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How entities, snakes and dark forces influence the world for negative energy feeding (diagram)

This blog is all about the strange world that we live in and why they have lied about it. It really seems to me that everything is about lies. I have had a long discussion about the church and if it is a pagan worship institution aka a hijacked believe-system and that might be true. So if this is so, then what is it all about (see diagram below text)? How are religions or the pagan institutions like the Catholic church or Buddhist/ Chinese temple hijacked believe-systems, how are they snake ruled and how do they influence our mind-setting or lowering our energy-level in order that bad entities can feed of us?

How do I realised the pagan temple?

I have been discussing the pagan worship within the Catholic church with an informed enlightened friend. This means that the believe-system aka Christianity is not represented within the Church as an institution itself. The church is pagan snake worship where people are put under a spell, as Christianity is a believe that has nothing to do with that. It shows itself in snake-like buildings (Paul-Viaudience-hall Vatican), in statues of snakes or monster-like figures. So it is pagan worship in which the Church has hijacked the believe-system Christianity. But I go to a temple, so how can I see it in there? It did study some temples and they all have snake like figures on every corner of the roof, snakes all around the building and entrance, in carvings within furniture and Saturn-like or Sunlike symbols. So this means the temples are also pagan worship. If you go to a Chinese temple then you will find dragons and snakes everywhere.

Spells through prayer and wire binding congregation

But there is an important ritual also where a small white thread goes around the congregation and starts and ends at the Buddhist like figure. After this the monks start to pray in bali-language. Normally I would think this is prayer for the good of people, but knowing we are inside a pagan institution it is something else. And at that moment it struck me. We don't understand the bali-language (only what they teach about it) so we don't know what they pray about. This is just like Latin in the Catholic church. Incense smoke, burning candles will ease the soul, so that it is more susceptible for influence. The rope around the congregation with prayer is literally a binding spell. Those who go to church, temple and so on get a nice dosage of repeated spells through-out life.

Spells for (non) -believers

After realising that the church and temples around the world are pagan worship and put people under a spell, then how is this accomplished with non-believers? There are many ways in order to control the mind of people. An important aspect is television, the fake world news and internet. Those who don't go to a church or temple, will be more susceptible through food, drinks, alcohol, smoking or drugs and then watch television or the internet. These methods of communication work like spells. All these combined have the intention to lower our energy-level so that the bad entities can drain from our life-force aka soul-energy. So it doesn't matter if  you are religious or not, they have us all under a spell.

Why entities, snakes and/ or dark forces?

The snake comes from Adem and Eve and it whispers into the ears to eat from the forbidden tree of life. This already represents how evil the snake or serpent is. But the snake is everywhere, as we cannot see it. It whispers into your mind whenever you think about something. It even might give you a whisper even before you think, so it implants a bad thought. But you also have a good side to listen to, so there is a struggle between good and bad on what you think and do. The jing and jang struggle. The entities are real also. I have done soul-contract revoking and sovereignty declaration, but in my dream the entities will come to try to make a new soul-contract. That you must refuse. But on an every day basis you can feel bad or sick, which can come also from the interference of these bad entities (which you cannot see). So there are dark forces at work.

Goal: lowering energy-level for feeding

It is all about our energy-level. If we feel bad or not good then our energy-level will be low as well. It is the purpose of these entities to get that energy, as if we are positive then they cannot feed from us. So that is why they have hijacked the believe-systems, but also why they are feeding us bad news, bad food, etc. It is a complete package in order to change our positive thinking into a very negative one. So news like an upcoming WW3, incurable disease, crashing economy, mass migration of people from Africa to Europe or a planet crashing into our world seems to fit within this negativity business. And this has started by feeding us lies from the moment that we are born. 

Diagram of influence

So how does fore-going work? I have put my thoughts on this in the following diagram of influence. I think it does work like in the diagram. There are many influences on our soul, as the believe-system is an important one (above part). But there are many many other means of influence that also work negative on us. I only mentioned a few examples, but there must be a very big list which can be added to this. So this diagram is only for you to get an impression on how it works. The light blue lines represent you and are influenced. The dark green lines represent negativity. The purple ones is you regaining a positive energy-level. By working on all steps which result in a green line, you can turn them also into a purple one.

Paul-Viaudience-hall Vatican:

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