Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I am a hologram, my body as a prison for my soul

 I am just a normal guy like everyone else, but I have many things on my mind regarding who we are and in what kind of world we live in. Holograms in this world seems to be a reasonable new concept, but that might be very deceitful as well. Many things have let me to believe that there are many holograms amongst us, especially with those in important places. Think about politicians, news-reporters and celebrities. Look at the photo of the president of China clapping his hands (background) with an important political figure in the front (showing only shoulder). The hands of the photo behind this man shines through the shoulder which is impossible with a normal solid man. Ok, this might be a projected man who is somewhere else recording this, but it all seemed so real. But what if there are a lot of holograms around, how can you see them and what if you are a hologram yourself?

Holographic hands and energy-field

Some time now I have noticed here on the television that certain stations are run by holographic people. The most easy way to see if it is a holograph is by looking at their hands. It always seems that around their hands there is a black border with a white line around it (see photo). I would call it the energy-field border of that hand. And these beings are aware of that they are holograms or wearing some kind of holographic technology to mask their real appearance. If some kind of problem with their (for-instance) with the colour of their nails appears then the second reporter seems to notice it as well. They will hide that nail or finger quickly. But this example goes with their complete appearance. So they know what they are and try to cover up so that they look like normal people. In the for-mentioned example with the hands through the shoulder they rapidly put adds on that area. So if this is the case than the politicians and the people who work within the news are holograms or are knowing of it.

Why holograms for hiding?

If we the people can not see their true nature, then we can only think they are normal people like us. But as they are clearly showing evidence of wearing some clocking then we must suspect they are tricking, lying or deceiving us. I don't know what is behind this facade but probably deceitful reptilians or worse. If this is so, then it is quite easy for us to understand why there are so many problems in this world of today. I would suggest that they are manipulating this realm so that they can harvest negative energy from our society as a whole. But they need to hide in plain site to do their work.

I am also a hologram

The best way to find holographic energy and its problems is by shooting a video (from television or in real life) and analyse it frame by frame. I have done both and find myself very interesting. I have done video's and analysis of myself many times already and it always gives me the same result. I give you only two examples of myself. The first frame is at the area from my shoulder to my neck. As the background is dark also, you can see the thin white energy line above my skin past the dark line. This supports that I am a holographic projection of myself. Next to that I give you a failure of my eye. You can see clearly that the lens of my eye isn't centred in my pupil. The shape of the lens isn't round but has 6-8 angles. Next tot that the pupil seems to be angled as well. I speculate that what we normally see in the eye needs to renew itself every say 40-50 times per second so that it looks round. But frame it than you can capture its real shape. Having said this, I have seen many holographic failures with this fake body of mine. For-instance:
  1. moving my head to see my top hair. But there hangs a black bag behind my head. So that part of my hear turns black as it should be more gray-like;
  2. many problems in my eye. Shapes that don't line up, shiny spots in my eyes that have no relation what so-ever with sunlight (suggesting that my soul tries to see through my holographic eye, and I mean many light spots in my eye). See photo for the colour of my eye is over my skin;
  3. vertical line problems where on one side it seems to be normal skin and on the other side it looks so fake;
  4. unusual hair coloration's. Especially the green colour is unusual and that speculates some kind of spell that keeps my soul (or a part of my soul) inside this holographic body;
  5. a failure in my right eyebrow, looking very fake;
  6. problems with beard as it looks hooked (see photo);
  7. seeing what others might call critters inside my eye and all over the body. Many of these critters are part of the holographic system, but some are part of my soul.

How to get out?

There are two ways to escape this holographic spell prison. One: you try to sleep and go into lucid dreaming. This method is of course only temporary, when you wake up you are back in this body. Second: you need to die. As there are rules to play this game with, you cannot do it yourself. The game has to do it or you have to die of old age. But when you die, the spell is lifted and you can get out of your body and go where you want after reconnecting with your soul-star in heaven. In that case you need to remember that they want you back into this system of lies, so they try to trick you to go into the light so that you go through the afterlife-scam again. That way they can keep you here and harvest your negative energy forever. As I have shown you that there are holographic people on the television and that I strongly think that I am a holograph also, then I think everyone and everything around us is some kind of hologram as well.

Why am I a hologram?

When I start to think on this, I like to suggest the idea that we are in some kind of test or something like a computer-game. Many people would say this has to do with religion and most likely Christianity. But why then so many people with other religions should be wrong? That makes absolutely no sense to me. So the question is more likely about who I am, in stead of some higher force. The right answer might be that I am something like a God or Angle or some super-(wo)man. (I am that I am, I am what I am, I am who I am, I am special, my soul has a soul-star connection). But they have tricked us into this system, where 90% of our soul is trapped in a vibrating (twinkle twinkle) star and 10% of our soul in this holographic prison (after they cleared your memory). And our quest is to re-find and re-connect with it, but we need to do it looking trough a very big pile of lies, disinformation and other crap. I think I have now found the answer in my own quest so that I can re-connect with my personal soul-star after my program is game-over. 

The easiest way to project a complete world of holograms would be on a flat plane and this would also support the (actually fake) flat earth model.

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