Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Holographic failures and energy-lines prove we have a holographic body

Looking at the eyes by taking a video and examining every frame you can find holographic problems within the eye. The shape of the eye can be seen as a hexagon and sometimes a octagon. If our complete body is of physical form than the iris and lens of the eye always should look completely round. But it doesn't so from that point of argument we can definitely state that our eyes are a holographic projection. So then the question arises, are only the eyes holographic or is our complete body a hologram.

Energy lines

Our body looks and feels very real, as we bleed and feel pain as we get injured. If it looks and feels so real, then isn't the body actually real as well? An important way to see if the body is real or is a fake hologram, then we need to recognise energy-lines. In this case you need to take a video and analyse it frame by frame. In that case you can see that there might sometimes be something like an energy-field just above the actually skin. In this photo you can see that energy-field at my shoulder, as it looks like a thin line which gets visible on a black background. The second photo you can see this energy-line at my cheek. At the lower arrow you also can see a holographic error.

Holographic failures

An important way to see if the body is a hologram, is to search for holographic failures. In the next photo you see a close-up at my cheek during a 5 day long beard. But what you see doesn't look like a beard at all. It actually looks so fake. In this case it is more like a hooked skin. In the second photo you see my left and right eyebrow. From our point of view the right eyebrow looks good, but the left eyebrow has coloration problems. And in the photo of my hair the right side has my real colour of my hear, but the left side is black. In this frame I moved my head downwards and that part of my hair took over the colour of a black bag hanging behind my head. So the hologram takes over the wrong colour, which is a good way to see if the body or head is a hologram. So from these points of view we most definitely can state that our head is a hologram as well. For the other part of the body it's is harder to see if it is a hologram or not. As you can see the energy-line above the skin, I would speculate that our complete body is a holographic representation of a body.

Holographic build-up lines

Another thing that I found is that the holographic representation of ourself is being build-up in squared clusters. In this blown up photo I moved my eye, so it looks unclear. But If you look closely you can see vertical and horizontal lines. These lines are resulting in squares within which all the pixelation of our body occurs. In this photo you can clearly see a vertical line from my eyebrow, going over my eye. But from almost the centre of my eye a horizontal line is visible also. And if you even look more closely you see these squares on the face everywhere (not the small pixelation). This is impossible if my body is in a solid physical state. There wouldn't be any squared clusters, but they are there and thus are for real.

So what are we and why are we here?

As you can clearly see that there are good arguments to state that our eyes and body is a hologram, then the question would rise why is it that we are a hologram. And how can it be that we bleed holographic blood, feel pain and brake holographic bones. How this would work, I don't know. So if we are holographic in nature on this plane, then why are we here? Is this world some kind of playing game in which we need to find all the right answers? As we only see and hear bad news and lies on the television and news, I would suggest that we are looking for an answer on what to believe and what we are. As there are only lies, I would think that I should only believe myself as I am special and that I am the one. And for now we cannot change the game as we are playing it and so we must wait until we have the right answer and that the game ends.

Edit: 7 October 2017
Additional proof that energy-lines run over the skin. Here in this example you see it clearly over my
shoulder and over my cheek. In this case I have adjusted the brightness and contrast to see it more clearly.

Furthur issues on the eye in Frame by frame on my eye with change in intensity and size after soul-eye-test

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