Thursday, July 13, 2017

The awakening, Schumann resonance and listening Gamma waves

I say that our soul is special, but we live on this world and it is restraining us. An important factor in this is the Schumann resonance. They say this resonance is an extreme low frequency produced by the earths' electromagnetic field. So we live in it all the time and it feeds our soul and body with energy. But as it is a very low frequency, our soul has to function on a very low level. So after a days work or using the brain we are to tired and need to refill the battery and have to sleep. This Schumann resonance has an average of 7,48 - 7,83 Hz and it has been around this level for a long time. But what would happen if this resonance starts to spike or changes it's frequency?

What is the Schumann resonance?

If we look at a full brainwave frequency table then we notice that the Schumann frequency lies in the alpha-theta range which stimulates the retrieval of memories from the subconscious. As the brain vibrates on this level, then our soul will work on this level as well. But in the table you can see that there are much more higher levels of consciousness through resonating on certain levels. If we work and are quite awake then we function in the Alpha range. But as you can see if the Schumann resonance would actually lie withing the gamma range, then we could do so much more with our brain. It is important for the harmonising and unifying thoughts processed in different parts of the brain and combines different perceptions.

Strange Schumann spikes and awakening

For some time (if I am correct since 2014) there have been huge minutes lasting (white) spikes within the Schumann resonance. As you can see in the figure, there are extreme white spikes on certain days. In this example you can see 3 different big spikes lasting approximately 15 to 30 minutes at a time spiking over 40 Hz aka into the gamma range frequency. It is pure speculation on how this is caused, but it might be a clue on the awakening within the end-game that is happening. If this is true and the spikes continue to grow in strength and length then it might be of influence of the effective working of our mind and soul. I told already that we are special meaning our soul is special and these spikes might bring us out of the constant spells of this world. If this is the case then I would encourage it for sure. You actually might stimulate your own brain or soul by starting to listen to gamma sounds on a daily basis.

Youtube example of Gamma waves aka sounds, in this case used as a meditation technique

For activating your complete brain you can use the following method. It uses 108 Hz (hyper gamma) and 9 Hz together. It really gets my brain going and is amazing. Listen with headphones for the best result. Closed eyes can help, but isn't necessary.

How is this related to the created cracks in the firmament glass?

As we live in a prison planet earth, then it is speculation what is out there. This blog originally was written to prove or disprove the globe earth or flat earth model. And it seems to be something flat and thus probably with the firmament in the sky (as described in the Bible), with waters above and below. The water above the firmament works like a dampening-field, aka we cannot hear the resonance which is outside this earth. But as they probably have been working for decades in cracking the glass with lightening, we might start to hear what is out there. So if the dampening-field is completely gone, then our brain aka soul can function optimal within the gamma or frequencies above that.

PS: some of the above is speculation as we cannot prove what is out there and that it works like it is written here. But logic suggests this possibility for sure.

Example of pure Gamma waves in sound:
Full brainwave frequencies:
Schumann resonances (translated from Russian):

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