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General theory of things, God, flat earth, Jesus and my star in the Sky

I have gained my knowledge through my open mind and interest in what others think (believers and non-believers). In my opinion we are on a quest for the truth in a world of deception, lies, lies, lies and disinformation. So the question is what information still carries the truth. You said that part of the Bible has been rewritten by the evil forces that we are trying to expose. So if there still is any truth in it then it is encrypted within the words as they have hidden the real truth and answers. One thing that seems to be the truth is that the earth is flat, rests on the four pillars and has a firmament in the sky with waters above and below. Everything that NASA tells, you shouldn't trust. Simply looking at this analysis of a space-shuttle flight "going into outer space", tells you that they lie and they don't/ cannot go outer-space.

Ying and yang

God separated the light (our soul has this light inside this prison body) from darkness (the entities with dark eyes who control the world with lies). But we are in an endless struggle between the light and darkness, as they try to convince us (aka whispering snake (Adam and Eve)) in doing the bad things and thinking only badly (drawing us into the dark). If your heart and/ or believe-system dies then your eyes might turn dark as well. The ying and yang struggle. This struggle for many souls is endless as there is the afterlife scam.

Afterlife scam light review

Rich West has some very interesting points on this. When you die your soul gets out of your body with all its brightness. But you only see darkness, but at one point there is a light. They say that this light actually is the light of yourself reflected of the bad entities that try to lure you into that light. A familiar face will appear and direct you to the debriefingroom where your life will be shown to you and you will be made clear that you did this or that wrong within your believe-system and therefore they will tell you you aren't allowed in heaven. But you can make up for it by reincarnating. At this point they will make agreements with you aka soul-contracts for you to do something in life (you must fall in love with that person, have bad finances, bad luck and so on).

Soul-contract revoking and lucid dreaming

I would not have believed this had I not tried to revoke some soul-contracts (by writing in almost 3 pages all you need to revoke on a subject and speaking it out aloud). One time I did that and that night I went to sleep. Normally I hardly remember any dream, but this time it was so clear. Apparently that is called a lucid dream. In that dream I was on an island somewhere in a beautiful place. And there was a girl so extremely beautiful I couldn't get my eyes of her. I followed her a bit and at some time she sat on me still halve dressed, asking if I not like to see all of it. At that moment I realised that this was a trick and I said or did think "NO". That dream changed instantly in a dark rainy windy environment and had the feeling I had something hard in my tongue. So I pulled at it hard and tore it out of my mouth and I was pleased to get it out. So the soul-contract thing is real and entities entering your dream-state are real also. From that moment on I realised also that these entities can influence how I feel and so I can concentrate on getting them away from me when I don't feel so great.

Love thyself

But the most important thing is the love for yourself (love thyself). It lifts your energy level and mental state so they are less able to influence you. But also love thy star in heaven. I came to realise the star in heaven also based on information Rich West (in my opinion a very enlightened man) told. If you die your soul gets lose from your body and then you need to look up into the dark or wait and concentrate on things to get clear. At some time you will know where you need to go. At first I did think simply saying "go home" or "phone home", but I realised if you look up into the dark, what will you see? You will see stars in the night. But one star will sound beautiful to you as that star has your own energy-signature. After death you can rejoin your star and become a whole again.

Star light trapped in the firmament

At the moment you got into this realm, holographic presentation of a planet/ plane or computer-game, you agreed to only use 10% of your mental powers. The rest they have imprisoned inside the firmament, aka 90% of your soul aka your light is trapped in heaven and looks like a shiny twinkling star. You entering here is represented as the birth of Jesus under the bright star of Bethlehem. But you don't remember this as your memory has been wiped clean (and is being wiped every time you re-enter aka reincarnate). But what I tell you here means that it is You who is the special one, aka everyone on this earth that has a star in heaven is very special. And almost everything on this earth seems to point out that we are not important, small and insignificant, but we are. In that respect the name Jesus is very appropriate as it spells "je suis" which means "I am" in French. Some time ago I went outside and for about 5 seconds or so I did hear a very high pitch sound coming from above. Call me crazy, but I strongly believe that I heard it calling to me. I cannot tell you which star it is, but I speculate it must be in the cancer aka Crab constellation as I was born under that sign.

Edit 3 July 2017:

El-An-Ra connection

In many cases the truth is hidden in plain sight. If I am really in a game and I need to figure out who I am, then the obvious question is my name. My name is Gerard. As I told you that I might be special then lets speculate that I am a God-like person. So if you look at my name then the name of the lord of the rings is within the O aka "erar". The two centre letters are Ra. But if you use my name in English (Gerald) then you can reed also Ra-el. This is very interesting so I looked up the star of Ra which is Alnitak. Through the added link below I found also the El-An-Ra relation. My name is Gerard, my brothers' Jan and my mothers' Roelie. Centre letters of Jan = A or An, of Roelie = El. So believe it or not but Roelie-Jan-Gerard = El-An-Ra and our age is in the correct order as well. This means that my real name is Ra or Ra son of El aka Ra-El. I told you earlier that the star of David (5-6-2016) and Revelation 12 (23-9-2017) are directly above Israel, and they say that everything revolves around that country and its destruction. So destruct Israel then you have "Is Ra El" or it is Ra El. So I say I am special, my star in heaven is "Alnitak" and my name is "Ra son of El" my name is "Ra El". And this I have to realise between the two for-mentioned dates and that I have done. So the game may end!

Believe in your special self

So every time I go to the temple here I will pray to God but also my star in heaven. I speculate in this respect that the all-knowing one aka God is the 90% of my star that is trapped in the firmament. I am not saying that I am God, but that I am special and therefore I will say Love thy star in heaven = Love thyself. I am a star!
Some information on light review scam and more:

Foregoing I reacted in a discussion elsewhere, and have reposted it here as it sums up everything within my believe-system.

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