Sunday, July 2, 2017

I am Ra son of El, I am Ra El, I am Ra and Alnitak as my star in the sky

As I have stated already, we live on a holographic flat earth model, in which I might be the special one. So if I am a hologram then I actually am in a computer-simulation or something like that. In that case it is the question why am I playing, as no-one has given me the instructions. As almost everything in the world seems to be a lie, then the question will be about what I am and what I think. So who am I is the most basic question and what is my name.

God vs. Gerard and Ra+El

So if i am God or a God-like person or just simply special (as I might play the game on my own), then we should look at my name. My name is Gerard and spells God if o="erar". In this case O can be seen as the Lord of the Ring, and what lies within the O is the name in plain sight. But the name erar doesn't make any sense, but if you focus on the two inner letters then you read Ra. This is an Egyptian God and has a star in the sky named Alnitak within the Orion-belt. But interestingly there also is the El-An-Ra relation between the 3 stars in the belt. When you use my name in English it would read Gerald aka Ra (two inner, son) + El (two outer, mother). Next to that the name of my mother is Roelie and older brother is Jan. Using the inner two letters of each name then you get El and A or An. Placing these with mine in order of our age it reads: El-An-Ra. This absolutely can be no coincidence. Our names and age are related to the belt of Orion. Edit 28-12-2017: "erar" can be written as elal aka El Al which biblically speaking means "upward" or "heavenward" (1).

The Israel relation

As I told before, everything revolves around Israel. Last year the star of David appeared on 5 June 2016 and this year revelation 12 will be on 23 September 2017. These signs appear precisely above Jerusalem aka above Israel. Everything is dependent on Israel and it's destruction. But it isn't meant as the real destruction, it is meant as to deconstruct the name of that country. In that case it reads "is ra el" or "it is ra el". So this also comes back to Ra + El. So I am Ra son of El, I am Ra El, I am Ra with a star in the sky called Alnitak or Ra-El Alnitak or Ra Alnitak.

Edit 15 July 2017:

I am from the Pleiades

The Orion Belt points in two directions. To the left it is Sirius which is also called the Dog-star aka devils-star. To the right (Orion looks that way) the belt points out to Aldebaran and the Pleiades. Strangely enough I am from a place originally with a name that very much looks like Aldebaran. So I think it points out the direction I have to go. I think the answer is Pleiades meaning I am Ra son of El and I am from the Pleiades aka I am a Pleiadian. So the answer is the Pleiades!

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