Thursday, March 9, 2017

Fake moon footage, bad CGI

NASA tells us what to believe what lies from 100 km heigh and on. The Universe is expanding, has many exoplanets and that might be a home for extraterrestials. But what is NASA showing us exactly. In the below footage it looks like very bad CGI!

Incredible Lunar Views From The Japanese SELENE Orbiter - Earthrise

We believe what we see. And almost everything we see, we see on the telly or through wireless internet. They tell that there is a lunar orbiting the moon, which results in the following youtube video (it is a loop-video of course). Very interesting you would say. In my opinion it looks like "cra.". I have seen much better CGI's from NASA which also look very very fake. Sorry for my language.

Problem with round craters

As I stated in an earlier blogpost, there is something wrong with the creation of craters on the earth. In big chunks of ice falling from the sky I mentioned that craters on earth might be caused by very big chunks of ice falling from the firmament. This of course is still guessing aka a theory, but there might be something there. The point of that is that on a motionless plane big chunks of ice can only create perfect round holes, as the drop at a ninety degree angle on the earth. If the earth was spinning, that angle would be different for sure. So why the perfect round craters on the moon? The footage looks very fake to me, but especially the round craters are especially unreal.

Why fake it?

Or we live on a globe orbiting the Sun which in itself orbits a galaxy which also spins through endless space, or we live on a flat plane and we are the centre of our universe. So why fake it? What if they want to lie to us about God, the bible and especially the bad counterpart of that. What if the earth is like an orb, split in halve by the earth plane. We live in the "bad" part and the other halve actually would be the "good" part. Just like Jing and Jang. If they are on the bad side also, they would fake it, and tell us that we are not special and a part of some gigantic unimaginable universe.
PS. for everyone who reads this, this is just a theory but can be true also. But what we really are sure about is that this footage of a lunar rotating around the moon is absolute CGI aka fake.

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