Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Is there a big airship floating on helium hiding in the clouds?

On 21 June 2017 an interesting phenomenon occurred in the Bangkok area. Of this event the following photo's have been taken, showing strange coloration's within the top cloud. Interestingly it isn't the coloration that strikes odd to me, but actually the big shadow-lines that seem to go with it. In my opinion this is very very strange. As this blog is about a flat earth and a local Sun or maybe Sun Simulator then we can speculate on what there might be with these long shadow-lines. In 3 of the 4 photo's you can clearly see that there is something present within the clouds resulting in this effect. As that object goes in front of the "fake" Sun then it would result in such a effect.

UFO or big airship

In my opinion UFO's have existed for several decades already on this earth. But they are human-made. I can imagine that they have come up with a cloaking device or they can hide in plain site just like in a cloud. You could think about a UFO that can make it's own clouds around it's ship. So we couldn't see it. This is one option. The second option is what we see here is a big airship (for instance like the Hindenburg). From 1938 (accident Hindenburg) till now they have perfected the technology of this flying airship and it might be also using cloaking or cloud-making technology. So what about that shadow. An airship needs to use rudders on each side of the airship for steering. If that rudder goes in front of the local sun, then you would see such a shadow line within the clouds.

Colorations due to helium

In the clouds you can see some strange colorations. It looks like yellow to pink. If we are talking about an airship floating on helium, then that might be a good explanation. Helium has a pink to orange colour (1), which is almost the colour that can be seen within these cloud formations during this phenomenon. Combined with the rudder explanation for the shadow lines I would suggest that what we see in these photo's really is a big (human-made) airship hiding in the clouds. The clouds below the object are very dark as they will need to cover up the fact that the big airship is carrying something or transporting something huge and heavy.

Edit 1 September 2017: Controversially it might be God watching from above the clouds.

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