Sunday, February 19, 2017

Explanation on big chuncks of ice falling from the sky

From time to time you see unusual news like chuncks ice fall from the sky. The sky is clear but from out of nothing a big chunck of ice falls down. In many cases they will explain this phenomenon due to ice-buildup on the wings of plains. But in many cases the chuncks are enormous and might be the cause of crater-holes, and therefore are not caused by plains. Think about a strange phenomenon like gigantic blue-like icebergs made of 100% pure clean frozen water. So where does that come from. These most-likely also fall from the sky.

Firmament and ice-buildup

On a flat earth as described in the bible there is a firmament over the motionless plane. This glass like bowl is considered to be at a 100 km height above the earth. At that altitude it can get extremely cold and so moist and maybe condensation would freeze instantly as it would come into contact with the extreme cold glass-layer. This ice would then steadily grow in size up to the point it lets go. Small rock-sized chunks fall all over the world, but from time to time these can be much bigger.

Round craters

As the firmament is at 100 km height, the speed that the ice-chuncks would have, would be very great. Lets say about 200-300 km/hour. If a huge chunck would come down at great speed, it has an immense power. It might result in craters of several hundreds of meters in diameter. From the moment the ice lets loose the chunck falls in a straight line down (as the flat earth isn't rotating). This would mean that the chunck would crash into the earth at 90 degree angle, always resulting in an almost round crater. This is why craters all over the world seem to be round, and cannot be explained by meteors crashing down, at all kinds of angles on a rapidly rotating earth.

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