Monday, May 29, 2017

Religion, flat earth and the soul-star connection

In my opinion Christianity almost tells us the truth, but the real message is hidden in plain sight. The birth of Christ under a big shiny star, represents us. The star represents the 90% of our soul in the sky and the child represents the remaining 10% on earth. That Christ died for our sins, relates to the separation of our soul here (with no memory of the past) and the soul in the sky above the firmament. So there is a soul-star connection, which we mustn't forget or we have to reconnect with it. The rest of the Bible speaks the same and are a means to control the mind within the prison that we live in. Regarding to the name Jesus Christ: Christ means the "anointed one", and the only letter which is special is the only vowel namely I. Add I to Jesus and you have Jesu(i)s or "je suis" and that means "I am". This also supports the fact that we have a soul-star connection.

Have faith in your soul-star connection

If you have faith, you actually have faith in your soul and that it will be complete again (100%). So you are a star somewhere in the sky, most-likely a star in the constellation under which you where born. But as there is a barrier (firmament or glass in the sky, with the waters above) which prevents us from hearing its vibrations, combined with the afterlife-scam we continuously are being tricked in living here over and over again. But if you can remember this soul-star connection and recognise your own star, you should be able to avoid the afterlife-scam (don't go into the light) and really reconnect with your star in order to escape.

Collective escape

Within the reasoning that you and I are a star, we should think on how to escape the trap collectively. There is only one way to do this and that is to remove the construct above our heads. Aka worldwide there has to be a cascade of the whole thing, resulting in massive flooding everywhere and instantly. For this you will need to crack the think open resulting in lesser strength everywhere. This probably would need plasma firing power (just like lighting-storms) making a lot of wholes in a long lifespan (maybe 50 years or so). After that you would need a big blow (or more from several positions around the world) to crack it completely. This would result in the complete failure of the firmament, resulting in the glass, the waters above but also our star(s) crashing down. The falling star would simply go into the corresponding soul gaining the full 100%. This would give a collective escape from this prison world.

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