Friday, March 3, 2017

Black dot in the Sun at Antarctica, is it a Sun simulator?

Two months a year the Sun at the south-pole goes right over the horizon and it will be registered by the Earth System Research Laboratory's camera. Their time-lapse video of March 2013 is very interesting, as a black dot or eye in the sun is registered. Other days and years the camera is never pointed at the sun, as they probably don't want us to know what is out there. If you zoom in on that dot structures get visible, which normally shouldn't be visible. What can this be, can it be a Sun simulator and if so, why would they do it?

Photo from South-pole station Antarctica

At the South-pole in March and October the sun will be going over the horizon, of which you can see movies at the website of Earth System Research Laboratory. Per month you can find a time-laps movie (probably automatically made), so that everybody can judge how it looks. Of the available online material is "March 2013" very interesting. It is the only evidence available from the South-pole in which you can see a black dot. The following screenshots have been taken from the Earth System Research Laboratory, regarding the time-lapse movie of March 2013. Specifically it is of 03-03-2013 at time-lapse time 0.13/1.13.

500-times Enlarged

For the following photo's I have used an enlargement of 500-times so we are able to see the black dot or black eye in the Sun. This also means that the resulting dot isn't very sharp, but interestingly there are structures or lines within the dot recognisable. The photo's look like a purple cross, a cube, an eye and a black cross. In this the question would be, what are we seeing here. It is not over-lighted as some might suggest, as the dot is visible in every shot.

Other evidence

On the ship called Aurora of the Australian Antarctic Division: Leading Australia's Antarctic Program they register also with a time-lapse what is going on. On the site of the Aurora you can see (with good weather of course) the same black dot. If you enlarge this it is almost black with some unclear structures which can be seen. The second photo is from Casey Station with also a black dot. The third is from Macquarie Island Station also with the same result. Next to this there is a short movie which is speculating suggests a real rotating object. The Nasa Sun Simulator caught
on camera, especially from 4.30 min till 5.00 min are interesting. In this footage you also see that the black dot actually has the purple colour, as stated earlier. In addition I like to add the comment that there is a patent on this device dated 8 March 1966 number US.3239660.

Why would they replace the Sun with a simulator?

This actually would be guessing/ speculating, but one hypothesis might be possible. On a flat earth it is impossible to have a 24 hour day during the polar-summer. This because it would take to long for the Sun to go around and there still would be long-time darkness. What if they did discover more land behind the rim of the south-pole ice-wall, or actually did discover the firmament. If they would want to keep it a secret, gard it and investigate it, then they would need light. So they invented a way to light up the sky even during dark nighttime. It would give them immense possibilities in that area. I speculate that they have done it on this flat plane and the forgoing is (in)direct proof of it. I guess this is also the reason why they only show time-lapse footage so that  you won't see several fake Sun's pass in one day. You'll be the judge!, as we cannot see this with our own eyes.

Light-source comes up within clowds, suggesting nearby Sun

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