Sunday, June 25, 2017

Rapture, the big flood, Milky Way, deserts and the cracked glass

We are being told that deserts occur on those places that are very hot and dry. This actually might be the case on a globe, but on a flat earth there can be another explanation related to the big flood. This event took place around the Exodus from Egypt aka around 1313 before Christ. This places it 3330 years before the date of this writing. I would speculate that in the days of Atlantis before that time, they also knew that the earth is flat and enclosed within the firmament resulting in this prison planet. To escape they used energy creating pyramids with which they tried to crack the glass. They succeeded. But as there are waters in the heaven and below the water came poring in. Hence the big flood.

Oceans and deserts

If you look at any map of the world, then you notice that the big deserts all are lined up. On a globe it would be a straight line and on a flat earth map it would be circular. As the glass shattered the water came poring down. It resulted in the creation of the oceans on this world. As the average depth of the oceans are 12.100 feet aka 3,63 km, then we can imagine how much water came poring down during that time, resulting in a gigantic wave sweeping over the earth. But as water came down, also shattered glass came down. The heavy parts would be located near the original poring site, aka in the circular line at which the big deserts are located (deserts sand = shattered glass). Hence the Libyan glass!

Milky Way

As the energy-beam hit the firmament, the glass locally shattered. But the energy-beam didn't last long enough, due to the fact that water and glass came down. So it created a long wide crack in the glass. But as a dome shape would close on itself due to high water pressure, the rapture closed and the water stopped poring also. The remainder of that rapture is the Milky Way as we know it in the sky.

Lidar laser Macquarie Island

On the Macquarie Island the Australian Antarctic Devision uses a Lidar laser to measure the distance to an object by illuminating that target. In the following video you can see this laser at work during the night. You can clearly see the green laser. But what is striking is that it doesn't follow any object, it is only measuring straight up. And you can clearly see the sky with the stars move past the beam. So they aren't measuring any distance to a star or the moon. I have thought of this Lidar laser many times, but couldn't figure out what they are doing there. But as they seem to be measuring straight up with the knowledge that we live under a firmament or dome, then we can speculate with reasonable certainty that they are constantly measuring the distance to the firmament glass, as it might come down.

Where does all the water go?

As the water came down, the oceans were filled. From say just after WW2 they have started to crack the glass by using plasma bursts aka lightning. Every time a crack is made, it rains on the earth. By making millions of cracks over several decades, the strength of the dome has been lowered drastically. But with all the water added to this system, the water levels should be rising rapidly. So is this earth actually floating in that water? It might be, and that might be an answer for the north-south related tides as well. So if we float and the earth goes up with the added water, then the dome might come closer to us. This might be an answer also for why they need to use chemtrails to cover this up, as they don't want to show it is cracked before the final blow.

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PS1 edit 10-10-2017: if the Lidar Laser is to measure to real distance to the firmament then the cracking of the glass has been taking the firmament down already. Thus the moon and sun should look bigger. This might be the reason why they are using a fake Sun and maybe Moon through a Sun simulator.

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