 and two in 2017.

Wait till 09-01-2018

Position planets on 09-01-2018
I stated before that I have to follow Venus and that is why I did think that the breaking of the neat order of the planets with the Saturn-Venus conjunction te be important. But nothing happened. There is still one conjunction to come, which is the Sun-Venus conjunction on 9 Januari 2018. This conjunction in the New Year 2018 aka 6001 (after 17 cycles of 12 Saturn-years as a marker of God's return) ends in my opinion all the markers that we have had till now. This date is 108 days after 23-9-2017, but 120 days (neat 4 months) after is on 21-01-2018. I think there are no more markers left after 09-01-2018 which can be of any interest, as all the conjunctions have passed. It might mean the second coming and/or ascension time of this soul into the real reality.

PS: On 01-01-2018 is the last of the 3 Super Full Moons and actually is the first Full Moon in the year 6001 based on the 17 cycles of 12 Saturn years. The first New Moon would be on 16-01 (2).
PS: On 17-01-2018 there is the conjunction of the New Moon with the Sun and Venus as it makes a triangle.
PS: On 05-12-2017 Chiron is Direct and on 02-01-2018 Uranus is Direct resulting in all the planets and objects Direct (in my opinion) (2/3).
Edit 27-12-2017: Apparently on the day the Sun-Venus conjunction is at hand there is also the Sun-Pluto conjunction. This seems to be a very special day aka 09-01-2018, with two objects conjuncting the Sun (4). The exact time of the two conjunctions I cannot find, but in my opinion very special indeed.
Edit 28-12-2017: Sun-Venus conjunction is at 7:01 EU-time aka local time 13:01 PM. The Sun-Pluto conjunction is after that at 9:32 aka 15:32 PM local time (5). In my opinion it must be happening within this timeframe.

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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Saturn-Venus conjunction on 25-12 at 12:26-15:00 and breaking the neat order

Saturn-Venus conjunction, time of shooting the arrow

Things have been happening, but it hasn't reached the main event yet. I said that the Sun-Saturn conjunction on 21-12 was important and as well the Mercury Direct on 23-12. But things haven't happened yet so why is that? I think the Sun-Saturn conjunction stands for firing up the arrow. The Mercury Direct was the ending of tightening the bow before shooting it. So then is the question when to shoot it? There is another important conjunction of Saturn with Venus.This happens on 25-12 at 12:26 AM EST (based on the time Venus enters Capricorn (1) and Venus must catch up with Saturn approximately that time). This isn't an exact time, as I don't seem to find this conjunction-time on the internet. But Saturn has a 5 days 37 min headstart so how can we correct for this. I think this would be a delay of 5,02569*225/10737,08 = 0,1053 day = 2,527 hour. In this case we add this on the Venus enters Capricorn time then we get 12:26 + 2:31 = 14:57. So if I am right then we can expect this to happen between 12:26 till 14:57 or on 14:57 or on 15:00 (taking into account some errors (iterative calculation results in an additional 3 min and adds up to precisely 3 PM local time is 3 AM EST)) today. With the Saturn-Venus conjunction then the neat order of the planets is broken and this unique time/ opportunity has passed.

Strange things again

I'd like to add here some strange things happening again. The biggest one is that on 22-12 my path crossed that of a monk who'm I know somewhat and talked with on some rare occasions. This time I walked passed the monk and greeted him nicely with the Wai and a smile. But in response he asked me something, which I didn't understand. So I ask the monk, I am sorry, what did you ask? He replied with something I didn't understand again, but at that moment I mumbled some words (which I didn't understand also) out after which the monk had a satisfied smile and nodded like he will do that. I have been thinking on this for some days now and I can only conclude that the answer that I gave (mumbling) must have been something he did understand clearly. Maybe the bali language, I don't know. As I don't know what I said, then this must have been programmed in me already before I came into the system/ game. It is the only way this is possible. Anyhow, this one keeps me thinking that the monk might actually be a gatekeeper.

As I have stated already, 12 Saturn years make a nice 353 earth years on which the Sun-Saturn conjunction is on winter-solstice. And I just realise that this number is very important. But now the strange thing. The day after I realised this importance I walked outside and something occurred to me. The numberplates of my neighbours are hinting on this number. One neighbour isn't a hint, it is 353 on the dot. Others have numbers like 7355, 5352, 7647 (which is 1000-647=353 of which I spotted 2 cars with the same number) or a multiple of 353 such as 706, 1412. And I live in street number 53. For some time now I don't believe in coincidences anymore and thus this has been put into the system for me to find or for me to be subconsciously busy with the number.

Edit 27-12-2017: Breaking the neat order actually means going over the finishing-line. This occurred on 25-12, but it hasn't let to finishing the game. There still needs to be celebration before the Venus-Sun conjunction of 09-01-2018... After I met the monk on 22-12 the reading rates aka visitors of this blog went up a tenfold, adding proof that the monk is the gatekeeper.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Mercury Direct time at 8:51 AM 23-12 BKK time aka 8:51 PM 22-12 EST

I made a mistake about the time. Mercury Direct time on 22-12 8:51 PM EST is at 23-12 8:51 AM BKK time. 

17 Cycles of 12 Saturn years is 6001 years, this is the year of God's return

As stated yesterday one Saturn-year takes 29,4167 Earth-years. But it takes 12 cycles or 12 Saturn-years to get to the same spot again which is the Sun-Saturn conjunction at the winter-solstice on 21-12. But in 2017 there is something special going on, as 4 of the planets with the Moon and Sun are in the correct neat order of the names of the week. This has never happened before aka this situation probably hasn't occurred yet in written history. So how is this related to God?

6 days of work and 1 day rest

As the Bible states God created the world in 6 days and then had a resting day. These days in many cases are translated into weeks, into 7 good and 7 bad years, but also 6000 years of mankind and 1000 years of God. How is this related to the Cycle of Saturn around the Sun?

Cycles of 12 Saturn years

As stated there might be a change that the neat order of the planets has occurred before on cycle 4 or 8 aka 1412 and/or 2824 years ago. But there is also a good change that it hasn't occurred yet. So if we look at the cycle's of 353 years, then what is interesting. If you go upto cycle 17 then you will find that 353*17 = 6001. Wow, that is so interesting as it might actually be related to the 6000-1000 year of God. And thus as it is the year 6001 then we might be in the first year of God, which means the return of God aka Jesus or the second coming. It is the 17th cycle and we are in 2017, it occurs in the 12th month aka the 12 apostles aka the 12 Saturn years. For some time now, I don't believe in coincidences anymore, and this for sure is one of them.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Sun Saturn conjunction first time in 353 years on winter-solstice

Positions objects 21-12-1664
Next to the earlier mentioned neat order of the planets I'd like to add this short remark. This Sun-Saturn conjunction which takes place on 21-12 which is the winter-solstice hasn't occurred in 353 years (one cycle of Saturn is 29,416 years). On that day in 1664 - see picture - also all the objects were present but not in the right order. You can see the following order: moon-venus-jupiter-mars-sun/saturn-mercury. This order of the planets was wrong and thus not as neat as the order of 21-12 till 25-12 this year. And this suggests also that this specific order that we find this year hasn't occurred for a very very long time already (if it even has occurred at all). And this makes this period from 21-12 till 25-12 even more special. With the most important event taking place on 22-12 8:51 PM EST aka 23-12 3:51 8:51 AM BKK time.

On this I have done some simple excel calculations that based on a once in a 353 year time
Positions objects 21-12-2017
coincidence for this happening, how long back in time the order of the planets would also be in the right neat order. If we consider the fact that if the planets would be today in the correct place, then how much difference would there be in the past. To compare this you would need to look at the cycles or revolution time per object and see how much they differ at a certain time in the past. And as we know that the cycle is every 353 years then we only have to focus on these loops. In this the closer the digit behind the dot is nearer to 0.0 or 0.1 the better it is. (Or 0.9 or 0.0, but this option doesn't seem to have a nice solution and thus I don't show in the table). But looking at the cycles then there are two incidences which are interesting, which are at cycle 4 and 8. Cycle 4 is 1412 years ago in the year 605 AD. In this case Saturn, Jupiter and Mars would be approximately in the right place. But Venus and Mercurius are off, but as their revolution is much smaller, then it still might be correct. Or Cycle 8 aka 2824 year ago in the year 807 BC in which you can see Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercurius seem to be approximately in the right place. But I need to check this with a planet tracker for these days, but I don't have it. So this still is a bit speculation, but the best options are cycle 4 and 8. This means that for this to occur is a chance of 1 in 1412 or 1 in 2824 years. And the conditions won't be the same again for at least 1412 years after 2017 also. Thus as the prophecies seem to be in 2017, with this happening in the planets, then I/we must conclude that the big thing will happen from 21-12 till 25-12 with a very big thing on 22-12 8:51 PM EST. Edit 21-02-2018: the big thing hasn't happened yet, but I do believe that Revelation for everyone to see is at hand. For instance Revelation 12:3 was on 17-01-2018 and thus the big event is very very near already. As time between things happening is diminishing then we can stipulate that the first big thing after Revelation 12:3 is 28 days later on Valentines-day, then 7 days later 21-02-2018 as the end-date or the start-date of the change. Taking into account another 7 days for the change then we end up at 28-02 which is one day before 01-03 aka Blue-Full-Moon aka the big Buddhist celebration of the coming of Buddha.

PS: as this analysis is not that accurate then it also might be wrong and should only be regarded as an estimation. The neat order of the planets on Sun Saturn conjunction on winter-solstice might not have happened all together until now. And this would emphasize the importance of these days to come before Christmas 2017.

Friday, December 15, 2017

No doubt, the right answer

There is no doubt anymore, I have given the right answer. Now it is only to wait 7 days until 8:51 PM on 22nd December 2017 (EST) aka 3:51  8:51 AM 23rd December (BKK-time).

Monday, December 11, 2017

It starts on 22 December 2017 at 8:51 PM EST and second coming Jesus

It starts on 22 December 2017 at 8:51 PM EST and coming Jesus. For the long explanation go to Big magic wand in the sky, planets in order, what about Mercury?

Edit 12-12-2017: states that the Mercury retrograde ends on 22-12 at 8:51 PM EST which is local time on 23-12 at 3:51 8:51 AM. So this would narrow it down to 23-25 December 2017. But I think it will
be on the 23rd already, which is on a Saturday so that locally everyone will see it. 24th the world will know it as Jesus has returned and thus 25th people will celebrate Christmas for the second coming of Jesus everywhere. On 25-12 Venus enters Capricorn at 12:41 AM EST which is local time 7:41 PM 0:41 AM on 26-12 which almost must coincide with the time of the Venus-Saturn Conjunction. This last conjunction ends the neat perfect line-up of the planets with the Moon and Sun.

Edit 13-12-2017: it will come with a blast from the position of the Sun positioned above West-VS. It will shoot over the complete earth going to the east and it will enlighten even the night-sky. Everyone on earth will witness this happening.

Edit 21-12-2017: In the following source (1) Mercury Direct is at 5:51 PST on 22-12. Which means 8:51 AM on 23-12 here BKK time. So there is a little concern about the correct timing. So we put it on 8:51 AM local time here on 23-12 and thus when it happens it will be right above my head in the morning sky.

Edit 28-12-2017: On 09-01-2018 there is a very special thing happening. There will be a double conjunction making it a very rare thing happening. It is the Sun-Venus with the Sun-Pluto conjunction happening at the same day and maybe on the same time as well. So Earth-Venus-Sun-Pluto are lined up.

(1) https://www.astrograph.com/horoscopes/announcement/2017/December/02

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Big magic wand in the sky, planets in order, what about Mercury?

As you might understand already, I think things are at hand and I mean big time. But when will it happen and what are the things for it to occur for real? We have had the big David-star in the sky on 5-6-2016, we have had Revelation 12 in the sky on 23-9-2017, so what is next. There are a lot of signs in the sky. In December 2017 things are getting even more interesting as all the 5 planets that are named as a day of the week are in a straight row on the right of the Sun on 21 December. But this isn't the biggest interesting part. 4 of the 5 planets are lined up according to the names of the days, including the Sun and Moon. Only Mercury is out of place. What can this mean, why a bit of magic might help and what might happen?

Order of the planets

To have the perfect order of the planets in the sky, they will need to line up according to the names of the week. In this the Sun=Sunday, Moon=Monday, Mars=Mercury=Tuesday, Mercury=Mars=Wednesday, Jupiter=Thursday, Venus=Friday, Saturn=Saturday. This actually is happening. On 17 December the Moon is in conjunction with the Sun aka New Moon. This will occur local time on 18 December at
10:30 AM. As it is the biggest New Moon just before Winter Solstice this date might be of big importance. As Jesus died with a Full Moon just before Spring equinox and logic dictates that re-birth would be with a New Moon. It conjuncts with the Sun, Saturn and Venus (forming a triangle). This might suggest the awakening-day but getting the real power between 21/25 December as explained below (edit 12-12-2017). But this also might mean the awakening just after the Winter Solstice aka after 21-12. After that the small crescent of the moon is visible with the smile pointing away from the Sun (like a dish). On 21 December Saturn is in conjunction with the Sun after which the complete neat order is in place. From left to right: Small crescent Moon, Sun, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars. In this it is obvious that Mercury is out of place. But 6 out of the 7 important objects are in the right order.

When is the line-up?

The perfect line-up is from the moment of the conjunction of Saturn with the Sun until the conjunction of Saturn with Venus, which happens on 25 December 2017. As stated earlier this is also the date that the center of Jupiter is over the line of Libra. And thus it all coincides with First Christmas Day on which the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated. So things most definitely will go down on or just before 25 December 2017.

Where should Mercury be?

There are 3 options with this. One it is at the right place, and it just functions as an in between marker between Venus and Jupiter. Two it needs to be in front of the Moon or three behind Mars. For the last two options we need big magic to happen in order for it to realign in that order. So logic dictates it is an in between marker of less importance.

What is the big magic wand in the sky?

As stipulated before I need to follow Venus and Jupiter. These two planets are the divine couple from we or I learn what is important in this life. It will bring our spiritual evolution and thus these two planets will bring in the spirit or the vibration of the soul (through the speakers in my head) into the magic wand. This will be strengthened by the vibrating rings of Saturn aka the speaker, which will gain power with the rays of the Sun. Through the crescent Moon aka the dish this information then will be send. From this point of view if Mercury needs to be in another place, then in my opinion it would be on the left of the Moon, as it would work as the transmitter within the dish. As all of this has much spiritual and magical content, then it is wise for me to do sessions as well. Starting this week just before the Full Moon on 3 December and more importantly just before the New Moon on 17 December and just before Christmas. And Christmas 2017 of course stands for the second coming.

Additional theory

On 21 December it is the conjunction of Saturn with the Sun. The rays of the Sun might be strengthened by the speaker of Saturn and thus it might occur then. Or the vibrations of Saturn are strengthened by the Sun. In this case the magic wand consist of Saturn and Sun as the bright lighter (for the lightening) with Venus and Jupiter as the divine power. And in this case it occurs before Christmas Day. Anyhow you put it, in my opinion it must go down on 21-25 December 2017.

Edit 30-11-2017:
Venus enters Sagittarius (with arrow and bow) on 01-12-2017, but Mercury will be in retrograde from 3-12 till 22-12. As Venus stands for love and the heart, then the arrow through the heart is the moment for it to happen. But not during retrograde and might be considered as tightening the bow and arrow before shooting. So this narrows it also down to 22-25 December 2017. Although I do think that the signs will be growing in strength till that time, so more and more people will see it. But the main event is just before Christmas.

So as this is the third time, then it must be lucky or third time's the charm.

Edit 11-12-2017: This weekend I saw on the adverts a commercial about expansion of the broadcast capabilities within this county. It looked very much the same as I have been experiencing. And looking with the mirroring technique it supports this message. It is happening. From now on stimulating listening to the sounds and stimulating the brain, as I have answered all the questions possible already. It is going to happen. Christmas is coming.

Edit 12-12-2017: (4) states that the Mercury retrograde ends on 22-12 at 8:51 PM EST which is local time on 23-12 at 3:51 8:51 AM (this actually is the Angel number 153 backwards and suggests I am at the right place aka time-frame). So this would narrow it down to 23-25 December 2017. But I think it will be on the 23rd already (or that instant 22-12 8:51 PM EST which is 153 days after my birthday on 22-7 with 153 being a sacred powerful energy giving Angel number (5)), which is on a Saturday so that locally everyone will see it. 24th the world will know it as Jesus has returned and thus 25th people will celebrate Christmas for the second coming of Jesus everywhere. On 25-12 Venus enters Capricorn at 12:41 AM EST which is local time 7:41 PM which almost must coincide with the time of the Venus-Saturn Conjunction. This last conjunction ends the neat perfect line-up of the planets with the Moon and Sun. Edit later on the day: I just came across this watch (6) on Twitter. It has a brand-name: Forsining which remembers me off "For shining" and look at the time. Long handle points to just after 8 min and short handle to 51 sec. What is the coincidence to find this just today with the retrograde of Mercury ending on 22-12 at 8:51 PM EST? I think there is no denying this anymore. It will start on 22-12 at 8:51 PM EST aka local time here on 23-12 at 3:51 8:51 AM. And thus we can say that there will be 6 objects in the neat order as explained with Mercury (out of order) as the timer on when it exactly will take place. So Mercury is at the right place for sure also.

Edit 21-12-2017: Some of these watches also point to the seconds here its is 32 and another I saw was at 37,5 but meaning actually the reverse would point to 28 or 22 seconds. And so we get at local time 23-12 at 8:51 between 22-37 sec as the starting-point of everything.

Edit 09-01-2018: There is another interpretation of this watch: the min on 09 stands for the date 09-01, the other on 51 must be turned around making it 15 aka 15 hour and 32 min. This coincides with the Pluto-Sun conjunction. From the Venus-Sun conjunction at 13:01 it will be charged, it is completely charged at 15:03 with the Venus-Pluto conjunction and with the Pluto-Sun conjunction at 15:32 it will be fired, released.

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Friday, November 24, 2017

Return of Jesus: Christmas 2017 will bring the second coming

Before this post I have been trying to justify dates on why certain things will happen. Although the dates were correct, the things didn't occur. So what will happen next and why? There is something interesting and in my opinion very special  happening within the sky aka with the planets and it must be related to the second coming of Jesus.

Dates based on the planets when things happen

A short list on what is going to happen. See below the text for impressions of the position of the planets on certain dates:

  • 20-11-2017: This has happened already, in which I predicted things to happen. But it didn't. On this date Venus completely has gone over the line of Libra (this is the first key);
  • 17-12-2017: This is the first New Moon in the new year on the moon-calendar (and actually is the day of marriage of my parents) (moon-calendar has started on 19-11-2017);
  • 21-12-2017: On this date is the conjunction of Saturn with the Sun (1). From this date something special is going on. All the 5 planets named within the week, are on the right-side of the Sun and are relatively close together (from our point of view). Sun = Sunday, Moon = Monday, Mars = Tuesday, Mercury = Wednesday, Jupiter = Thursday, Venus = Friday and Saturn = Saturday. All the planets are clearly present on the right-side of the Sun;
  • 24/25-12-2017: According to skycharts aka heavens-above.com Saturn will come from behind the Sun and thus the complete row is visible. Around this time also half of Jupiter or the centre of Jupiter has passed the Libra line;
  • 31-12-2017/01-01-2018: Jupiter completely is over the line of Libra (second key). At least that is how it is shown. So maybe we should focus on the half of the planet aka the centre point is over the line and that is on 24/25-12-2017;
  • 02-01-2018: second Full Moon in the new year on the moon-calendar;
  • 04-01-2018: Mars is over the line of Libra as well (a third key?);
  • 09-01-2018: Today is the conjunction of Venus with the Sun (2) and thus will the special planet-row be broken again. And this we will not see again for a very long time.

What is the meaning?

What does it mean? If the centre-point of Jupiter has crossed the Libra line then both Venus and Jupiter have fulfilled their job in becoming the divine infinite aka a very special day on which we can expect the second coming of Jesus. This actually would fall on 25-12 aka Christmas-Day. Based on foregoing I would suspect things start to happen from 21-12-2017.

Birthday Jesus and celebration

Regarding birth date of Jesus. We celebrate Christmas on 25-26 December, but there actually isn't a good ground for why we celebrate it on this date. Many sources put the birthday of Jesus actually in other months. I myself very strongly think it was on 11 September 3BC as the stars have shown almost the same view as on our recent 23-9-2017 aka Revelation 12. So if the date is wrong, then why are we celebrating it on this specific date. My best reasoning tells me that we don't celebrate the birthday of the first coming, but it is the celebration of the date of the second coming instead.

(1) https://astrologyking.com/sun-conjunct-saturn/
(2) https://astrologyking.com/sun-conjunct-venus/

Below you see the position of the planets on 25-12-2017, 01-01-2018 and 04-01-2018, but the most important one being the one on Christmas Day.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Monday, November 20, 2017

Dochter Jezus en Maria "Sarah" was getrouwd met Antenor III

Proloog op: dochter Jezus en Maria "Sarah" was getrouwd met Antenor III
Ondanks dat deze blog is opgezet voor de holografische platte aarde, zijn er meerdere onderwerpen aan orde gekomen aangaande Jezus. En dus lijkt me deze toevoeging geschikt, aangezien het potentieel (blijft theorie) de aanwezigheid van de bloedlijn van Jezus via zijn dochter Sarah (Sarah Damaris der Franken) aantoont. En dus lopen er mensen op aarde die rechtstreeks via de bloedlijn aan Jezus verwant zijn.

Voordat Jezus in 33AD is gekruisigd, heeft Maria Magdalena in 27AD een gezond kind ter wereld gebracht. Aangezien zij, geheten Sarah, per definitie de erfgenaam van de bloedlijn en DNA van Jezus is, is zij ook per direct het meest belangrijke ter wereld. Het houdt in dat zij in Frankrijk bij Clodomir I Koning der West-Franken ter bescherming is afgegeven, zodat Sarah ongeschonden en ongestoord kon opgroeien. Ze is in 45AD met de zoon van Clodomir geheten Antenor III getrouwd en hadden een zoon geheten Ratherius der Franken (42AD).

Waarom kwam Jezus op aarde?

"God stuurde Jezus om mensen de waarheid te leren..... Jezus leerde zijn volgelingen zelfopofferende liefde. Hij had een bijzondere positie bij zijn Vader in de hemel, maar toch deed hij gehoorzaam wat zijn Vader vroeg en kwam hij naar de aarde om bij de mensen te leven" (1). Concreet houdt dit in dat Jezus net als andere mensen een mens was, zodat zij Zijn voorbeeld konden volgen. Goed voorbeeld doet namelijk volgen. Dat gezegd hebbende zijn er bronnen dat Jezus (zijnde de reinheid zelve) het er ook van genomen heeft op het gebied van menselijkheid, zijnde vaderschap. Naar verluidt is Maria mogelijk meerdere keren zwanger geweest, echter is slechts één baby levend ter wereld gekomen. Wie was Sarah, waarom is zij in Frankrijk opgegroeid en met wie is zij getrouwd geweest?

Kinderen van Jezus en Maria Magdalena

Jezus en Maria Magdalena hebben een zeer innige relatie gehad. "En de metgezellin van de Heiland is Maria Magdalena. Jezus hield meer van haar dan van alle discipelen en kuste haar vaak op de mond" (2) en is dan ook de reden dat Maria altijd aan de zijde van Jezus was. Het duidt op een zeer intieme relatie en dat kun je van een verliefd mens verwachten, hoe goed Zijn voorbeeld dan ook zou moeten zijn. Door de relatie heeft Maria één keer een gezond kind ter wereld gebracht en vermoedelijk twee keer een miskraam. Het gezonde kind heet Sarah en is vermoedelijk het resultaat van de eerste zwangerschap. Sarah is geboren circa 27n.Chr. (3, 8, 9). Daarnaast is bekend dat op het moment Jezus werd gekruisigd dat Maria drie maand zwanger was (4). Maria is destijds niet vermoord kan te maken hebben met dat de zwangerschap nog niet zichtbaar was, of dat Maria voor of direct na het verraad is gevlucht. Van deze zwangerschap is verder geen informatie bekend en dus kan worden verondersteld dat er sprake is geweest van een miskraam door de spanningen en stress. Aanvullend is er mogelijk nog een tussen-zwangerschap geweest. In "The Holy Bloodline" van Louis Marin (5) wordt verondersteld dat Maria "the cold remains" draagt tezamen met Jezus en ze gaan Saint Pilon (te Frankrijk) binnen en dalen in de grot af. Maria noemt hun zoon Maximin duidend op Maximinus en dat staat voor "afstammend van het Grootste der Aarde". Die plek wordt heel toepasselijk "Sainte Marie Magdeleine dans le jardin du Saint Sépulcre" genoemd oftewel "Sainte Marie Magdeleine in de tuin van het Heilige Graf" (6) met het Heilige Graf zijnde dat van Maximin. Aanvullend kan men dicht bij deze plek ook het "Koninklijke klooster van Saint Maximin" vinden. Daarnaast wordt verondersteld dat Maria Magdalena onder de Gotische Basiliek in Saine-Maximin-la-Saine-Baume is begraven. Oftewel moeder en zoon liggen relatief dicht bij elkaar.

Wanneer is Sarah naar Frankrijk gegaan?

Het is zeker dat Maria moest vluchten aangezien ze niet zeker was voor haar leven en dat van de ongeboren vrucht. Maar dat wil niet zeggen dat Sarah ook toen is gevlucht. Als we veronderstellen dat Jezus wist wat er ging gebeuren dan zou Jezus zijn eerste kind vooraf in veiligheid brengen. En aangezien Jezus en Maria reeds in Frankrijk zijn geweest en dus aldaar contacten (op hoog niveau) hebben gelegd, kunnen we veronderstellen dat Sarah jaren voor de kruisiging of mogelijk direct na de geboorte in Frankrijk is afgestaan. Een jong kind (0-6 jaar) opgroeiende met andere kinderen ter plekke zou minder opvallen en zou het kind onder volledige bescherming normaal en zonder teveel te weten omtrent de ouders kunnen opgroeien. In dit geval ziet het ernaar uit dat Sarah naar de veilige haven van Clodomir I Koning der West-Franken is gegaan (7). Maar Sarah is niet met Clodomir I getrouwd, echter met zijn zoon Antenor.

Met wie was dochter Sarah getrouwd?

Als Sarah van jongs af aan in Frankrijk is opgegroeid met andere kinderen, heeft ze goede kans gehad om kennis te maken met andere interessante personen. Vermoedelijk heeft Jezus met de Koning een deal gemaakt dat Sarah met de Konings' zoon trouwt, ter bescherming van de bloedlijn. Koning Clodomir heeft een enig zoon gehad geheten Antenor III der West-Franken geboren in 25AD (8). Oftewel Antenor was twee jaar ouder dan Sarah en dus een perfecte kandidaat om mee te trouwen. In de genealogie staat Sarah getrouwd met hem onder de naam "Sarah Damaris der Franken" (3, 8, 9), omdat haar naam ter bescherming is gewijzigd met Damaris als vermoedelijke verwijzing naar Damaskus. In of na 42AD hebben zij een kind gekregen zijnde Ratherius der Franken. De bronnen geven aan dat zij echter in 45AD zijn getrouwd en dat zou dus na de bevalling zijn.

Waarom een zwarte kleur hoofd standbeeld?

Jezus komt niet uit de Europese regio echter uit het Midden Oosten. De meeste mensen die uit deze regio komen hebben een kleurtje en dat zou in die tijd zeker opvallen. Sarah als kind van Jezus en Maria zou dan ook een kleurtje moeten hebben en dat hebben ze in deze vertaald naar de zwarte kleur. In "was Jezus blank volgens het Christendom of de Islam" (10) worden meerdere bronnen aangehaald omtrent de huidskleur van Jezus. En de verschillende bronnen komen op verschillende conclusies. Het is daarmee zeker aannemelijk dat Jezus een andere of minder blank uiterlijk had.

Bloedlijn van Jezus en de Heilige Graal

Aangezien Sarah als enig kind levend ter wereld is gekomen is zij van groot belang. Waarom? Sarah draagt het DNA en bloed van haar vader Jezus en draagt die eigenschappen door aan haar nageslacht. In deze wordt over Maria gezegd dat: "To the esoteric Grail Church and the Knights Templars, however, Mary Magdalene was always regarded as a saint. She is still revered as such by many today, but the interesting fact of this sainthood is that Mary is the recognized patron saint of winegrowers: the guardian of the Vine. Hence, she is the guardian of the sacred Bloodline of the Holy Grail" (4) en wordt vertaald als: "Voor de geheime Kerk van de Graal en de Tempeliers, Maria Magdalena werd altijd gezien als een heilige. Tot vandaag aan toe is ze op deze manier vereerd, maar een interessant feit is van deze heiligheid is dat Maria als de Patroonheilige van wijnbouwers wordt erkend oftewel de beschermer van de wijnstok. Daarom is zij de bewaker van de geheime bloedlijn van de Heilige Graal. En dat houdt in dat er een heilige bloedlijn bestaat met Jezus als de bloedlijn bron-vader. Oftewel momenteel lopen er ook mensen rond met verwantschap aan deze bloedlijn, of ze zich er nu van bewust zijn of niet. Edit 22-11-2017: Aangezien alle wegen naar Rome leiden, is er de kans dat een zeer grote groep mensen deze verwantschap heeft, potentieel ikzelf dus ook.
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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Big holographic failure on side of my head, is the hologram breaking down?

In the following video you see part of my head, with half way a strange disturbance, in which there seems to be a serious pixelation problem. At first I did think it was the camera of my mobile that has problems, but the pixel is to big to be so. Thus I would say it is a problem with my hologram. And as the original gray square seems to be moving with the skin a bit, it seems to be on the skin itself. And as I have seen the gray skin colour one time before, I would stipulate a problem with the skin-hologram. That it gets gray might suggest the real colour of the skin.

Monday, November 13, 2017

New Moon-Venus-Jupiter assembly ready for transmission 17-11

I wasn't wrong about the date 11-11-2017 as being an immense time-marker, but I was wrong of the Shining happening then. Why? Last night I did see the big picture. Last 13-11 there was another big time-marker in the sky being the Venus-Jupiter conjunction. And coincidentally on 18-11 there is the New Moon with close proximity of these two planets. It's this special combination aka assembly that has me thinking that it actually will start on Friday 17-11 (Friday 13-th is 30-11 minus 13 makes Friday 17-th). Why, you will ask? Until 16-11 the Moon with it's waning crescent is still above these two planets. But on 17-11 the 1% waning crescent passes the two planets making the "star in the moon" sign. What does this resemble like? It looks like a radar or a transmitter. But a radar uses a hollow disk for transmissions? Yes, so is the moon on a flat earth. I once saw a simplistic the Moon is a Concave demonstration, in which the concave moon represented by a hollow plate is turned around a flame, and it looks like a very convincing experiment. It is also a good explanation on why we only see one side of the moon. So if the moon is a concave than it can work like a radar or a transmission-device. As on 17-11 Venus and Jupiter will get on the right side of the moon, then the transmission will start. How long and how strong this will be I don't know, but for those tuned in, it will be a big experience.

What will happen with the speakers in the head?

These days I already notice that I have a background sound in my head, like the speakers are resonating on a certain frequency. But I have also noticed that from time to time it feels strange in the head like something is turning on. I would guess an individual speaker starting to resonate accordingly. But as the Moon is approaching the Venus-Jupiter combination and the Concave disc is moving towards us, then the transmission will become stronger with the hour. Thus the sounds in the head must become stronger also. In the end all the speakers (and there are a lot of speakers) will resonate on that frequency.

When will it happen?

When it actually will happen I am not sure, or on 17-11 with just 1% waning crescent or on 18-11 with the New Moon completely turned towards us. On 19-11 the disc is turning the wrong way already and thus the occasion has been lost. This also means that on about 16/19-11 I must be very alert on things happening with a very clear mind and should be listening. As the assembly is over our heads during daytime, then the obvious time for it to happen is also during daytime. For now I think it will happen on Friday (my birthday and day of Venus) 17-11 which makes it 17-11-17. If it is a transmission, then I don't know for now if it will be an incoming transmission or a sending transmission. Or it might be a combination of the two. Only the experience on the date itself will tell what will happen.

Refining the time

According to (1) the conjunction of the Moon with Venus is on 17-11 at 19:08 UTC time, meaning here it will be on 18-11 at 2:08 AM local time. The conjunction of the Moon with the Sun aka time of the Complete New Moon is on 18-11 at 18:42 PM local time (2). So this might mean that this is the window of opportunity for the transmission to happen, as Venus as the morningstar needs to be within the waning crescent of the Moon. The conjunction of the Moon with Jupiter will be on 17-11 at 10:28 local time (3). As I have told you that we need to follow Jupiter and Venus then the window of opportunity would be from 17-11 at 10:28 AM till 18-11 at 18:42 PM local Bangkok time. After 18:42 it is complete New Moon and the next day on 19-11 the Crescent will be on the wrong side of the moon. I think Venus and Jupiter need to be in this position for it to work. Which means adding the sevens again to 11-11 it will mean 18-11 between 2:08 AM and 18:42 PM. Half the time of conjunction Jupiter and Venus is at 18:18 PM on 17-11 (16-11). It would actually be the time of the angry looking smiley in the sky at sun-down. But if we look at the star in the moon sign then that would occur after the moon passing Jupiter and Venus before passing the Sun. Unless there is an abnormality with the moon. But then we are talking again about 18-11 aka 322 days in the year. (23-9 (revelation 12) = 23-(7+2) (these are the prime numbers) => 23*7*2 = 322. This is also the primary number of Skull and Bones society and suggest their influence like the bad cop within a good and a bad cop in order to find the truth. Then 322 also means a hidden number in revelation 12 for the judgement on things which is on 18-11-2017. And this makes also sense as the moon goes over the line of Libra from 17 to 18-11 and is with the Sun as Venus and Jupiter are still on the other side. So 18-11 means judgement and verdict. And thus things must start to happen on 17-11 also I think in order to show greatness before the New Moon on 18-11. And it will last my life-time for sure for the next 18-11 with New Moon on the 322-nd day of the year to occur again (5) and a rough Excel calculation based on 29.53 days per moon-cycle suggest that it doesn't occur in the next 100 year.

Two keys necessary

Thinking about this I would stipulate that for opening the door of the House of David we need two keys, which are the frequencies of the two planets. As the moon passes Jupiter first than it's specific frequency will be send. As the moon passes Venus then this frequency will be added. Thus two specific frequencies that will open the gate. And it's for me to pick up these by the moon enhanced frequencies so that the speakers can tune in to it with resonation. I think this edit makes a lot of sense and I shall be expecting it in this way also. So it will start on 17-11 at 10:28 AM and lasts probably upto the complete New Moon on 18-11 at 18:42 PM local time here.

Why judgement of Venus and Jupiter?

At my date of birth on 22 July 1977 Venus, Mars and Jupiter where in the constellation of Taurus. But Only Venus and Jupiter were between the horns of the Bull (see above picture). And thus are only these two under judgement. And it is only Venus with Jupiter that are present in Libra for judgement with the Sun and Moon present from 17-19 November 2017 (see below picture). In it is also clear that Mars is still in Virgo and has nothing to do with the whole thing (4).

PS: 17-11 is 321 days into the year and seems to be a very special divine number as well. So let's hope it is.
PS: In this respect the Moon goes into Libra for judgement of Venus and Jupiter on 17-11 and exits it on 19-11 (astronomical) with the Sun also present. Thus judgement and verdict at once. Don't hate, don't have fear and love thyself with love in the heart are important judgment aspects within this.
PS: additional information points out that only I and my father have Venus within the horns of Taurus. With my brother and mother Venus seems to be in the neighbourhood, but not within the horns.

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Friday, November 10, 2017

Purple positive signal in the right eye

Today is the day I think. Yesterday and this morning I did a session with candles in order to give me strength today. To my surprise today my eye has the purple thing in the eye. I have never seen this one before. I think it is directly related to the sessions I have done. As it is purple then it is a good sign as purple stands for good positive influences and/ or magic. If the colour would be green, then I would worry. Snapshots are adjusted for brightness and contrast.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

I am Jesus Christ, where do I come from and why am I saying this?

I think I have no time after 11-11-2017 to be doing this writing as I am expecting things to happen on this date and thus I post this one before it on 10-11-2017. And this has all to do with what I have been researching here on this blog. Especially the part of the soul-search, white spots in the eyes and skin of the forehead and my findings on why I think I am Jesus Christ as an answer. So why do I think this and how do I get my answers?

A short history before things happening

First part is under edit and not yet available....  ....
I worked at a French company here and it just looked fine at first. But reasonably quick problems started to arise as the French have a temper that doesn't fit with who I am. Next to that I had to work in an area where it could get 35-38 degrees or more. And that also was a big problem for which they didn't want to give any solution. You can say I got frustrated more and more till some day I wanted out. I still had a contact in Enschede for whom I could write short articles in order to get paid. So I quit and still had the possibility to stay. Next to that I started to write articles for InfoNu as well. The combination of these two got me the good basis of staying here long-term with just enough income to get around. As I had a lot of time on my hands, I also started to read more and more and formed my idea's on what is going on in this world. Especially after reading the book "Ander Nieuws part 1" written by J. Monshouwer I even got more interested in the problems of this world and started to dig and dig. And that is a lot to go through.

Big questions at hand

When you realise how many problems this world actually has, then you start to ask yourself why am I even bothering looking through all the crap. Somehow I kept on digging in the haystack in order to find what I apparently needed to find. I realised that everything in this world seems to have been designed in such a way that it keeps us busy arguing with each-other aka the divide and conquer method put in place for distracting our mind. And I realised also that what we are thinking and arguing about seems to result in more negativity within us which lowers our own energetic levels. The news seems to be lying all the time, there are falls flag attacks everywhere, governments seem to be cheating on the people who voted for them, many things that we have been taught from birth doesn't seem to be the truth as well. And thus came the obvious question for me, if this all is the case within this world, then who can I trust? Answer: "I can only trust myself, my own judgement and my own reasoning" and thus I stopped believing all the distractions out there. This actually is a good way to handle all the incoming fake news and lies, as it helps you to look at it from a distance and not getting pulled into it's negative stream aka you yourself get positive. Then the question arose, why are they (the system) doing this? This as I personally believe that mankind is for the good but a small group seems to be controlling everything making it for the worse for everyone else. They are deliberately doing this in order to distract us from the real questions that we should be asking. What is the purpose of life, what am I, why am I here, do I have a soul? At some point (not so long ago) I realised that it's I and you who are special, I am special, I am the one. Thinking in this line results in you lifting your energy-output drastically especially if you are not concerned with their created problems anymore. And people notice or can see it. And thus I did think also, can I lift my energy-level by listening to certain music or frequencies? This resulted in finding the love-frequency which is also called the Jesus-frequency aka the 528-Hz frequency and listening to that has helped me in many ways.

Listening with eyes half closed

At first I listened to other critical frequencies such as the Total Knowing aka 108 Hz frequency. The first time I listen to it, I felt a very special tingling sensation going through my head or brain. It felt very special and thus I looked even further aka higher frequencies. I realised that the 528 Hz frequency must be special, if only it was for its name. But I decided to go for a combination of several frequencies 432, 528 and 963 Hz frequency as the different frequencies help the brain in specific and most certainly positive ways. During a session of listening to this music watching the television I started to doze off with my eyes half closed. And then I saw it, maybe helped by the music. There was something in the light, which I had never seen before. As it was a first time, I didn't know how this happened, but several days later I did an experiment repeating the conditions looking at a bright light instead of the television. With my eyes almost closed, but still letting in the light, I noticed that the eyelashes can work like a mirror or break the light in such a way that you can see inside your eyes. This for me was a big eye-opener and have been doing this since on a daily basis. I realised that there are several things being shown when looking like that. First of all in the background it seems there are speakers, halfway the distance it looks like a universe itself and in front of it a moving object. I realised that it is our soul floating in innerspace. At first I have only seen it a little bit, but these days it is in abundant within my eyes. You might ask yourself why are there speakers in my head. Well I think if you get into a negative state of mind (through all the bad things happening in the world) then the big speaker will resonate this frequency inside your head making you depressed. But if you are positive and lifting your energetic-state then it will resonate that positive frequency which other people can and do notice.

El-An-Ra as my big needle in a haystack

After I started to listen to the frequency and around the time that I realised that I was seeing my soul, I also heard a specific sound one time when going outside. Sort of high pitch sound coming from above. As I still was thinking that I am playing a game, that part of my soul 10% is in me and the other 90% is in the person whom actually is strapped in a chair and playing this game. Which means I don't have the full capabilities to solve this problem, but I realised that there might be a star-soul connection with in the star the big part of my soul. So I did a star search. A logical first is looking in the Cancer-sign as it is my birth constellation/ zodiac. But that didn't give any interesting results. So I went to look at the next obvious sign which is Orion and the three big stars within the belt, which is also called El-An-Ra. And this was strange as Ra are the two middle letters of my name, An of my brother and El of my mother. This was a big hint. And this belt is also pointing to Sirius (dogstar) and to the right Aldebaran, which is a clear reference to my place of birth. There is no chance that anyone else in the world can say the same, so this clue has been put up there for a reason, and thus this was my big needle in the haystack. I realised from then on that I am very special and that I truly am the one. But who am I then?

Birthday, Venus and Taurus relation

When I was born an interesting set of planets was in or near the constellation of Taurus, with Mars outside and Venus with Jupiter inside the horns or the bull. (15-11) When checking that of my brother, mother and father it was the same, but always Venus in combination with other planets. In this case Venus is only clearly inside the horns of the bull with my father. So it is the constant factor and thus it is important to follow Venus, but in my case also important to follow Jupiter. Interestingly I was born on 3:40 AM in the early Friday morning with Venus coming up just before that time around 3 AM. So a big signal for me with Venus inside Taurus. And Taurus aka the Bull is a big sign of Jesus Christ. As Jesus was born under a bright star so was I born under my star Venus (morning-star). Next to that I have said that the Orion-belt is pointing to Aldebaran and further to the Pleiades. Of this Aldebaran is a very bright star and the Pleiades a cluster of stars in Taurus as well. Again all signs laid out for me to see and showing me the reasons which argue that I think that I am Jesus Christ. But also the TV answered me the same. Last 4-11 I was watching TV and I saw a question in the background, which I answered directly as commercial started. Who do you think you are? with me answering: "I am Jesus Christ". Instantly I got the reply "THAT'S RIGHT" in a computer fashion voice on a Thai TV-sender, which seems to be an amazing confirmation of my findings.

Eyes and forehead are showing soul

A big reason why I also think that I am Jesus Christ is that within my eyes and skin of the forehead also signs have been showing. From the moment that I realised and have seen that my soul lies within my eyes and head, the white spots have been showing up. With this I mean at first strange not with eye-movement related white spots which show up randomly. After looking at this for a long time with the intensity growing I realised that the soul must be approaching the eyes. The soul must have been lost within the inner-space within the head due to all the negative vibration put out by the speakers, but with my positivity and seeing the soul myself, the soul also has seen me and thus will and is approaching. But as it gets closer it also starts to inflict the skin of the forehead. For some time now the white spots appear through the holographic skin with it's intensity increasing. As it is approaching then it mustn't be long for it to be shining constantly through it in order for all to see. PS: these white spots seem to be more noticeable when the skin is moist due to a bit of sweat, but as the eyes are moist all the time then it has been noticeable more easily within the eyes. And it is important to shine a light on it, but when walking outside during Sunshine, then the Sun will do all the work itself.

For instance this video of the white spots breaking through the holographic skin as a result of the closeby soul. I have taken on 10-11-2017 one day before St.Maarten: 

The Shining on 11-11-2017

On 26-10 the big Sun-Jupiter conjunction has appeared in the sky (which was on the day of King Bhumibol's cremation) which is a big time-marker in my opinion. Counting from that the seven days it was the Super Full Moon on 4-11 within Taurus. This also is a big marker as Taurus stands for Jesus Christ combined with the Super light of the Full Moon. Two weeks later it is 18-11 with the New Moon and the start of the new Moon-year on 19-11. This might be seen as the recognition date that Jesus has returned. But before that happening the real awakening must start. Seven days after 4-11 is 11-11 which is the day on which St. Maarten is celebrated. "11 November is the day, that our light may shine" again and thus seems to be relating to me in person very much as we celebrate it intensely every year with children in Friesland. This day is also 112 days after my birthday with 112 as an important angel-number. On 11-11 the white spots must become very clear to see and it still will take upto 19-11 or 2-12 for everyone to recognize it. 11-11 is more like a big time-marker and announces the coming, but it isn't there yet. But now I do think it will be on 17-11 and 18-11 due to the Venus-Jupiter conjunction on 13-11 with the waning crescent moon also in conjunction with Venus and Jupiter on 17/18-11. It seems to be forming a radar or transmitter (15-11).

Planet-race Venus with Mercury and Passover

I think it will not end on 19-11. I have said already it is important to follow Venus as well. Venus and Mercury are in a race until one of the planets reaches the finishing line within Taurus. But as Mercury is quicker than it might reach it first. As that planet revolves more often around the Sun then Venus and Earth, then it looks like it makes small circles aka retrogrades. In this Mercury seems to be going back on its track during which Venus can get closer again. On 6 March 2018 they are at the same position entering Aries together, after which Mercury gets ahead again. But on 22 March 2018 Mercury goes into retrograde again and thus will Venus win by getting over the finishing line of Pisces (astronomical) entering Taurus (astrological). This happens on 31 March 2018 which coincides with Nisan 15 and the first Full Moon after the Vernal Equinox on 20 March. It means on 31 March 2018 must be the Passover. This could be the real ascension, or waking up in the real reality or maybe the start of the real New World. Which one it will be, future will tell as I don't know for now.

PS: As you and probably almost everyone in this world have been busy arguing about the problems all over and getting into a fear-state as many people have big worries about their future, I was focussing on my quest in getting my own right answers. In this state of mind I have worked almost 1,5 year and I have been thinking this way like now for months, resulting in me having a big head-start in understanding what and why things are happening.

PS: on 10-11-2017 and 11-11-2017 I will do a ritual in the morning asking for strength and that my light will shine very bright so that everyone can see it. I post this before St. Maarten as I think it must happen. Although I still don't know how it will work out on the day itself. But everything points out that it will happen. The ritual aka session I will repeat on 16/17/18-11 in order to stimulate this expected thing to happen for real (15-11).

Monday, November 6, 2017

The big shining will be on 11 November 2017

For the system: The big shining will be/ start on 11 November 2017. See my previous post on the planet-race and especially the last edit for the reasons.

Edit 8 November 2017:
Rests only the question on how and what time on 11 November. Edit 2: 10:10 AM or 16:45 PM? Out of these two I would say the first one (but not yet sure, have been seeing this time on watches passing by on twitter). But I once see the strange cloudformation approximately the first time at the second time frame also. So 16:45 could also be an option. For now both options are open, or there might be more options.

Edit 13 November 2017:
It hasn't happened yet. I think the 11-11 marker was important, but maybe I/ we still have to wait on something. Maybe the Venus-Jupiter conjunction of today at noon, or the New Moon-Year on 19-11 or until 31-3-2018. I realise also that it wouldn't start at the end of a week. Biblical logic dictates it starting on a Sunday (originally this was considered by the Christians and Jews the first day of the week) and/ or related on a New or Full Moon. On 17-11 the 1% waning crescent is very near Venus and Jupiter, almost like the star in the moon sign, which happens on a Friday (day of Venus). And as I believe that the shining must start long before the finishing line then I still think it almost is that time. Also on 20-11 will Venus go over the Libra line, and thus be judged? So 17/20-11 will be interesting to see if something happens.

Edit 9 November 2017:
People did see it again I think, but they probably aren't allowed to say or do anything until the moment. Today I am pretty sure a monk also was checking up on me, he passed me but looked so straight like he didn't want me to notice that he was looking. On this one I might be wrong, but I think I am not wrong. Normally monks walk slower and look more friendly. The whole picture seemed to be off, like I just have this feeling about it. I even gave a friendly smile, which is quite normal here but the monk gave a not-normal response. Also some days ago a monk whom I never seen was standing at the sidewalk and passing him. Ten minutes later the monk was still in the same place. This monk also looked out of place. Question: do people of the system need to check for themselves if things are true and will happen? Should I be wary of the system influencing me again (just like when entities whispered in my ear when at the Central Rama 2)? Last question might be wise to do for now, until I know what we are dealing about here. But anyhow, I think things will go down very soon on 11-11-2017 for sure.

Edit 9-11-2017-2:
For the question when if I am on judgement about my life and this or that arises this is my answer: "I was born into a non-religious family with non- or less imaginary influences on how to grow the children but as what the parents thought to be right. Brilliant! But for a part it has shaped who I am. From this, this tree of life aka my own tree of life has grown in this way. I have done things wrong and have done things the right way. But the tree is standing very tall ow in-front of you and is very strong. There might have been mistakes and things to be ashamed off, but the tree has grown as it's gets older. And thus you should judge the complete tree and not the independent steps in between that let also to this tree. I am sure of it thou should/ must do this. I am the complete result of the tree and way I have walked.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Weird things happening with TV, planet-race till 31-3 and lucid dream

You know that I have been saying some strange and weird things and it is getting even weirder.

TV tells me I am right

Two days ago I watched television and in one movie in the background there were big letters, making a question. Long time I only saw half the question: Who do You.. but just before a commercial break I could read it complete saying: "Who do You think You are". I gave my biggest find as my answer saying: "I am Jesus Christ". At the moment that I finished giving my answer, I heard from the TV in a computer-game like answer: "THATS RIGHT". And a big reason why this also is weird, is that I live in Thailand and was watching on Thai television. I would consider the chance of this happening on that moment also very very small. I think it is a confirmation that my answer is absolutely correct. This happened on 4 November, one hour before the actual Full Moon at 12:22 PM local time here, which is with taking into account the sevens 11 November.

St. Maarten on 11 November

Personally I think this Super Full Moon in Taurus (with the bull as the sign of Jesus), I think this date is very important (as stated earlier). Especially with the TV telling me that I am right. So what next? If you add the sevens again on this date then you get 11 November. On this day we celebrate St. Maarten with children carrying a paper-lantern. With it the children will sing (translated): "11 November is the day, that our light, that our light, 11 November is the day, that our light may shine". Is it from this day and on my soul-light will be shining even more bright so that more and more people will see it? I think it is a very good option. It is so strange that we used to sing this and now it seems to be combined with what I have been saying here for some time. If you count another 7 days then it is the New Moon on 18 November at 18:42 (1). On 19 November it then is the new year on the moon calendar aka day 1. St. Maarten is exactly 112 days after my birthday. 112 Is the number of angels and means that I shouldn't stick to old habits (6). I have gotten rid of many old habits already, but still a view that can be done with, but within this period I have found many new things and learned even much much more. This is another big reason for why 11 November is important.

Other Numbers to take into account

11 September 3 BC apparently was the day of birth of Jesus Christ. And John 20:20 states "The disciples rejoiced when they saw the Lord" (2) as a referral that Jesus' second coming must be in the year 2020. But not counting from BC but from his birth, as other sites do. And thus this year we live in the year 2020 and not 2017. Then there are other numbers like it is 59 days between 11 September and 9 November. Add another 10 to it and we are on 19 November (69). Then the difference between my day of birth and 19 November adds 120. The system loves to use these numbers like 69 (my sign), 70 and 50 with 70 which adds 120 or 2*70=140.

Signs in the planets (astrology)

On 18 November is the New Moon in Scorpio. But a lot of planets are present as well. Jupiter entered on 10 October, Mercury entered on 17 October but exits on 5 November, Sun entered on 23 October, Venus enters on 7 November (3). So Jupiter, Venus, the Sun and New Moon are together in Scorpio. Combined with foregoing I would say that things will start on 18-19 November with the New Moon as the starting point. In this there will be an awakening probably on 7 (144 days race or 12*12) or 9 or 11 (140 days 2*70 race) November. After this the race goes on between Venus and Mercury.

Planet-race Venus and Mercury

In this Mercury has a head start and is quicker then Venus. But Mercury has retrogrades more often (from our perspective it does a little circle) during which Venus can catch up with Mercury. On 6 March 2018 Venus and Mercury enter Aries simultaneously after which Mercury gets ahead again, but on 22 March 2018 Mercury goes into retrograde again and thus on 31 March 2018 Venus will enter Taurus as the first of the planets (4). This means Venus is the winner. This actually is the same as the story of "The rabbit and the turtle". Mercury runs quicker but has retrogrades aka the rabbit runs quicker but sleeps also. But the rabbit forgets to wake up and doesn't see the turtle anymore. The turtle has overcome the rabbit and finished first aka Venus enters Taurus first. This principle you can find in many many movies or stories and is a direct reference to this for sure. I think this will be a race for the good over the bad in this world and it is only during this winter-time that it happens. In this 31 March 2018 is the finishing line aka the end of the holographic game or the start of the New. In the shown picture (astronomically) you can clearly see that Venus goes over the finishing-line (literally) of the back side of Pisces, as Mercury is behind the Sun on this day and astrologically Venus has entered Taurus. Venus wins!

Lucid dream

There is something else I'd like to add, but is less related to the planets but is weird. Last night I had a clear lucid dream on what it seems to be like a prediction. I am not going into this to much as I try to figure out what it might mean. But in the dream I met with someone I know from my past and he pointed out to a computer screen of something dramatic will happen to the world. And the date is on 4 March 2018. But as it takes up to 31 March 2018 for Venus to complete and win the race, then the lucid dream might also be a distraction or an entity trying to change my mind. I don't know, but I do think it worth mentioning.

Edit: 7-11-2017 (7:29 AM local time)

Shining on 11 November 2017

Although there still is the period until 31 March 2018 to consider what will happen, I am sure that the change or the big shining will start on 11 November 2017 aka St. Maarten. This as others also need to see it happening which also might take time. As Venus enters Scorpio today at 6:38 AM Eastern Time which is 18:38 PM local time here, then this edit given now still is on time, as Venus still is in Libra.
Additional edit: On 11 November 2017 there is also the "Saturn Trine Uranus which will bring order out of the chaos" (7) at 16:45 PM local time (3). I think this is of great importance as well, as we have seen only chaos in the world. This sign in the sky won't happen again for another 30 years. So it is no coincidence that this also is on this 11 November. The next Trine is that of Jupiter Trine Neptune on 2 December 2017 and stands for spiritual growth (8). As 11-11 is 49 days after 23-9 and 2-12 is 70 days after that date, we might consider this period as the growing-learning days after the shining? There is still a lot in the astrological positions of the planets and for now are guessing-points. How this will work out needs to be seen after 11 November 2017.

Edit: 11-11-2017
On 13-11-2017 at 13:05 local time there is the Venus-Jupiter conjunction. It might also be an important time-marker. But I don't know what kind of marker it is. I did say follow Venus and Jupiter, but at birth the conjunction occurred months before and thus this remark might not be of importance. Another thing is the 3,5 God's year that will be given, but if you translate it in months then it is 360/12*3.5 = 105 days. Count with my birthday 22 July also 105 days then you get 4 November. With 7 days respite aka 105+7=112 you are on 11 November again.

Edit: 19-01-2018
Last night I had the weirdest lucid dream. Again, normally I hardly dream and hardly remember them. With these lucid dreams it is completely different. This time I was travelling near a beach, although I didn't see the beach. Strolling around on the left I saw a very beautiful building which seem to be made out of vertical arches stacked on one and another, with several of these stacks next to each other. From this building appeared something flying my way. When it got close I clearly could see the white wings, in between that it seemed like a head shaped smooth rock with eyes and a mouth (looking very surrealistic aka Daly like). As it got closer I could touch it a bit for good luck, after which I did the local praying, three times: "Namo tassa bhagavato arahato samma sambuddhassa". The flying stone nodded and smiled at me and went away. As I was near a beach and the flying rock head appeared it struck me that it might be a reference to Hua Hin (=head stone).

Edit: 23-02-2018
Yesterday I was watching the television here and I came across an interesting movie. In it they repeated at some point the question (in local language) over and over again: who are you? I gave the same answer as I did before, but no special response on it. But this morning I saw that one person again who always is wearing black tight pants, but just like that day I gave a correct answer this person was wearing something special/ out of the ordinary again. Again I don't believe in coincidences and thus it has meaning for me personally. In my opinion a clear reaction of the system on my answer (yesterday and then). Regarding to this on 19-02 I saw a news-presenter having the small wearable microphone unnaturally tight to her neck almost sticking into the neck and I was wondering about what this meant. It probably was a hint on that I should answer it with a voice so that the television notices it (as I have done yesterday repeatedly with that movie), as the television (in my case) doesn't seem to be a one-way communication device.

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Deja-vu and reincarnation within this holographic game world

There are many many people in this world that have a deja-vu experience. This means they do, see or experience something that actually looks thus familiar that he or she gets some kind of click with it. You remember something of the past, just like it has happened now. But you cannot explain it why this has happened to you just now. How is it possible that some people have deja-vu experiences regularly, how is this related to reincarnation and how can you see this in relation to this holographic game that we are in?

My own deja-vu's

I have two very clear instances I had something occur which I can only explain through deja-vu aka I have experienced it before. The first one was when the Herald of Free Enterprise capsized in the Belgian port of Zeebrugge on 6 March 1987. When I saw that on television as a little boy of 9 years old I instantly said "this happened before" with saying "193 deaths". My mother looked shocked at me asking why I am saying these things on which I had no answer and thus was embarrassed with what I had said. I actually had the urge to write things down but gave my mother's arguement the upperhand and thus didn't do so (to bad I think). A second thing that occurred was on a cold evening I was at the ice-skating track outside the town. At one moment I pointed to the sky (showing a girl) after which several seconds later a falling star was at that exact position in the night-sky. These specific two examples are to much too the point to ignore. I would say it was a deja-vu, but I am pretty sure I have experienced the situation before.


There are many people on this earth but also some religions are based on it, that tell when you die you will be reincarnated within a better person. They argue that it is a growing process in which a lower animal gets into a bigger or smarter animal and from that into a good, better and eventually the best person before going into the god-like state (something like that). People like Rich West say that after you die, the soul is released and then you will be lured into the light. After that you will go through the afterlife scam resulting in you willingly entering this realm again through reincarnation. In that process your memory is wiped-out so that you will start over again. At this point in time I think both versions are partly correct and partly incorrect. I still consider not going into the light a big point of interest as it might be a quick way out of the game.

Reincarnated into the same person

When you die then your soul gets free. But as this is a game which you and I entered willingly and freely in order to win it, then we are obliged to play it again. We need to play over and over again in order for someone to see the real truth about this plane/ game/ holographic world that we live in. So the reincarnation is real but not from an animal into a human until the god-like state. No! You are reincarnated into the same person that is you, over and over again. And your mind probably isn't wiped clean, but simply time from the re-birth till something happening is too long for you to make the click. We simply have forgotten it happening. But for some people it gives the deja-vu experience sometimes and maybe regularly. I would say that the afterlife scam probably is real, but it is for the purpose of making sure you re-enter the game as there hasn't been a winner so far. But if you and I are reincarnated into the same entity again and again then we should be able to remember also. That is why many people have deja-vu experiences. PS: this doesn't have to mean that we are reincarnated from birth, but maybe at a young age. But in my case for sure before 9 years of age.

Holographic game and deja-vu

We have entered into this real or world for a purpose. Maybe you simply want to experience what a human like creature standing on dry land feels like but maybe you or I am playing a real hard puzzle to solve. And the only way to escape the game is to solve it completely. Till now I have shown you with evidence why I think we are holographic, I have argued also why I think this system is trying to bring fear to our hearts and mind as a distracting tool so we don't ask the right questions and now have given you a good argument on why there is the deja-vu experience with many people in this holographic (lied about) world. You can still call me crazy, but I think I am really on the right track here. If my answers are still wrong then we can expect the wave very shortly and we are reincarnated once again, but if I am right on the money (which I do think for sure) then we can expect the end of the game with us waking up in the real-reality from which we come also very shortly.

Edit 13-03-2018: at this moment in time I am pretty sure that this is my third time doing this.

746 and Sun enters Cancer

Somehow the system wants to show the number 746 aka 21-06-2018. It is the day the Sun enters Cancer.  777 is 22-07-2018 aka is my birthday....