Thursday, May 11, 2017

The world and your body is a prison for your soul-mind

I have been busy in finding out what this planet looks like, for some time now. And I for myself have tried to put it also in the context of different kinds of religion. Especially the biblical prophesies are interesting as they seem to be fulfilled in our life time. But are the religions correct? At this point in time I would suggest that also these faiths have been hijacked, or the real original faith has been taken away from us in such a way that it is now being used to create disorder and mishap all over the world (the divide and conquer principle). In this I am not saying what you should believe, but I am simply suggesting my view on things. So if this is the case then how is this reflected to the flat earth, why all the learned lies and how to get out of it?

Creation of God or an alien prison

Am I not saying one or the other religion is right or wrong, but I am seriously suggesting it might be a method for keeping us under control. For instance Project Fishbowl has been done to investigate the strength of the firmament in the sky. Some other privately funded rocket-tests do support the idea that there is something or a barrier in the sky. This is also a good explanation on why the space shuttle doesn't go into outer space. It might be part of the biblical creation but it might also be a simple energy force field that holds our fiscal being on this flat earth. At this point in time I go for the alien prison version which has been sold to the people as God's creation. I wouldn't be surprised with this as almost everything you see on the news, learn in school etc seems to be a big lie. In having said so, don't be confused with the good intentions of the world leaders, as it seems like they for a great part are under their control. They surely are out-rolling their agenda for maximum control and creating maximum fear.

Afterlife scam

When you die, your soul is still on this earth. At that moment you actually can regain your inner strength and reclaim all your power and knowledge. But on that moment friendly looking creatures (maybe angle-like or looking like your loved ones) will try to convince you to go into the light. That light actually is your inner divine light reflected on these creatures. But you are still confused on what is happening and don't see yourself and them for what they are. If you go into the light, then the afterlife scam will start. If you are a believer they will tell you that you are a big sinner, if you are a non-believer they will say you are bad as you don't believe in him or that you did some other bad things. Anyway you take it, you did something wrong. For that they won't let you pass, but give you the option of reincarnation so that you can retry to make up for your mistakes. You sign a contract (mark of the beast) for that and after that they wipe your memory clean and put you into a new body (yes, why sign a contract if you cannot remember it to start with. The contracts are a means to control your decision after you die in the following reincarnated life-span). So you cannot remember anything and have to start from scratch in figuring out what is going on here. You have to believe in yourself and that they are only selling a lie. There are some options here what you might do:
  • 1) Don't go into the light, regain your inner divine strength and knowledge so that you know what to do. The portal out of this realm might be mount Meru (some say located at the real north pole) or a simple thought ("phone home") might bring you to the real reality of things;
  • 2) You are to late to realise it and you already have gone into the light. In that case don't trust these beings and don't agree to anything, but try to regain your strength and power so you quickly see or realise the way out;
  • 3) You want to go into the light but also do fore-mentioned.
In this you also must consider the fact that if you have gone into the light, you might not get your powers back as it might be shielded. How this will go, I have no idea, but you simply must realise that you have options as there is no higher authority in your life then you. So when you die remember to regain your divine strength as quickly as possible before it is to late again.

Edit 20 May 2017

Illuminate and Revelation 12

Regarding the Illuminate or the enlightened ones I would suggest the fact that they also are the good guys. They have build up a society in which everything seems to be a lie. Why this has been done: I think they need a non-informed population or keeping us reasonably stupid or in the dark for their End game really to fall into place. Like jing and jang white and dark work together to achieve the wanted goals. I stated that there is an afterlife scam. If you would know the truth on earth and also come into that review, then they also would know. To avoid this, they have lied about everything, so that it keeps us busy and that we cannot see the big picture. Regarding to this I can only say that this year Revelation 12 is in the sky on 23 September 2017 at which time Jupiter is born. Jupiter has been in the whom of Virgo (virgin) from 20 November 2016. On 9 September 2017 the pregnancy ends and the fleece that holds the pregnancy-water will break aka the big rupture. The actual birth will take 14 days later. This situation might also occur from 17 May 2017 till 31 May 2017 (Pentecost) also as Jupiter goes out of the whom a first time like a miscarriage. With understanding the real importance of this relation, I understand also that for the completion of it we must be quiet. I can only state that big things will happen, that your mind must be prepared and that you soon need to find your mental true self out-there.

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