Tuesday, July 4, 2017

God, God's or no God and the believe system on flat earth

I have been thinking on God, Jesus, the Bible and other religions a lot and it has struck me odd, why should there only be one believe system that is the correct or right one. In my opinion it doesn't make any sense that Moslims, Jews, Buddhists or Christians are the only ones that are correct. So if there is a God then there must be more of them. Then there is the option of no God as many on this planet seem to believe. But almost everyone forgets that there is another option. The I am special or I am a God-like creature believe system.

So why all the different religions?

If someone is born within a culture with a certain religion, then he/she will practise it, or will be a non-believer. But as different beliefs suggest a different God or Allah and so on, it causes friction between these groups of people. It is the optimal method of the "divide and concur" strategy. And this method helps the real rulers of the world (you can call them the archons aka the "are cons") for reincarnating our soul over and over again after the afterlife scam. They will say you cannot go into heaven as you did this or that wrong, you are a non-believer or you offended his word. It will result in you reincarnating again to make up for your mistakes. So religion is being used to control the masses, to divide and concur and for reincarnating. As it is being misused and the fact that it doesn't make sense that one religion is wrong and the other isn't, then I would suggest that this kind of religion is a false prophet.

World problems and faith

These days everything seems to go wrong in the world. It results in fear in the hearts of men resulting in a lower energetic state of people. This is exactly what the archons want as they can feed of our negative energy. So what currently happens in the world, makes complete sense to me. So from that point of view it is good that some people have a strong believe system, faith or religion, so they can cope with these negative energy. But if you simply don't believe in what is happening in the news, then you can uphold your energy-levels. So is the news with all the problems in the world real? I think that people are for the good, but there are forces working through the news, television and government that influence what we think and feel. So it isn't strange that some people become angry, depressed or worse. So heaving a good faith is important.

I am a God-like person

People that have no faith or don't believe in God I think have it wrong also. But as said already religions are being misused also. With all the problems and mostly lies in the world, it really comes to mind what is going on? Personally I think and believe that I must love and believe in myself. I am special, I am that I am, I am a God-like person. Just like Jesus (Je suis) was born under a bright star in the sky, so I am born under a bright star in the sky as well. So with that reference I am like Jesus so I am like a God-like person. Everything in the world has been designed to teach us that we are small and insignificant, but I think it is all a deception as I am the special one aka centre of the world.

PS: with this post I am not insulting anyone. I think every person on this world is special just like me. If you have a strong faith or religion than you should be proud of it.

Letter to God from a humble person

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