Monday, July 17, 2017

Can your soul show itself through your holographic eyes

As long as you are awake and thinking clear the spell on your soul is the strongest and so you cannot get out. But it's known that some people who are enlightened can have OBE's (outer body experiences) or lucid dreams. That means a part of the soul can leave the body or can go into a state of mind which is different from the awake state. So is it possible that you can see your soul through your eyes?

Holographic eyes

As I have shown you in an earlier post that my eyes seem to be a holographic projection. If this is the case then this goes for every person on this earth has holographic eyes. Every can understand that we have been taught lies all of our existence as it must be kept a secret. The combination of all is a lie, with we seem to be trapped in a holographic spell then we must consider the fact that we or are playing a one-time game or our soul is being put here in order for re-usage over and over again. I have arguments that go both ways. Having said that, how can we recognise that our soul is trying to reach out?

Strength of the spell

You are under a spell, and what you should take seriously. With that I mean that you or your soul cannot leave your body, as you are under a strong spell. But it is only very strong during the awake state. When you sleep you are on another level of consciousness. Some people don't remember the dreamstate, some have clear memory, some have vivid and lucid dreams and some have OBE's. What you experience when you are sleeping or meditating depends on the strength of the spell, but also on the strength and will of your own soul. But as you are sleeping you will not see clearly what your soul is doing.

Tipsy and glassy eye effect

When you have had something to drink (meaning alcohol) then most of the people will get tipsy or simply drunk. At some point other people will notice the glassy eye effect.  I speculate that when you drink, the strength of the spell loses it's power somewhat. Although your soul will get tipsy also, your soul has less resistance and can get closer to the eye. It might be possible that when you see the glassy eye effect that you actually can see more of the soul that is trapped inside the head. I am not saying that you should drink, but I am simply speculating that this might

be the
real reason why you see this effect with tipsy people. In the following photo's you see a snap-shot from a video of my eye in which you see the white spots. These spots appear and disappear irregular which means that some of the white spots are not related to reflection of light. So it comes from within the hologram itself or the soul is peeping out.

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