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I have a holographic eye, how is it projected?

By simply looking at my own eye (take a short video of it and analyse it frame-by-frame with about 15 frames per second), I found that the iris and lens of my eye in some cases aren't round. For example if you look closely at the first photo you can see that the iris of the eye isn't round, but has a hooked appearance. And if you look closely at the lens aka the pupil it looks something more like a square. I can tell you this, if my body is a physical "hard" object then in every photo you take the eye, pupil and iris must be round. As you can see this is clearly not the case, then that must mean that my body isn't as physical as we think it is. This kind of proof I
have found several times with myself, but have found it also with people on the television. Some people might say this child (dark eye) is some kind of bionic person with fake eyes, but as I found the same problem with my eyes (and I am normal born) then this would suggest the same holographic error in the eyes. So if our eyes are holographic, then why does it look hooked as it does as it even might be a rotating octagon?

Pixel-buildup iris from within pupil

If you look closely at the following two photo's of my eye (adjusted for brightness and adjusted for yellow, green and red colours), I found that my eye looks very very strange. From the centre of my pupil you can see a line (left side) going to the iris, which has the same coloration. In the second photo you can see that line going up-wards, with strange iris coloration within the pupil as the lens looks clustered. This is so strange! I would suggest these clusters come from several build-up lines. That or these line(s) I will define as the "holographic rotating pixel projection line". This means that at that moment of that line the pixels of the iris in that line are renewed. As the eye in many cases looks octagon shaped, I would suggest that there is not one line, but eight of them working together in creating the holographic appearance of an eye. So if you start to think on this concept, how then would the eye be created?

Basic theory on holographic octagon eye

As I have shown you the eye
has lines from within the pupil which go into the iris. These lines have the duty to do the pixel buildup. As it looks like an octagon then there must be eight of these build-up lines. So for it to work the build-up lines must be rotating at some speed so that the eye is reconstructed every 20-50 times per second. This means we cannot see the build-up so the eye always looks round to us. But if you take a video of it, then sometimes you can capture it as I have shown you here. I speculate the following: the build-up lines rotate and build-up our eye. But between one line and the next there is degeneration. This will occur at the most distant rim of the iris as the velocity of the line would be the greatest and so the pixel-density the lowest. In the following picture I have tried to explain it. For instance between 8 and 7 the line of pixel degeneration goes inside the outer line of the iris before it is re-build at line 7. The difference between these lines might not be visible at close inspection, but I think it must be like this. And this theory would support the fact why my and other peoples' eye don't look round. As stated the build-up line seems to come from within the pupil and that would suggest from within our "blind spot".

Why do we have a holographic eye?

This is an important question. Before this post I already have stated some things which for the normal thinking person might be out of the question. Earlier I stated that the world and our body is a prison for our soul. And this you mustn't think of as an encrypted message, but as the straight truth. You and I live in a prison. Next to that I stated that our soul is special and that we have a soul-star connection. You must think of it like in heaven you have a star (twinkling but prisoned star) which represents 90% of your real soul, and in your head your soul (the remaining 10% (memory wiped clean) which is on a quest or a test). As your body is a prison for your soul then how does that work with a holographic eye? Your soul is under a spell and the brain is actually the prison. But you need to look outside as well, and that is why you have eyes. But these eyes must be small, as you mustn't escape. So they engineered these holographic eyes which give you access to the outside world, but no more then that. You cannot get outside (in an awake state). This holographic iris is under a spell so you cannot get out. But your soul can show itself by giving white spots in the white of the eye, or in the lens. If you look closely you might see these.

Foregoing are basic thoughts of myself on how a holographic eye actually might work and why it looks the shape as it does. If I have a holographic eye within a physical or non-physical body on this flat earth, than we can also speculate on the essence of the earth. It also might be holographic. If this is the case then why are we here? Are we playing a "computer" game, are we on some kind of quest or under the judge of some kind of higher spirit? On this I don't have the answers. But the playing area in this case is a flat plane for sure.

Thoughts on photo versus video

If you take a video of yourself and do a frame-by-frame you can find these anomalies. But if you take a photo you don't see it. Why is that? If you take a photo the exposure time is longer, resulting in a round eye. The "holographic rotating pixel projection line" has moved resulting in the build-up of the eye. But when you take a video, it is composed of quick snap-shots within one second. So that snapshot takes less time so you actually see a smaller time-frame and you can capture these eye anomalies.

Edit 20 July 2017:

Additional photo's eye

I add new photo's of my eye as it looks so strange. The first photo I adjusted for brightness and colours so you can see it more clear. It actually looks more like a cat's eye/ than my normal round iris and pupil. The second one that I am looking to the left (from our point of view to the right) you can clearly see the hooked eye as evidence of the holographic octagon or hexagon shaped eye. In my opinion this is no theory anymore, but fact. The last photo seems strange as it looks like a white person seems to be in my iris (right side of the pupil and standing on the border of the iris). These four photo's are very peculiar and I have not seen it like this till now. 

In this last picture look around the inner white spot. It seems there is coming out of it a spiral something like a Fibonacci spiral. Is this the holographic projector at work, or does it show my soul? Like to state out that in this final photo the eye (as black as it looks, isn't round.

Edit 28 October 2017

This snapshot of my I is just of today. I have only adjusted the brightness and contrast. Probably due to all the findings after the original post the eye hast changed a lot due to the influence of the soul behind it. I think the soul now is very close behind the eye itself and it probably is just before the real and complete awakening.

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