Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Am I the only real soul in this holographic world or are there millions of souls trapped?

What to believe and not to believe is a hard question these days. As a child I learned from my parents, at school and from television that the world is a globe revolving around a distant Sun within a galaxy with billions or stars. What I have learned that this is make believe and therefore a lie. This means we live in a lie, with the quest to find the real truth if our heart and soul is up for it. The ones who eagerly follow my blog understand the flat earth principle, but hopefully have come to understand also that it actually might be a holographic flat earth or something much much less round than the portrayed globe. But I am the only real soul that is trapped in this holographic world, or are there millions or souls trapped as well?

I am being watched

Something that stroke me as very odd, is the fact that we or "I" am being watched. I didn't know this at all, until the moment my thinking about this world has started to change big time. From the moment my thinking on who I am changed, a certain person in the neighbourhood looked at me with eyes wide open and a jaw almost falling to the ground expression. She absolutely was and has been watching me up-to that moment, but haven't seen her after that moment as well as she has disappeared to somewhere. This was so strange, but I realised it had to do something with my change of thinking. We live in a world which isn't what they tell it is for sure and most importantly that I am the one (and You) who is special. So they monitor me or us in order to know that we still are within their needs or their bandwidth of thoughts or negative energy-field. So from that moment I am not. The truth will set you free they say, and that might be really so in this case.

Am I alone or are we with millions of souls

So if I am trapped in this prison for our soul, then am I alone or are there millions of souls trapped here? I think there are only a few who actually are monitoring the system from within. Think of the government (politics), army people and those who represent the news. But there are many of souls who are unaware but also trapped in here. I know I am born from a mom and dad and that is completely normal. But is it? How do you know that you as a child comes really from a mother and a father. Your DNA might be, but for the life-force they might need to implement a real soul. And this question is a really big thing. So where do souls come from. I suggest from a) someone has died and has decided after the afterlife scam to reincarnate or b) someone has been tricked to enter this realm new. As I think the entities that are watching us are a few, then there must be a lot of us who's soul has been trapped in here.

In what do we live in now?

Our body is a holographic prison and so all the world might be a holographic prison. This means that we are living in a dream (no), are living in a computer system (a real option) or living inside hell (i don't exclude this option). But if this is hell then it might not get worse (positive thinking). So we probably live on a flat plane, with things showing us going around like a television (seems to be like this).

Can we get out?

We can get out by dying. But that doesn't mean commit suicide as the program forbids that. So the program or our body needs to give it an end. At that moment our soul gets released from this prison body and we can go where we want. So yes we can get out. But there is a big catch, which is the afterlife scam. In that case you will be lured into the (fake) light for questioning and after which you agree again for agreement, whipping memory and another round of this hell. So you should focus on getting out by looking straight up as your star in heaven is up there.

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