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Revelation 12:3 is on 17-01-2018, red Dragon appearing and second coming

These days there is a lot to do with the Bible, prophecies that are being played out in this world and many people speculate on when it must happen. The biggest sign till now was that of 23-09 aka Revelation 12. But it is only Revelation 12:1 and with Revelation 12:2 on going on earth. There is another big sign which is Revelation 12:3 describing the arrival of the Big red Dragon. Why is Revelation 12:3 on 17-01-2018, how is it related to Capricorn and why do we need to translate astronomically into astrologically in finding it to be real?

Difference between Astrologically and Astronomically

Due to the polar-shift what we see in the sky doesn't add up with for instance 6000 years ago. That is why you can look at the sky Astronomically which means that what is really seable above our heads. But astrologically means what should be above our heads when thinking all those years ago. It was supposed not to have the polar-shift aka they didn't take it into account. Thus for looking at the signs you need to translate it by doing a translating-transporting of the objects.

Revelation 12:3

Revelation 12:3 describes it as follows: "And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads". This is the second very clear sign of the second coming of Jesus Christ. But Revelation 12:1 was in clear sight and we all could see the signs in the sky. But this time it is less clear as it is hidden in plain sight. If you take into account the difference between astronomically and astrologically then you can find Revelation 12:3 on 17-01-2018. So in what constellation will it happen?

Astronomical view 17-01-2018

Capricorn and the stars

I was drawn to Capricorn as from 14 till 16/17 January 2018 it consists of 6 objects, which are Venus, Sun, Super New Moon, Pluto (not visible and not in picture) with Mercury and Saturn. If you look at Capricorn it has 11 (or 12 depends on which picture you use) stars which fall within the red line. But as you can see that the objects are outside Capricorn. But this is looking astronomically, but if you look at is astrologically then you must shift the position to the left. Capricorn has 6 stars on the head (with one pointy big horn) and 5 stars below that.

Astronomical view translated to approximation Astrological view 17-01-2018

Translating positions of the objects

The stars are far away but the planets aka objects are closeby. So the position of the planets need to be adjusted. For this I have done an approximation but the translation line is according to the purple line. So moving the objects to the left then you get Venus, Sun, Moon, Pluto above the red line making the second big horn. But you see also that Mercury and Saturn are below the red line. So what do we have. The 6 stars on the head of Capricorn are added with 4 objects making it 10 objects aka this is the 10 horns from Revelation 12:3. Below the red line we have 5 stars of Capricorn which are added with 2 objects making it 7, aka the 7 heads of the dragon. The 7 crowns I think would mean the 6 stars of Capricorn + 1 very bright point on the left of the head making the big horn on the left which consists of the 4 objects aka Venus, Sun, Moon and Pluto. From it's position looking down on us, it would be on the right side. In my opinion this proves that Revelation 12:3 is happening on 17 January 2018, proving also that the second coming aka Jesus Christ is in this period aka from 14-31 January.

PS: looking at God's calendar aka the calendar of Saturn then from 21-12-2017 we are living in the year 6001, which means the first year of the 1000 years of God. And as the Super New Moon is the first one in this period, then logic dictates also that it will start on this date aka the morning of 17-01-2018. No doubt in my mind, this is it!

PS: the emergency number in America is 911, the attack on World Trade Center was on 9-11. But 911 upside-down is 116 aka 1-16 stands for 16-01. In the timezone for America it starts on 16-01 at 9:17 PM but here local time it is on 17-01 at 9:17 AM.

PS: the moon being the quickest moving object, enters Capricorn (astrologically) on 15-01 (position near Saturn and Mercury), so the change might start from that moment and intensifying on 16-01, with the big thing in the morning off 17-01.

Edit 22-01-2018: as nothing has happened yet, then we must consider the fact that the date was a symbolic marker. The end might not happen like a biblical prophecy but I think the change still is at hand. Thus there will be a revelation and most likely people will see Jesus. For this to happen might take some time, but now/ this period is the time for the change! An obvious date is 31-01-2018 with the second Super Full Blue "Venus" Moon in January coinciding with an eclipse. But this might be the last of the big markers before it happening, and then I would think about 16 February (Chinese New Year) with the first New Moon after the several Super Moons without a Full Moon in February. Again this is guessing, but as we clearly are in the end-time or the start of the change aka "the new", then these dates would be obvious dates.

Edit 26-01-2018: the mentioned Super Full Blue "Venus" Moon will be eclipsed resulting in a Super Full Blood Moon which obviously stands for the blood during birth.

Edit 07-02-2018: I need to add that in March there also will be two Blue Full Moons, just like in January, but February has no Full Moon. Is this suggesting that the stage has been set for February? I wouldn't be surprised if it did.


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